Overview of the next generation air transportation system ngats institute
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Overview of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michael Romanowski Vice President, Civil Aviation Aerospace Industries Association Presentation to the AIA Air Transportation System Committee July 26, 2005. Overview of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) Institute. Agenda. NGATS Institute purpose & goals

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Presentation Transcript
Overview of the next generation air transportation system ngats institute l.jpg

Michael Romanowski

Vice President, Civil Aviation

Aerospace Industries Association

Presentation to the AIA Air Transportation System Committee

July 26, 2005

Overview of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) Institute

Agenda l.jpg

  • NGATS Institute purpose & goals

  • Operational overview of NGATS Institute

  • Timeline for Institute

  • Background - National Center for Advanced Technologies (NCAT)

  • Overview of FAA-NCAT Agreement

    • Public meetings

    • Institute Management Council

    • IPTs & working groups

    • NGATS Institute Executive Director

    • Contracts & Studies

  • Summary

Ngats institute purpose goals l.jpg
NGATS Institute Purpose & Goals

NGATS Timeline

  • Enable gov’t – private sector partnership in next generation system definition

    • Sustain long-term shared undertaking by promoting jointly supported solutions & coordinated investments

  • Enable mechanism for gathering & applying best expertise

  • Encourage & support transformation






Competitive Implementation

Why the NGATS Institute?

Operational overview of ngats institute l.jpg


Inst. Exec.

Dir. & Staff


Master IPT

1. Airport Infrastructure

2. Security System

3. Air Traffic System

4. User Situational Awareness

5. Safety Management

6. Environmental Protection

7. Weather

8. Global Equipage & Ops

Operational Overview of NGATS Institute

JPDO Senior Policy Committee


Management Council

JPDO Executive Office



NGATS Institute

JPDO (Gov’t)

Contracts & Studies

Timeline for ngats institute l.jpg
Timeline for NGATS Institute

  • ATSC involved in concept definition – Jan 10

  • Concept endorsed by AIA Civil Leadership Committee & Executive Committee – Jan 14

  • Joint AIA-ATCA proposal submitted to JPDO – Feb 2

  • Aviation & Space Stakeholders – Feb 28

  • Agreement between FAA & NCAT signed - March 9

  • Implementing agreement:

    • Institute Management Council formed

      • Posting for application to IMC on ncat.com – Mar 23

      • Executive Committee formed – April 13

      • Full IMC empanelled – May 17

      • IMC meeting monthly

    • Executive Director

      • Posting issued on ncat.com – Mar 10

      • Dale Goodrich announced as NGATS Institute Executive Director – June 29

    • Integrated Product Teams

      • First pass IPT requirements received - May 17

      • AIA comments returned to JPDO - June 27

      • Awaiting posting of requirements on ncat.com

    • Follow-on:

      • Public meeting

      • IPT representatives announced

      • Contracts requests from JPDO

National center for advanced technologies ncat l.jpg
National Center for Advanced Technologies (NCAT)

  • Existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

    • Affiliated with Aerospace Industries Association

  • Chartered purpose:

    • “provide a national focal point for the coordination of scientific research and development of advanced technologies predicated upon a cooperative relationship between government, academia, and business in the public and national interest”,

    • to “analyze government policies concerning research and development of advanced technologies and to formulate improved approaches to such research and development in the national and public interest.”

  • NCAT is not a membership organization

    • Charter supports broad industry and stakeholder participation, working across industry lines, and joint decision-making

  • Significant relevant experience

    • Government contracts and studies

    • Open, participative teams

    • Example – Industry Affordability Task Force (DoD)

      • 10 organizations/associations + government participate

Opportunities for engagement l.jpg
Opportunities for Engagement

  • Any individual or organization eligible to participate

  • Participation opportunities:

    • Public meetings

    • Institute Management Council

    • Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) & other working groups

Ngats institute public meetings l.jpg
NGATS Institute Public Meetings

  • At least 1 public meeting per year

    • Opportunity to input and comment to the Institute

    • Notification:

