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Group 4. Bruno Campolo, Roger Carman, Chase Miller, Jeremy Gove. 2. Introduction. Created by the Linden Lab in 2003 Became increasingly popular from 2006-on 9.8 million accounts have been registered 25% of Second Life's users are from outside the USA, UK second-largest country of origin

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group 4

Group 4

Bruno Campolo, Roger Carman, Chase Miller, Jeremy Gove



  • Created by the Linden Lab in 2003
  • Became increasingly popular from 2006-on
  • 9.8 million accounts have been registered
  • 25% of Second Life's users are from outside the USA, UK second-largest country of origin
  • Average age of users is 32
  • 43% of users are female
what is second life


What is Second Life?
  • It is a multiplayer online game
      • An internet-based virtual world
      • Players, or “Residents,” build themselves a “second life” online
  • Description of SL as a game is disputed
      • No points
      • No scores
      • No winners / losers
      • No levels
      • No end-strategy
  • Can be thought of as a game on a more basic level
      • Semi-structured, virtual environment
      • Characters undertake activities for the purpose of personal enjoyment.
what is second life cont


What is Second Life? (cont.)
  • Offers players, aka “residents,” virtual ownership rights
      • Unheard of in internet gaming
      • Results in residents being more creative
        • Ex. Tringo
  • Real Money is used
      • Second Life currency is the Linden Dollar
      • Linden Dollars are exchanged for real money
      • $5 million USD in virtual transactions per month
      • Hundreds of members use SL as full time job
      • 75% of users are buyers, 25% are sellers.
  • Current Exchange Rate for the US: $1 USD = $300 LD
timeline the evolution of virtual worlds


Timeline: The Evolution of Virtual Worlds
  • Online virtual worlds go back decades
      • Have evolved over time
      • Have become more realistic over time
  • Mid-1970s-1980s: Dungeons & Dragons takes off in popularity.
timeline the evolution of virtual worlds cont
Timeline: The Evolution of Virtual Worlds(cont.)
  • Early1980s-Late 1990s: Role-Playing Games move online
      • Text-based multiuser domains (MUDs) make it possible
      • Mutli-player computer game that combines elements of role-playing games, hack and slash style computer games and social chat rooms.
  • Early 1990s-Late 1990s: Chat rooms begin creating online communities.
      • Precursor to chat rooms was BBS
      • Bulletin board system is a system running software for computers that enables users to dial into the system via a phone line
timeline the evolution of virtual worlds cont7


Timeline: The Evolution of Virtual Worlds (cont.)
  • Mid-1990s-Present: 3-D MMORPGs on the rise
      • MMORPGs = massive multiplayer online role-playing games
      • Spurred on by improved computer graphics and faster Internet connections
      • Examples: Ultima Online, Everquest, World of Warcraft
timeline the evolution of virtual worlds cont9
2000 to Today:“The Sims” computer game hits the market

Offers a more open-ended game that resembles real life

Encourages players create and control their characters' lives

Timeline: The Evolution of Virtual Worlds (cont.)
timeline the evolution of virtual worlds cont10


Timeline: The Evolution of Virtual Worlds (cont.)
  • Late 1990s to Today: Virtualworlds take “the Sims” concept to a new level
      • Encourage players to go beyond roleplaying
      • Give participants more power to create their own experiences
      • Examples of virtualworlds:
        • There
        • ActiveWorlds
        • Second Life
playing the game


Playing The Game
  • Consists of Three Steps
      • 1. Sign Up
      • 2. Recreate Yourself
      • 3. Do What You Want and Have Fun
step 1 sign up


Step 1: Sign Up
  • Must sign up online
      • Software is downloaded to computer
  • Two types of accounts
      • 1. Basic
      • 2. Premium
basic accounts


Basic Accounts
  • Free
  • Cannot own land on Second Life mainland
      • Can own your own island
      • Can be “homeless”
  • Basic gives you the opportunity to customize your avatar as well as gives you building options.
premium accounts


Premium Accounts
  • Costs $9.95 / month
  • Can own land on Second Life mainland
  • Subscribers get an allowance of L$300 for each week they log in and a signup bonus of L$1,000 for going to premium
step 2 recreate yourself


