The Republic of Seychelles
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The Republic of Seychelles A UNEP/WCMC Pilot Project “ Harmonisation of National Reporting of Biological Diversity related conventions” Prepared and Presented by Joseph Francois . Scope. To investigate various concepts/methods of harmonisation of national reporting. . The Seychelles Islands.

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The Republic of Seychelles A UNEP/WCMC Pilot Project“Harmonisation of National Reporting of Biological Diversity related conventions”Prepared and Presented by Joseph Francois

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To investigate various concepts/methods of harmonisation of national reporting.

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Population size

  • Seychelles, as SIDS, only 80,000 inhabitants

    Economic situation

  • Limited natural resources (Economy relies on sustainable use of our Natural Environment)

    International Commitment

  • Strong political commitment to preserve the natural Env has led Seychelles to sign and ratify a number of Env, related international Agreements and conventions (CITES, WHC, ICRW, CBD, RAMSAR, Catagena Protocol for Biosafety, etc..,)

Constraints l.jpg

Faces distinct limitation in financial & human resources

  • thru’ reporting requirement and attendance at meetings

  • Real constraint on the capacity of the Government

  • Issues that Seychelles considers before signing any such agreement

    As a result, GOS welcomes initiatives to reduce this workload

Seychelles pilot study l.jpg
Seychelles -Pilot study

  • 2001 Conducted a Pilot Project

  • To study the possible harmonization of Information Management and Reporting for Biodiversity – related Conventions (CITES, WHC,ICRW,CBD)

  • Funded By UNEP

Assessment synopsis of objectives fundamentals l.jpg
Assessment & synopsis of objectives & fundamentals

CBD Objectives:

  • Conserving Biodiversity

  • Sustainable use

  • Fair & equitable benefit sharing from use of genetic resources


    Protect species against over-exploitation caused by international trade and to ensure that the trade is sustainable


    Provide proper conservation of whale stocks, thus, enable sustainable development of the Whaling industry


    Ensure sustained protection of cultural and natural heritage


    Ensure protection and sustainable of wetlands thru’ identified wetlands

Common modules logical associations of article so that common areas could be identified l.jpg
COMMON MODULESLogical associations of article so that common areas could be identified

Reporting cycle l.jpg
Reporting Cycle

Primary barrier which needed crossing (need synchronising internationally):

  • CITES (1 year and 2 years)

  • CBD (4 years)

  • WHC (6 years)

  • ICRW (?)

  • Ramsar (?)

Procedure for endorsement l.jpg
Procedure for endorsement

Before Submission to their respective secretariats the reports have to be endorsed by the government (Minister for Environment)

  • Similar procedure of information gathering from stakeholders (except for CITES where both its Scientific and Management Authorities are in the same Division

  • Similar way of compiling information (except for CITES (annual report)

  • Stakeholders workshop required in some while others only if necessary

  • Document Drafted and reviewed

  • Document approved by Minister

    The same, hence can be done once (but, CITES may benefit from the consultation phases and public involvement

Reporting format l.jpg
Reporting Format


A tabulated report of permits details annually, a biennial report on legislative.. admin…


Based on Multiple choice format –


Aimed to provide an assessment of the heritage values of designated site and whether such values are being maintained.

– Consist of 2 sections ..1. legislative and administrative provisions made..

2. The state of conservation of specific site


Reporting on scientific information available to the Government

(others not required as Seychelles prohibits killing, taking away, chasing of marine mammal, no aboriginal subsistence whaling

Comments on the reporting l.jpg
Comments on the Reporting

CITES : Reporting Process & Format clear, concise, functional & effective in reflecting the national status of implementation of the convention

CBD: report is rather lengthy and burdensome to complete

V. difficult for stakeholders to interpret

Format thus needs revisited & other approaches considered

Needs to be mandatory

WHC: Somehow, less guided, not modular

ICRW: Little activity occurring in Sey. Ad hoc reporting of information from stakeholders, non systematic

Constraints in the reporting procedure that could affect the synergy l.jpg
Constraints in the reporting procedure that could affect the synergy

Both National and International

  • Lack of knowledge of local stakeholder activities

  • Lack of Broad baseline data available

  • Lack of local scientific research (eg. CITES)

  • Lack of human resource (Large EEZ for effective policing and surveys)

  • Lack of fund

  • Minimal stakeholder involvement

  • Independent work programmes

  • Different reporting cycles

  • Reporting format not structured and lack of objectivity (WHC)

What is needed for synergy in reporting procedures l.jpg
What is needed for synergy in Reporting procedures synergy

  • Timing

  • Modular

  • One building

  • Regular consultations

  • Reduce duplications

  • Standard format

    CBD has a wider mandate , may be engulf the reporting of others

Recommendations national l.jpg
Recommendations synergy(National)

  • Establish an operational framework for stakeholder interaction

  • Establish a convention Unit for coordination

  • Establish and maintain a National Biodiversity database

    (Institutional strengthening and capacity building needed)

Recommendations international l.jpg
Recommendations synergy(International)

  • Synchronisation of Reporting Cycles

  • Joint work programmes (eg, between CBD and Ramsar, or CBD and CITES)

  • Structured and objective Reporting Formats

Benefits l.jpg
Benefits synergy

  • More rapid & accurate reporting

  • National projects & priorities to be seen & utilised effectively in the light of intl. commitment

  • A better utilisation of national capacity to implement the conventions

  • Better use of financial resources (esp. in the field of reporting, research & monitoring)

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