      • NCAT/NGATS Institute website (ncat.com)

      • Distribution to JPDO interested parties list

Ngats institute management council imc l.jpg
NGATS Institute Management Council (IMC)

  • Senior level – representing leadership of civil aviation community

  • Drawn from all segments of civil aviation community

  • Oversees:

    • Policy, recommendations, and products of the NGATS Institute

    • Contracts awards process to ensure fairness & effectiveness

  • IMC Executive Committee:

    • Co-chairs + 3 members + JPDO (non-voting)

    • Acts on behalf of full IMC in between meetings

    • Selects the NGATS Institute Executive Director

    • Decisions of Executive Committee subject to IMC endorsement

Slide10 l.jpg


Air Transport Association (ATA)

Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA)

Allocated seats:

JPDO (Ex-officio)

Regional airline operations

Business aircraft operations

Helicopter operations

Small airplane (GA) operations

Allocated seats (cont):

Manufacturers (2 seats)

Commercial Pilots

Air Traffic Controllers

Airport operators

Federal Advisory Committees/Research (2 seats)

“At Large” (2 seats)

NGATS Institute Management CouncilAllocation designated in contract – goal is to provide broadest representation of civil aviation community

Council composition will be reviewed annually

Slide11 l.jpg


Air Transport Association (ATA)

Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA)

Other Executive Committee Members:

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)

Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA)

JPDO (Ex-officio)

Other IMC Members:

Airports Council International – North America (ACI)

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Other IMC Members:

General Aviation Manufacturing Association (GAMA)

Helicopter Association International (HAI)

National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)

National Association State Aviation Officials (NASAO)

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

National Business Travel Association (NBTA)

Regional Airline Association (RAA)

RTCA, Inc.

NGATS Institute Management Council (IMC)Achieved goal of representation by civil aviation community senior leadership

Membership finalized at May 17 IMC meeting

  • Two year terms

  • Initially ½ IMC members on 1 year term

Ngats institute executive director l.jpg
NGATS Institute Executive Director

  • Employed by NCAT – dedicated to JPDO support

    • Selected by IMC Executive Committee

  • Chief administrator & executive of NGATS Institute

    • Responsible for all operations of the Institute

  • Accountable to Institute Management Council for operational aspects

  • Accountable to NCAT Board for financial management of Institute

  • JPDO provides office space to Institute staff

  • Dale Goodrich announced as Institute Executive Director – June 29

Ipts and working groups l.jpg
IPTs and Working Groups

  • Pro-bono participation

  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement with JPDO’s IPTs

    • Cross government & industry engagement

  • JPDO requests desired expertise and skill mix for teams

  • NGATS Institute announces request for participants

  • Applicants screened against requirements by review team (headed by Exec. Dir.)

  • Institute team composition subject to review by the IMC

  • Additional teams may be used to provide interim reviews/guidance for specific IPTs

    • Use existing broad-based coalitions where they exist (e.g., CAST)

  • Awaiting final release of IPT requirements

Contracts studies l.jpg
Contracts & Studies

  • Funded activities

  • JPDO requests and funds contracts executed by NGATS Institute

  • Notice of contract – request for bids to be posted on ncat.com

  • Selection team reviews bids and determines contractor

  • Oversight:

    • Award protest procedure

    • Contractual Awards Oversight Board – subset of IMC

      • Any award subject to review

      • Reviews all protests for compliance with process

      • Any concerns forwarded to IMC for disposition

  • Awaiting more info on expected contract opportunities

Ngats institute summary l.jpg
NGATS Institute Summary

  • Excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to shape the next generation air transportation system

    • Fair, balanced framework

    • Open participation

    • All industry/user segments

  • Institute operational

    • IMC active – meeting monthly

    • Executive Director in place – resides at JPDO

  • Expect calls for IPT participation soon

    • More info will be posted on ncat.com

    • Requests for information to ncat@ncat.com

    • Coordinate AIA participation through ATSC

  • Timing for contract requests TBD