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Pick Kombucha Heating Mats from Happy Herbalist PowerPoint Presentation
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Pick Kombucha Heating Mats from Happy Herbalist

Pick Kombucha Heating Mats from Happy Herbalist

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Pick Kombucha Heating Mats from Happy Herbalist

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  1. Welcome to Happy Herbalist

  2. About Us At Happy Herbalist, we believe that food is our medicine and medicine our food. We have studied Kombucha, Kefir, Ginger Beer, Caspian Sea Yogurt, and other Probiotic Drinks not only for their flavors but to enhance their medicinal effects by using recommended teas, herbs and spices. It is important to know How to safely make functional foods at home. Our library is an ongoing endeavor to understand what are the cautions, as well as the benefits. Recipes that provide true health and vitality.

  3. Caspian Sea Yogurt Caspian Sea Yogurt also goes by the name Matsoni yogurt. It contains a myriad of live cultures and is one of the few yogurts that will culture at room temperature. It's also a serial culturer; meaning you can use it continually to create new cultures. It is a mesophilic culture, meaning it thrives at a moderate temperature. Culturing in winter might mean finding a warmer part of the house. It is a slightly tart yogurt with a unique viscous consistency. As it is a yogurt you create at home it is not as thick as supermarket yogurt since it is not builked out with emulsifiers.

  4. Caspian Sea Yogurt is grown and produced by the Happy Herbalist since 1997. Different sea yogurt like: • Caspian Sea yogurt • Milk kefir • Flora probiotic • Heating mat with digital thermostat are available at here.

  5. Heating Mats Most Probiotic Ferments do best in a warm temperature setting. We at Happy Herbalist recommend a temperature range from 74 F to 84 F  (22-28.8 C) ,for Kombucha, Jun, Ginger Beer, Water Kefir, and Vinegar. While Villi and CSY and vegetable ferments like sauerkraut do well in the mid 60's (15.5 C) While one does not need constant temperature the greater the consistency the more reliable and predicable will be your ferment. OPTIONAL digital regulator helps maintain the optimal temperature without fear of over-heating. 

  6. We at Happy Herbalist use these heaters not just for Kombucha but for our JUN, water kefir and milk kefir grains as well, depending on how cold it is. The ideal scenario would be a heater for each ferment, but if you have a lot of them, that may not be possible. Multiple small jars or a few gallon jars can each be wrapped around the heat strips we offer, so it may be possible to have a whole slew of fermented veggies going with just one or two Kombucha heating mats.

  7. Jun Jun is becoming more popular in the United States. This is probably due to its close association with Kombucha. In some ways Jun is easier to make than Kombucha.  Some ways harder. Jun is closely related to Ginger Beer due to both ferments being one principally of a Lactobacillus ferment. 

  8. A rare cousin of Kombucha, Jun is a naturally fermented effervescent tea made with organic honey. It is abundant with probiotics and organic acids. Jun is fermented with honey instead of sugar that is used in traditional Kombucha. The result is a lighter and smoother taste than typical kombucha which has a vinegar note. Most people find that Jun is more approachable. 

  9. Contact Us 516 Alliance Circle Cary, North Carolina 27519, USA Phone Number: 919-518-3336 Toll Free: 888-425-8827

  10. Thank You & Visit Again