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10 Winter Illnesses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Home Care Assistance is dedicated to meet the needs of elderly in Prescott with compassion and care. We provide capable Live-In care for our elderly citizens right in their home. Our services are available 24/7 with instant response. Contact us at 928-771-0105 to get more information and details about the services we provide.

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During the wintertime, most people spend a lot of time indoors. All of that time inside and close to one another makes it easy for germs to spread. For seniors, less effective immune systems and more germs often leads to more illnesses. These are the top ten wintertime illnesses to watch out for in your senior loved ones.


Sore Throats

Several kinds of bacteria and viruses can cause a sore throat. Avoid sharing cups or utensils with others. If you get a sore throat, a saltwater gargle or swallowing a teaspoon of honey may help to ease your symptoms.

Colds are one of the most common winter illnesses. To avoid colds, wash your hands frequently and sanitize surfaces such as light switches and doorknobs.



Norovirus is a common cause of infectious diarrhea. It spreads rapidly through crowds and places where people gather. Regular hand washing and safe food handling techniques help to prevent its spread.

The cold, dry air of the winter may trigger your asthma symptoms. On especially harsh days, stay inside. If going out is unavoidable, pull a scarf up over your mouth and nose to keep in the humidity.


Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by a virus that gets activated when you are under stress. Practice meditation or deep breathing exercises to lower your stress level.

The cold weather may aggravate arthritis. Try to keep your joints moving, even if it is by doing an exercise video or using a treadmill at home. Hobbies such as sewing and cooking can also help to lessen arthritis pain in the hands.

Heart Attack

Cold Fingers

Raynaud'sdisease is a condition in which your fingers get very cold. Rubbing your hands together and wearing compression gloves may help to improve your circulation.

When your body is cold, the heart works harder to pump blood. Maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and wear layers if you must go outside.

Dry Skin


Seniors are at an increased risk of dying from the flu. The best way to prevent it is to get an annual flu shot.

Painfully cracked and dry skin is common in the winter. Cover up as much of your skin as possible when going outside. Use a thick hand cream or lotion after your daily shower to keep moisture in.

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