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Med Spa Franchise Opportunities Ontario Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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Med Spa Franchise Opportunities Ontario Canada

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Med Spa Franchise Opportunities Ontario Canada
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Med Spa Franchise Opportunities Ontario Canada

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  1. Become a Canada MedLaser Clinics Franchisee

  2. HELLO & WELCOME As a leader in the Medical Aesthetics industry, Canada MedLaser Clinics is a unqiue investment opportunity for those who are passionate about breakthrough technology and the rapidly expanding industry of beauty. Oleg Cheskis, the co-founder and CEO of Canada MedLaser Clinics began his journey in the Medical Aesthetics world 10 years ago. Starting off with a business and financial background, as well as serving as an executive in several successful companies, Oleg C. has expanded into the business development world, partnering with a variety of Medical Aesthetic distributors and skin care companies. I am excited about the opportunities to come and look forward to welcoming you to the Canada MedLaser Clinics family. Oleg Cheskis Co-founder & CEO Canada MedLaser Clinics

  3. ABOUT CANADA MEDLASER CLINICS Canada MedLaser Clinics is the leading Medical Aesthetics provider in Ontario. We opened our first clinic in 2014 in the heart of Downtown Toronto. We have now expanded to 3 corporately owned locations in the GTA. Locations include Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, and as of 2019 a franchise location in Newmarket. Our mission is to help our clients accomplish their aesthetic goals with safe, effective and non-invasive treatments. We stand behind the quality of our work, and this is why we provide our clients with a Results Guaranteed policy. Our Results Guaranteed Policy Canada MedLaser Clinics’ Results Guaranteed policy ensures client satisfaction and effective results from the treatments that we offer. Providing our clients with a Results Guaranteed policy, is providing our clients with a peace of mind. We enforce a Results Guaranteed policy because we believe that our clients should receive the full value and quality of treatments that they have paid for.

  4. WHY BECOME A CANADA MEDLASER CLINICS FRANCHISEE? Canada MedLaser Clinics is looking for franchisees that wish to succeed in the growing Medical Aesthetics Industry in Canada. Being a Canada MedLaser Clinics franchisee means that we are here with you every step of the way, in order to ensure that your business venture is successful. Rapid Growing Industry Medical Aesthetics is an $11 billion-dollar industry, which is rapidly growing every year. This market is projected to reach to a $17.07 billion-dollar industry by 2023. Leading Brand in the Market Canada MedLaser Clinics is a leading brand in the market and the top Medical Aesthetics provider in Ontario. We are experts in sales and lead generation. We provide every franchisee with a comprehensive business concept and ongoing resources with the goal of ensuring the success of your clinic. Top Technologies Canada MedLaser Clinics only uses top-tier technologies that provides safe and effective results, and your clinic will receive the same technologies that we offer, at the best prices. Ongoing Resources and Support We are with you every step of the way. Our business development team consists of a group of experts that specialize in Medical Aesthetic treatments, customer service, marketing and sales. We will train your team with the skills that they need in order to practice the best treatment protocols and customer service, as well as lead generation and sales growth.

  5. TECHNOLOGIES USED Syneron Candela: Leading provider for devices in the Medical Aesthetics industry. CoolSculpting: We are providers of Allergan’s CoolSculpting; the most effective technology for nonsurgical fat reduction in the market. Allergan: We are partners with Allergan, the biggest providers for cosmetic injectables. We are official providers of Botox and Juvederm cosmetic injectables. Galderma: We are partners with Galderma, and providers of Dysport and Restylane. MD Medical: Provider of Stylage dermal fillers and centrifuge machine used in the preliminary stage of our PRP treatments. Salient Medical: Provider of the Eclipse MicroPen Elite, used for our microneedling skin treatments. Skin Analysis: We use a skin analysis technology to provide a more educated analysis of each client’s skin condition.

  6. TREATMENTS AND SERVICES OFFERED We only use Health Canada and FDA approved technology and treatment methods. Laser Hair Removal: We use the Candela GentleMax Pro for our laser hair removal treatments and various laser skin treatments. This device can remove unwanted hair on all skin types, and it can also successfully treat various skin concerns. CoolSculpting: This technology uses Cryolipolysis for fat reduction and body contouring. It is safe, effective, nonsurgical and provides long lasting results. We can treat multiple areas of the body and the double chin. Cosmetic Injectables: Our cosmetic injectable services treat anything from wrinkle reduction to facial augmentation. Skin Treatments: We are capable of treating multiple skin concerns using a variety of skin treatments. We treat acne, scarring, melasma, pigmentation, redness, rosacea and any antiaging concerns. Our range of skin treatments include Microneedling, Chemical Peels, PRP Skin Rejuvenation, the Aquapure facial and medical grade skin care products. Other Treatments: We also provide treatments such as PRP Hair Restoration, nail fungus removal and semi-permanent make up.

