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Eco Friendly Recycling PowerPoint Presentation
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Eco Friendly Recycling

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Eco Friendly Recycling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eco Friendly Recycling

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  1. Eco Friendly Recycling

  2. Distance to other cities Delhi 259 kms Bombay 1202 kms Calcutta Chennai 1730 kms 2019 kms LOCATION… • Strategic position at north India • Jaipur is the capital of state of Rajasthan • Ours is the nearest big city from New Delhi • 3.2 mil inhabitants in total • Industrial tradition: 14 Industrial areas around Jaipur • Our city is an important Tourism destination INDIA PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  3. OUR BACKGROUND… • Professionally managed company • Exclusively dealing in Lead Metal for the last 12 years • Rich experience in Lead Smelting, Refining, Alloying & Lead Oxide manufacturing • ISO-9001:2000 Certified • We own plants at: • Jaipur : Lead Smelting & Lead Oxide Manufacturing • Sri Lanka : Lead Smelting. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  4. WHAT WE OFFER… • Lead Battery Scrap Recycling : An Environment Friendly Technology. • Lead Refining & Lead Alloying : An Proven Technology. • Lead Oxide Manufacturing : An Efficient Process & Plant for Litharge, Red Lead & Lead Sub-Oxide (Grey Oxide). • Training of Personal for Smelting, Lead Refining / Alloying Techniques & Processes. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  5. OUR INVOLVEMENT… • Market survey to perceive Battery Recycling Project with correct capacity • Plant Layout • Structural Designing • Electrical Drawing • Supply of complete Plant • Erection supervision at your site • Commissioning of plant with training of your personal (1 month) PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  6. OUR INVOLVEMENT (Supplement)… • We help to prepare documents for submission to Government Department. • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study : help to local agency for creating such report. • Help in recruiting experienced man-power for Project. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  7. A TYPICAL TURNKEY PROJECT ENGAGEMENT… Feasibility Study Detailed Project Report Plant and Project Design Supply of complete Plant Erection, commissioning and start-up Training of Technical Personal / Engineers PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  8. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R & D)… • Gravita’s in-house R&D effort is geared to continuous improvement in plant and furnace designs for greater efficiencies. • Special attention is paid tointegrate emerging technologies in our solutions. • Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions which have the optimum blend of proven and state–of-the-art technologies. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  9. INNOVATIONS IN TECHNOLOGY… • Our technology deployments make Lead Recycling Operations as • Environment-friendliness • Low Capital Cost • Economical viability • Our integrated turnkey plant installations comprising of • Secondary Lead Smelting • Lead Refining & Lead Alloying • Lead Oxide Manufacturing “ Our Pollution Control Plant meet the complete needs of medium sized Lead Recycling units ” Our plants are with guaranteed design performance. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  10. OUR EXPERTISE COVERS… • Special Blast Furnace • Low Capital Cost • Low Maintenance Cost • Usage of only Charcoal • NO- Furnace Oil Usage • 10 MT per day production • Lead Refining • Do not operate with Caustic-Nitrate • Special Flux- reduces operating cost • Low Drossing • High temperature band-width “ Retrofitting of operational plants including Battery Manufacturing units for optimizing production, meeting of environmental and occupational health standards & concerns ” PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  11. OUR FABRICATION FACILITY… • All engineering designs & drawings are made on CAD / CAM soft wares • We have tie-up with 4 more Engineering Fabrication Shops for speedy jobs • Ability to handle 10’ dia & 30’ length for machining job • Strict fabrication quality checks • These fabrication shops are all multi-discipline shops including all phases of testing • Our shops are ISO approved, insuring you the best quality available • Our Engineers have rich experience in total ‘Quality Check’ PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  12. OUR PLANT & SERVICES… • Supply of equipment for ‘Lead Recycling Plant’ • Battery Breaking / Cutting Unit • P.P. Crusher • Plastic Granulator • Smelting Furnaces: Blast/Rotary Furnace • Integrated set of pollution control equipments, which covers • Dust Collector • Cyclone • Cooling-Tower • Bag-House • Induced Draft Fans • Wet-Scrubber • Chimney (Stack) PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  13. PLANT LAYOUT OF ROTARY FURNACE… Wet Scrubber Blower Rotary Furnace Dust Collector Cyclone Cooling Tower Bag House I D Blower PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  14. OUR PLANT & SERVICES… • Refining Furnaces • Cattle: 5-50 Mt per charge capacity • F.O. / Gas Burner with Pre-heater • Steering System • Hood with Pollution Control Equipment • Automatic Ingot Casting Machine (10 MT/hr) • Plant Erection supervision, commissioning & start-up services. “ Our Plant comes with all required Electrical Motors & Electrical Control Panel with Temperature Indicators ” PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  15. POLLOUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENT… • Pollution control plays an important part in the used Lead-Acid Battery Recycling and new battery manufacturing industries. • Filter Bag House with Pulse Jet cleaning arrangement is a key equipment to control Lead and other particulate matters / pollutants. • The permeability of Bag-Filters are about 3-5 microns, which results in achieving relevant mandatory environmental standards. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  16. BATTERY RECYCLING CYCLE… • Lead is the 4th most widely used Metal on earth • Lead has highest rate of recycling among all Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals • Lead is only metal on earth which retains its 100% Chemical & Physical properties, irrespective of any number of recycling • Worldwide production of recycled Lead is now about 3 times then production Prime Lead… PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  17. TYPICAL COMPOSITION OF LEAD-ACID BATTERY SCRAP… Electrolyte-tight seaing ring Positive plate pack Valve adapter and valve Grid plate Negative pole Positive cell connection Positive plate Negative cell connection Negative Plate Negative plate pack Micro porous separator PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  18. LEAD SMELTING… • Rotary Furnace • After Chamber • Gas Cooler • Filter Plants • Blending/Refining Pots • Ingot Casting Machine • Exhaust Fans • Chimney • Scrap Loading Bay A Lead Scrap Material B Furnace Metal C Slag (Discard) D Finished Metal E Dross F Filter Dust Flow Diagram of a Secondary Lead Smelter PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  19. LEAD SMELTING… • Battery Scrap composition may vary somewhat across countries/regions. • Normally 55-64% of Lead Metal recovered in terms of Drained Battery Scrap through Lead Smelting produces. • This impure Lead is converted in Pure Lead (99.97%) and Lead Alloys through Refinery / Alloying Pot. • Lead Compounds are being reduced in Blast Furnace / Rotary Furnace with help of Carbon / Charcoal. • These Furnaces operate in 900oC to 1250oC temperature range. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  20. ROTARY FURNACE… • We offers- • Tilting Type R.F. • Stationery type R.F. • Our Rotary Furnace is Robust in design & structure. • Designed for maximum fuel efficiency • Salient Features • Crome-Meagnisite Refractory • Insulation & refractory withstand for 2500 charges (Min.) • Variable rotating speed • Reverse rotation- time delay mechanism PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  21. LEAD REFINING… • We use Pyro-Metallurgical process in Lead Refining. • We produce Lead Ingots with a minimum purity level of 99.97%. • We supply refining kettle furnaces of… • Various capacities ranging from 5-50 MT per batch • Accompanied by high efficiency natural gas burners/ furnace oil burners • Equipped with preheating arrangements • We control emissions by… • A flexible kettle hood • Venting into a Venturi Wet Scrubber • Attached to an Induced Draft Fan along with a chimney/ stack arrangement. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  22. ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENTS… • We provide additional equipment for automatic dross removal. • Automatic Lead Ingot-Casting Machine (with Lead-Pump) having a production capacity of up to 10-25 tones/hr may also provided along with Refining Unit. • Lead Alloying Pot to produce Lead Calcium Alloy. • Our refining unit package is optimally configured for high throughput with good emission control, as proven by the existing installations in operation. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL


