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  • Updated On : “Our Heroes Will Not Be Forgotten…”. By the end of this presentation, you will know about…. USCG FAA history. Capital initiatives. National growth. How you can help. A Seed Is Planted…. Three first class

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“Our Heroes Will Not Be Forgotten…”

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By the end of this presentation, you will know about…

  • USCG FAA history

  • Capital initiatives

  • National growth

  • How you can help

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A Seed Is Planted…

Three first class

petty officers visit Arlington National Cemetery, spring 1996…the idea for USCG FAA

is born!

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Our Mission & Purpose…

Honoring and Respecting “Their” Devotion to Duty…our Heroes Will Not Be Forgotten.

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Capital Initiatives…

Growth of USCG

Flags Across America…

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Veterans Day 1999

Eight Coasties place 100 USCG flags on graves at Arlington….

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Veterans Day 2000

The number triples to 22; placing 200 flags

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Veterans Day 2001

…and triples again to 72! 400 USCG flags placed!

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Veterans Day 2002

…a record-setting 177 attend! 800 USCG flags placed!

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Veterans Day 2003

… nearly 150attend! 500 USCG flags placed!

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Last stop…

Vietnam Wall, to place seven flags for our fallen Coastie heroes.

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…at the

USS Serpens Monument

“We cannot undo the past…but we can ensure…that these men shall be respected and honored forever.

-- VADM Merlin O’Neill

Nov. 16, 1950

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Let’s Go


January 2001

Program mushrooms

quickly and now has

84 reps in 33 states!

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Coast Guard Festival 2003

A Booth is Born! Aug. 1, 2003, Grand Haven, Mich.

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Coast Guard Festival Parade 2003

Aug. 2, 2003, Grand Haven, Mich.

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President’s Day Parade 2004

Feb. 16, 2004, Alexandria, Va.

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February 2004

Now have 84 volunteers in 33 states and the

District of Columbia,

plus USCG flags now on graves in England and

the Philippines!

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Become a


Flags Across America

Rep in Your Local Area!

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Summary Quote

“All went well today. It was a beautiful sunny the 50s. Shed some tears, walked a bit, thought a whole bunch as to why I was there…it was an important reason to be there. Rows and rows of white grave markers, and every now and then, there was this lone CG flag. It was making a statement, here lies a CG veteran – a hero, not forgotten, not today, not this year, not ever again!”

-- BM2 Steven Kurkowski, USCGR

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nov. 10, 2001

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“Our Heroes Will Not Be Forgotten…”