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Office 2007

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Office 2007
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Office 2007

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  1. Office 2007 Daren Stegelmeier – Senior Technology Specialist

  2. Agenda • New Office Interface - Ribbon • Differences  - highlights of new features • Open XML File formats & Converters • Mac Office 2008

  3. UI rationale and impact: (Jensen Harris) Video:

  4. A Few Things I Think Users Should See/Know

  5. Interactive: Office 2003 to Office 2007 command reference guide See: Start with Help – search for “interactive”

  6. Open XML - New File Formats

  7. Open XML: Good – Open

  8. Open XML: Good – File Converters

  9. Open XML - Bad

  10. Visual Basic Visual Basic will be discontinued in the next version of Office for Mac.

  11. Open XML: Ugly – Mac File Converters are Coming:“We are running on target and expect to release a free public beta version of the file format converters in Spring 2007, with final converters available six to eight weeks after we launch our next version of Office for Mac (which, as previously reported, will be available 6-8 months after general availability of Win Office.)”

  12. Office 2008 for Mac

  13. My Day

  14. Office Customization Tool SETUP.EXE /ADMIN Office Migration Planning Manager OFFSCAN.EXE VET.EXE CreateDB, ImportScans Office File Converters SETUP.EXE /ADMINFILE Config.xml Office File Conversion Tool OHOTFIX Windows Vista deployment tools Office Resource Kit: Tools That You Need to Know

  15. OneNote Groove Access Access Publisher Publisher InfoPath InfoPath Communicator Communicator Integrated Enterprise Content Management Integrated Enterprise Content Management Integrated Electronic Forms Integrated Electronic Forms Information Rights & Policy Information Rights & Policy Power-Point PowerPoint Outlook Outlook Word Word Excel Excel Microsoft Office 2007 Client Extended collaboration and mobility Enable more efficient collaboration across geographic, organizational or network boundaries Ensure people get information they need when they need it, whether online or offline Valuable for mobile workers, disperse teams, project managers, and people who work with customers/partners Personal productivity • Core content creation with streamlined user interface • E-mail, Personal Information Management, basic collaboration • Developer extensibility Comprehensive toolset for business productivity Most familiar suite for information work and collaboration Streamline processes with electronic forms Powerful tools for managing and analyzing data Integrated content management and workflow Protect documents with rights management Integrated instant messaging and application sharing Create “High-impact” content faster

  16. Thanks and Questions

  17. Appendix Slides

  18. Top 10 Deployment Impacts • New user interface • No, you can't make it look like previous versions of 2007 Office system • Training resources will be provided • Intuitive ribbon • New file format and document extensions • Add-ons for Microsoft Office XP and Office 2003 to open and save new format • Fully-documented XML schema • Tools to help with the migration to the new format • Compatibility mode

  19. Top 10 Deployment Impacts • LIS is the deployment method • Admin install point no longer possible • GPO possible but not recommended • New Setup engine • Completely redesigned • LIS is always created • All products and languages can be installed from a single share to save space • Robust validation checks

  20. Top 10 Deployment Impacts • Multi-language support (MUI) • All languages treated equally, English is not required • 2007 Office system = neutral core + language packs • Additional languages can be added at any time • Servicing • Slipstreaming of updates and service packs is supported • Easier to install updates during installation • Updates can be language neutral

  21. Top 10 Deployment Impacts • New Office Customization Tool • Integrated into Setup, run SETUP.EXE /ADMIN • You may need to extract Office files first, e.g. PRO.EXE /EXTRACT:[path] • Takes the place of Custom Installation Wizard, Custom Maintenance Wizard, etc. • Creates an MSP file instead of an MST file • Language-neutral customization • New migration Tools • Office Migration Planning Manager for scanning and reporting • File conversion tools for command-line conversion • Office File Converters for Office XP and Office 2003

  22. Top 10 Deployment Impacts • Office Resource Kit • Updated for new tools, features, capabilities • Step-by-step guides • Scenario-based deployment guidance and roadmaps • Information on deprecated features • Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment • Guidance and tools for deploying Microsoft Office as part of an OS deployment project • Guidance and tools for deploying Microsoft Office separately

  23. Office Customization Tool SETUP.EXE /ADMIN Office Migration Planning Manager OFFSCAN.EXE VET.EXE CreateDB, ImportScans Office File Converters SETUP.EXE /ADMINFILE Config.xml Office File Conversion Tool OHOTFIX Windows Vista deployment tools Office Resource Kit: Tools That You Need to Know

  24. Tools You Need to Know • Systems Management Server 2003 • Windows Server Update Services • Other third-party management tools • Deployments are best done with “zero touch” using manage tools • System Center Essentials • System Center Configuration Manager 2007

  25. Tools You Need to Forget • SETUP /A • Custom Installation Wizard • Custom Maintenance Wizard • LISTOOL

  26. What Does this Mean to You? • Microsoft wants to make deployment easier • There are new options, tools, capabilities • This also means change • There are new things to learn • Some re-engineering will be needed • We can help by providing a reference implementation, guidance, and improved tools

  27. What Is The Solution Accelerator For Business Desktop Deployment? • End-to-end guidance, best practices, and tools for efficient planning, building, and deploying Windows and Microsoft Office • Based on real-world experience and industry best practices • Increase automation • Decrease costs Manual Deployment $500 - $1000 per PC Light Touch ~ $350 per PC Zero Touch Less than $100 per PC

  28. Alice creates workspace; Invites Bob XML DataStore XML DataStore Alice And Bob Get Started Alice Both machines create encrypted local workspace Workspace Workspace encryption keys shared between members Bob

  29. Groove delivers the encrypted document to Bob Groove 2007 Secures Alice’s Data For Bob And Synchronizes Alice Groove decrypts the document for Bob’s session Workspace Groove encrypts and stores the document on Bob’s machine Bob

  30. Groove ServerRelay Secure Workspaces, Across Firewalls! Alice Invites Carol From Northwind Alice F I R E W A L L F I R E W A L L Workspace Carol Northwind Bob

  31. Groove ServerRelay On-Line/Off-Line, Secure Workspaces Across Firewalls! Perhaps Carol Is ALSO Off-Line… Alice F I R E W A L L F I R E W A L L Workspace Carol Northwind ON-LINE OFF-LINE Bob

  32. Collaborative Workspaces Information Sharing and Workflow Dynamic Teamwork Work online, offline and across network boundaries Stay in synch automatically and effortlessly Windows SharePoint Services integration connects projects with structured workflows and applications Scalable solution simplifies sharing information Foundation for Web- based Applications Extend document lifecycle and applications to Groove workspaces

  33. What GrooveIs What GrooveIS NOT Where Teamwork Happens Small Groups Time-bound Project-oriented Broad Sharing Environment Replacement for Ongoing Tracking Applications Long Term Data Storage

  34. E-Commerce(Client + relay subscription) End-user Clients(VL) IT Servers/Services(Either/or required for VL clients) Groove 2007 Products

  35. Groove Enterprise Services if… Office Groove Server 2007 if… Small deployments (50-1000 seats) Departmental solution within organization Limited IT resources Organization wide deployment (1000 – 100,000 seats) In-house infrastructure expertise AD Integration or PKI Integration

  36. Florida Emergency Management • Planning, tracking, responding to natural disasters – deployed for 2005 hurricane season • Field work and data gathering • Working across federal, state, county, and private sector boundaries • Lots of information, lots of change, response time is key “Because of its architecture of dealing with distributed workforces over different scales of time and locations, and the ability to manage common projects and issues across workspaces, Groove is the closest thing I’ve seen to reflecting the world of disaster response.” Craig FugateDirector, Florida Division of Emergency Management

  37. Siemens Medical Systems • Product deployment projects • Team work with vendors, customers • Highly mobile team members • Integration with the structured business process and corporate databases Most project managers couldn’t use the Web applications on our systems from the field because it was too painful to dial in. Now, every action is recorded in Groove, pumped out to the data warehouse, where we can run reports. Lloyd Merithew, Director of Logistics Integration

  38. Groove 2007 Review Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition has Groove! Groove is designed for working online, offline and across network boundaries! Groove is for dynamic teamwork, integrated to Windows SharePoint Services for information sharing and workflow!

  39. InfoPath 2007 SolutionsGather information efficiently and reliably • InfoPath solutions help you reach more users • Web browsers • Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007 e-mail messages • Mobile devices • Hosted form solutions • Get the right information—the first time • Real-time validation • Prepopulated fields • Shared data connections • Integrated with the 2007 Microsoft Office system • E-mail–based forms with Outlook 2007 • Workflow integration with SharePoint Server 2007 • Automatic information updates for Microsoft Office Access 2007

  40. Integration with the 2007 Office system • InfoPath e-mail forms • Use Outlook 2007 to collect and distribute InfoPath forms • Complete forms without leaving the familiar Outlook environment • Export data directly from Outlook to InfoPath and Microsoft Excel® • Promote form fields into the Outlook list view to instantly sort, categorize, or filter InfoPath mail messages

  41. Centralize Forms Management • Centralize management of electronic forms with InfoPath Forms Services • Single form library for many departments • Secure intranet and extranet access • Role-based and policy-based access • Comprehensive forms solution with InfoPath Forms Services and SharePoint Server 2007 • Records management integration • Workflow integration • Shared data connection libraries • Single sign-on architecture of SharePoint Server 2007 • Minimize form downtime and maintenance • In-place template upgrades • Template version management • Performance monitoring tools

  42. Business Intelligence Collaboration Portal InfoPath Forms ServicesSharePoint Server 2007 and InfoPath 2007 • InfoPath Forms Services of SharePoint Server 2007 • InfoPath for browsers and HTML-enabled mobile devices • Centralize deployment and management • Simplify forms maintenance • Utilize integrated platform services of SharePoint Server 2007 • Measure performance of your forms Platform Services Electronic Forms Workspaces, Mgmt, Security, Storage, Topology, Site Model Content Management Search