  7. WE ARE WITH YOU Becoming a Canada MedLaser Franchisee means that we are with you, every step of the way. We are a team of experts who place excellent service and treatment quality as our top priorities. We have years of experience in the Medical Aesthetics industry – and we believe that our franchise model will succeed with franchisees that share the same passion and drive for growth in this profitable industry.

  8. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN OUR FRANCHISE KIT 1. Complete Business Model We provide the full manual on how to operate your business. This manual includes guidelines on your business concept, sales, lead generation, recruitment, marketing and business development. 2. Ongoing Training, Resources And Support Our team will provide in clinic training for your medical aestheticians on new and existing treatments and technologies. We also provide additional training on treatment protocols, sales training, lead generation and quality assurance. 3. Marketing Kit And Resources Every franchisee will receive marketing materials for their clinic. This includes traditional marketing materials such as in-clinic treatment brochures, tablets, fixtures and product brochures. The marketing kit will also include sales and consultation protocols, booklets, sales presentations, treatment and consultation forms. 4. Marketing Support Our team offers a complete marketing tool kit that helps you start and operate your Canada MedLaser Clinic smoothly. This marketing tool kit includes digital marketing, social media and web development support.

  9. OUR SUPPORT TEAM The Canada MedLaser Clinics corporate team includes experts on Medical Aesthetic treatments, business development, technologies, sales, marketing, client retention and lead generation. We are confident that with our skill sets and your dedication, your team will be well prepared to grow your clinic and make it a successful business venture.

  10. WHAT MAKES A GOOD FRANCHISEE? 1. A Vision for Success Having a vision and a drive for career growth are fundamental qualities that contribute to the success of your Canada MedLaser Clinic. 2. Passionate about Business and the Medical Aesthetics Industry Passion is also a crucial quality for a franchisee. Having a passion towards personal and career growth, business and most importantly, in Medical Aesthetics will make you prosperous franchisee. 3. Dedication to Quality, Service and Leadership Giving clients the best treatments and results are the top priority as they are the key to clinic success. Hence, dedication to clients and treatments are the most important quality to have when it comes to operating your own Canada MedLaser Clinic!

  11. FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS (All prices are estimates and are quoted in CAD. Prices may vary) SQUARE FEET: 1200-1800 SQF FROM TO Franchise Fee $29,000 $29,000 Real Estate and Rent $16,500 $9,000 Leasehold Improvements And Construction $140,000 $110,000 Insurance $5,000 $3,000 Office Equipment and Supplies $10,000 $9,000 Signage $6,000 $4,000 Furniture, Fixture and Service Equipment $278,000 $138,000 Grand Opening Marketing and Advertising $6,000 $3,000 Business Licenses and Permits $5,000 $3,000 Initial Inventory Costs $5,000 $4,000 Operating Working Capital $35,000 $16,500 Professional Fees $3,500 $2,500 Training $0 $0 Marketing Kit $0 $0 Total $539,000 $331,000 * HST is not Included Other Franchise Fees FROM TO ROYALTY FEE 7% 7% ADVERTISING AND MARKETING FEE 3% 3%

  12. PASSIONATE. DEDICATED. HARDWORKING. A PERFECTIONIST. J UST LIKE US. We are proud to be leaders in the Medical Aesthetic Industry. We want people like you, who want to be prosperous in this lucrative industry. Who want to be their own boss. Who want to own and operate their own clinic. You are a big believer in quality of work and teamwork. So are we. We are here to build your success story. Take the next step towards success Let’s start!

  13. ACTION PLAN Stage 1: Online Inquiry and Initial Phone Conversation After an initial inquiry, we will contact you to follow up with more information about the Canada MedLaser Clinics Franchise. Stage 2: Financial Background Application At this stage, your financial background application will be filled out, confirmed and submitted to us. Stage 3: Face to Face Meeting After your financial background application is approved, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the next steps. Stage 4: Agreement Review and Franchise Payment At this stage, both you and our corporate team will review the franchise agreement and disclosure document. Once all of the information and terms are confirmed upon, both parties will officially sign the franchise agreement and disclosure document. Stage 5: Agreement Confirmation, Determine Location and Obtain City Permits Here is where the excitement begins! We can now find the perfect location for your Canada MedLaser Clinic. City permit applications can now also be submitted after the location has been finalized. Stage 6: Renovations and Training Once the clinic location and lease has been confirmed, renovations will begin. When renovations for your clinic have been completed and your team of medical aestheticians and cosmetic injectors have been hired, we will provide training for your team to ensure quality customer service and accurate treatment results. Stage 7: Grand Opening! Here is to the beginning of a bright future! Welcome to your own Canada MedLaser Clinic! The success doesn’t stop here—we will be with you every step of the way.

  14. VISUALIZE THE SUCCESS Become a Canada MedLaser Clinics Franchisee CONTACT +1855-633-7721 EMAIL START YOUR SUCCESS STORY TODAY CONNECT WITH US company/canada-medlaser canadamedlaser @canadamedlaser @CanadaMedLaser