Step 2: Recreate Yourself
  • Avatar = your character
  • Basic avatar is human in appearance, but can:
      • Be of either sex
      • Have a wide range of physical attributes
      • Be clothed or customized take on humanoid or other forms.
  • Can be changed at any point in the game
  • Minute details can be changed such as shape of nose and ears
step 2 recreate yourself cont


Step 2: Recreate Yourself (cont.)
  • Your identity
      • Much less anonymous in this virtual world
      • Any other avatar and any thing can ask:
        • For your avatar's legal name
        • For your avatar's date-of-birth
        • If real payment info is on file for your avatar
      • Your avatar is discussed without asking permission or notification
      • Anything you create in Second Life is registered to your avatar
step 3 do what you want and have fun


Step 3: Do What You Want and Have Fun
  • Game is entirely open-ended
  • The experience is what you make it
  • Can buy from / sell to / chat and interact with other residents
  • No points or score
      • More of a social network than a game
  • Games, puzzles, dance clubs, shopping malls, movie theaters, etc.
  • Can search for something to do- Discussions, Sports, Commercial, Entertainment, Games, Pageants, Education, Arts and Culture and Charity/Support Groups.
second life more than just entertainment


Second Life: More Than Just Entertainment
  • Second Life has become more than just a game in recent years.
  • American universities, foreign countries, and local companies are finding Second Life to be a valuable tool.


  • Educational Applications of Second Life
      • Interactive virtual classrooms that can be accessed from anywhere
      • Spans the gap in long-distance learning
  • “Students interact with each other and there's a regular sense of classroom interaction. It feels like a college campus." - Rebecca Nesson, Harvard Professor
  • Professor Nesson holds both class discussions and office hours on Second Life.


  • Explosive growth
      • Last year there were 17 schools on SL
      • Currently there are 60, including:
        • Rice University
        • Harvard
        • Drexel
        • UNC at Chapel Hill
        • Ohio University
        • Stanford
political and national relations


Political and National Relations
  • Some political organizations have established virtual HQs
      • National Front Party (France)
  • Virtual Embassies
      • Visitors can talk face-to-face with a computer-generated ambassador
      • Can talk about visas, trade and other issues
political and national relations virtual embassies


Political and National Relations: Virtual Embassies
  • Several countries are currently using / planning to create virtual embassies on SL
  • Examples of countries currently using Second Life:
      • The Maldives
      • Sweden
  • Examples of countries planning to use Second Life
      • Estonia
      • Malta
      • Macedonia
      • The Philippines
video enhancing business using second life


Video: Enhancing Business Using Second Life
  • Text 100 is the first Public Relations company to use Second Life
  • First portion of the clip talks about some of the advantages companies can gain from using SL.
  • Enhancing Business Using Second Life
opportunities in business


Opportunities in Business
  • Many see Second Life as an investment opportunity
      • Ex.
  • Others are using Second Life to improve their physical business
      • Companies can create, test out, and view new designs virtually
        • Ex. Rivers Run Red (clothing company)
  • Companies can experiment with creating new methods of collaboration
        • Ex. Wal-Mart using Second Life as a virtual classroom and as a training tool.
        • Breathes new life into online meetings
  • Companies can experiment with new marketing techniques
      • Almost no financial recoil
opportunities in business cont


Opportunities in Business (cont.)
  • Companies are also looking to tap into Second Life’s “creativity reservoir”
      • Large quantity of good quality technical work for a low price
  • Some Second Life ideas have proven profitable both virtually and in real life
      • Ex. Cuddle avatar
        • Is a virtual product
        • Creator makes money off of selling customized versions
        • Sold 1,900 in the last month
opportunities in business cont26


Opportunities in Business (cont.)
  • Another profitable product from Second Life is “Tringo”
      • Mix between Tetris and Bingo
      • Originally created and played on Second Life
      • Recently licensed to Nintendo
video advertising in second life


Video: Advertising in Second Life
  • This video shows many of the brands that are advertised in various ways on SL.
  • Brands in Second Life