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Technical Knowledge Center

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Technical Knowledge Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technical Knowledge Center. Login Screen . Enter User Name and Password. Technical Knowledge Center Homepage . Support Site Navigation . Technical Knowledge Center Homepage . Help Pages . Technical Knowledge Center Homepage .

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Presentation Transcript
login screen
Login Screen

Enter User Name and Password

navigation menu
Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu

  • For moving up the levels of the hierarchy within the Technical Knowledge Center.
  • In this example, the hierarchy path is Technical Knowledge Center > Readme Files > BlackBerry Enterprise Server Service Packs > BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Lotus Domino
hyperlinked columns
Hyperlinked Columns
  • Allows you to sort the items contained in a workspace by Type, Name, Size or Modified date.
  • Click on the heading title to sort the items in that particular column.
search tools
Search Tools
  • There are two ways to use the search feature:
    • Quick search
    • Advanced search
quick search
Quick Search
  • Quick search allows you to search the Technical Knowledge Center based on keywords and scope.
    • Click the drop down menu to select the scope.
    • Set to the enterprise workspace by default which means the search will search the entire Technical Knowledge Center.
advanced search
Advanced Search
  • Allows you refine search results by allowing you to specify additional search criteria including scope and date range
  • You can also choose how you want to display the results
advanced search17
Advanced Search
  • Full Text – Looks for your search query in the document
  • A natural language query is a query that you enter as a question or as one or more lines of text.
  • Scope allows you to specify the search slices to which your queries apply.
  • Date Range – Allows you to narrow your search by date
search syntax
Search Syntax
  • In any editable search field you can use Boolean operators or symbols to help refine your search:
search results
Search Results
  • Search results will be displayed according to how relevant the document is to your search criteria.
    • The closer the document matches your search criteria, the higher the score.
    • By default, the type of document, name, date, size, and location will also be displayed.
    • There are a number of different options available to you after the results of the search have been displayed.
search results20
Search Results
  • The page displaying your search results and various options:
search results21
Search Results
  • Hide summaries
    • Allows you to hide the summaries for the items.
search results22
Search Results
  • Location
    • The location (folder) the returned item is stored in.
    • If you are looking for similar results, clicking on the folder will take you to related articles.
search results23
Search Results
  • Item title
    • Clicking on this will access the item, opening the document in HTML format, PDF or text (form of delivery depends on the original document)
search results24
Search Results
  • Search score
    • The score of the search result which is based on the search criteria.
    • The closer the article relates to your search criteria, the higher the relevancy score.