5 games for seniors with alzheimer s n.
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5 Games for Seniors with Alzheimer’s PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Games for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

5 Games for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

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5 Games for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

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  1. 5 Games for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Home Care Assistance Ft. Myers

  2. If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, you know that one of their biggest frustrations is not being able to enjoy the things that they once loved to do. Playing games and keeping seniors active is one way to help them feel successful. Remember that this is all for fun; therefore, it does not matter if your loved plays the game right or wrong.

  3. Bingo Bingo is a game enjoyed by everyone, especially seniors. This is an appropriate game for seniors that are not in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. Bingo is not only fun, but it is also beneficial for seniors at the cognitive level - distinguishing the colors and shapes.

  4. Computer Based Games Studies show that having seniors use the internet is beneficial to their brain function. The internet has a variety of games that seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease can play. Nintendo and Posit Science make great products that your loved one can play as well.

  5. Picture Games Picture games are a great way for seniors to reminisce. These are also the types of games that seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s can play to bring back pleasant memories of the “good times” they had before their memories began to fade. To play this game, you can print out various pictures via the internet; place the pictures on the table and take turns with everyone naming a picture for the other players to find. This will help stimulate conversations, and it can bring up old stories (memories).

  6. Memory Card Games Memory card games are a good way to help jog the memory of seniors in their early stages of Alzheimer’s. These games help seniors recollect on things and people. Memory card games also help with concentration and hand-eye coordination. Some examples of the memory games you can play with your loved ones include:• Trivial Pursuit • What’s Missing – card game

  7. Taste Testing This is a simple game that you can play at home with seniors. The point of this game is to not only have fun, but to help evoke some of the memories that your loved one has. This is not just an activity about tasting food, but it is a chance to bring your family and friends together to tell stories, have fun, and share in some laughter. Some of the foods that you could use for the tasting game are:• Chocolate• Familiar holiday treats or family recipes• Pumpkin flavored treats (You could string the pumpkin out and carve it with seniors)• Various flavors of tea• Fruit salad consisting of your loved one’s favorite fruits

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