  24. LEAD ALLOYING… • Our Alloying plants use the pyrometallurgical refining process. • We supply kettle pots of various capacities ranging from 5-35 tones per batch accompanied by high efficiency natural gas / furnace oil burners equipped with preheating arrangements. • Emissions control is achieved by a flexible kettle hood venting into a Venturi scrubber. • Attached to an Induction Draft Fan (IDF) along with a chimney/stack arrangement. We configure the total alloying plant package(s) as required. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  25. AIR POLLOUTION CONTROL… We provide the following services for controlling the air pollution • Consulting services • Plant engineering and design • Assembly and testing • System integration • Commissioning • Operations & maintenance • Manpower training. . We also undertake turnkey assignments for Lead Acid Battery Recycling and manufacturing units. • Diagnostic studies for identifying fugitive emissions • Air pollution control plant deficiencies. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  26. ENVIRONMENT… • Most critical part of ‘Lead Recycling Operation’ is of Air Pollution Control • Our Plants are specifically designed to meet specific norms of your country’s guide-line • We follow all Environmental Standards, • Which has serious concern in Lead • Smelting Operations: • Ambient Air Standard • Stack Emission Standard • Effluent Discharge Standard • Solid Waste Disposal Limits • Noise Levels • Occupational Exposure PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL





  31. EFFLUENTS AND SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT… • Our solid waste management solutions include • Consulting services for solid waste treatment • Conversion of the discard Slag and other process wastes to marketable\ safely disposable forms • Selection and design of in-plant hazardous material storage facilities and disposal landfill sites. • Our comprehensive services include • Plant layout, design • Process selection • Effluent treatment plants • safely disposable /marketable forms PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  32. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH SOLUTIONS… • Proper plant design and engineering controls in order to protect workers from occupational exposure to Lead, including by control of process and fugitive emissions. • Appropriate codes of practice/policies/plant hygiene practices for the workforce and relevant management personnel • Required education & training to workforce about facilities and protective equipment PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  33. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH SOLUTIONS… • Regular monitoring procedures including in-plant/perimeter environmental monitoring of Air Lead Levels • Screening of workforce Blood Lead Levels at 6 months interval • Advance planning of steps to be taken in case of crossing of prescribed action levels. • Remedial actions, which may include engineering and process corrections, job rotation of workers with High Blood Lead Levels to no-exposure work areas “Reduction of Lead Blood Level by Chelation Therapy, if required” PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

  34. CONTACT 501, Rajputana Tower, A-27 B, Shanti Path, Tilak Nagar JAIPUR-302004 (Rajasthan) INDIA Phone:+91-141-2623266, 2622697, 2621037 Fax: +91-141-2621491 Website : E-mail: