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Troubleshooting Calendar Issues in Microsoft Outlook Mark Lium and Chris Burnham Support Professional/Technical Lead Enterprise Messaging Support Microsoft Corporation. Introduction. Troubleshooting common issues with Microsoft ® Outlook ® Calendar

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Troubleshooting Calendar Issues in Microsoft Outlook Mark Lium and Chris BurnhamSupport Professional/Technical LeadEnterprise Messaging SupportMicrosoft Corporation

  • Troubleshooting common issues with Microsoft® Outlook® Calendar
  • Primarily intended for those using Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Presentation targeted for users of Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002
most common issues
Most Common Issues

Common issues users experience with Calendar:

  • Duplicate appointments
  • Missing Calendar items
  • Orphaned meeting requests
  • Dismissed reminders resurfacing
  • Free/busy info not accurate
common configuration
Common Configuration
  • User leverages many Calendar features, such as:
    • Delegates,
    • Automated response to meeting requests,
    • Offline folders (OST).
  • User syncs with handheld device
  • User has large Exchange mailbox, typically with many Calendar items
troubleshooting duplicate missing items
Troubleshooting Duplicate/Missing Items
  • Review delegate access to Calendar
    • Start by removing all delegates
      • Does the problem persist?
      • Reintroduce delegates one at a time
      • Consider limiting delegate privileges
      • Delegate and owner both running same version?
troubleshooting duplicate missing items 2
Troubleshooting Duplicate/Missing Items (2)
  • Disable Calendar caching (Outlook 98/ Outlook 2000 only)
    • Q276248 “OL2000: Calendar Problems with Outlook 2000”
  • Synchronizing with Pocket PC device?
    • Q274840 “OL2000: Error Message: The Multi-Day Appointment Cannot Be…”
    • Q280931 “OL2002: Meeting Request Still in Inbox After Accepting”
troubleshooting duplicate missing items 3
Troubleshooting Duplicate/Missing Items (3)
  • Synchronizing with Palm-compatible device?
    • Upgrade HotSync and PocketMirror to latest versions available
    • Palm device won’t sync with Outlook
      • Q239827 “OL2000: Problem Synchronizing Palm Organizer with Outlook”
      • Q270044 “OL2000: How to Synchronize Outlook with a Palm Pilot”
    • Q245435 “XCLN: Attendees Deleted from Recurring Calendar Items”
troubleshooting duplicate missing items 4
Troubleshooting Duplicate/Missing Items (4)
  • Synchronizing with BlackBerry device?
    • FAQs for BlackBerry/Outlook
    • Meeting requests not showing in Calendar as “tentative”
    • Missing items after sync with BlackBerry
      • Fixed in BlackBerry Enterprise Server SP-1
troubleshooting duplicate missing items 5
Troubleshooting Duplicate/Missing Items (5)
  • Possible item or mailbox corruption
    • Exhaust other troubleshooting first
    • Q189841 “XCLN: Corrupt Calendar Causes ‘Unable to Open This Item’ Message”
troubleshooting reminders and free busy
Troubleshooting Reminders and Free/Busy
  • Reminders that cannot be dismissed
  • Incorrect free/busy information
  • Q292183 “XCLN: How to Troubleshoot Reminders and Free/Busy Issues…”
    • /cleanreminders
    • /cleanfreebusy
top five issues
Top Five Issues
  • Duplicate meetings, dismissed reminders, conflicting appointments, and missing items
    • Q276248 “OL2000: Calendar Problems with Outlook 2000”
    • Q228937 “OL98: Calendar Problems with Outlook 98”
  • Duplicate meetings, meeting updates not processed, new meetings not showing as tentative
    • Known issue with BlackBerry devices; install BlackBerry Enterprise Server SP-1
top five issues 2
Top Five Issues (2)
  • Orphaned meeting requests (request that cannot be updated)
    • Q278535 “OL2000: Calendar Items You Copied Don't Allow Meeting Updates” and
    • Q251417 “OL2000: Exporting Calendar to PST Does Not Save Meeting Request Info”
top five issues 3
Top Five Issues (3)
  • Error: “Details for this appointment are not available”
    • Fixed in Office 2000 SP-2
    • Q265088 “XCLN: Free and Busy Details Unavailable from Different Time Zone”
  • All-day events spanning more than one day across time zones
    • Q262451 “XCLN: Workaround for Events That Span Two Days Across Time Zones”
where to get more information
Where to Get More Information
  • Palm Web site
  • Chapura PocketMirror
  • BlackBerry
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