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  1. PROTIBIA C-90 Nutritional Supplement Provides natural ingredients and nutritional solutions for animal welfare.

  2. Bioala S.A Studies developed on bioactive peptides derived from animal sources like milk, eggs, fishes. As well as plant sources such as soybeans, chickpeas, sunflower, rapeseed, lupine, and others. Within its bioactivity, the peptides could alter cell metabolism and work like hormones or neurotransmitters playing an important physiological role through hormone-receptor interactions and signaling cascades; also can make actions on the metabolism regulation (water, minerals and other nutrients) controlling excretory glands, adjusting blood pressure, improving the growth of the individual, sexual behavior, appetite and the effects of stress paths on the central nervous The functions of bioactive peptides as antihypertensive agents, antioxidants, antimicrobials, naming a few, allow their use as ingredients in the development of functional foods and thus obtain a beneficial effect for some functions of animal body, to produce an improvement in their health or reducing risk of disease.

  3. Bovines, porks, poultries, fishes, crustaceans, frogs, horses Technologic Proposal Improver of nutritional value Peptides & Proteins Bioactive Peptides Improver nutritional value Antioxidant + Peptides (hydrolisates) SOURCE: Plant Seeds Fish, cephalopods Natural antioxidantsSOURCE: Red Wine                 Grapeseed Aplication

  4. BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES:NEW HEALTH PROMOTERS • Bioala S.A.: Has developed specific fragments of a protein diet that in addition to their nutritional value have biological activity and the capacity to regulate physiological processes. • Protibia C-90: These are peptides that constitute a large number of specific biological messengers. The sequences defined of amino acids that are inactive within the protein of origin, have special properties once they are released by enzyme action.Their physiological function can be exercised by its absorptive capacity at the intestine, and transported by blood circulation, or locally in the gastrointestinal tract. In the latter case, is not necessary to be absorbed for to assume functional action, but they must resist the digestive enzymes a necessary time. Currently Foods are being considered not only as a nutrients source for maintenance and body growth but also as an important resource for physiologically active compounds known as nutraceuticals. This trend in eating patterns has generated a new development in the food and nutrition science area of multidisciplinary nature. PROTIBIA C-90

  5. Biological activity of bioactive peptides Many biologically active compounds came from marine organisms. Because they live in a more competitive and aggressive environment compared to terrestrial organisms, they need to produce molecules with potent biological activity to survive. Production methods of Bioactive Peptides : Bioactive peptides obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis are more appropriate for the pharmaceutical and food industry, because they contain low levels of wastes such as organic solvents or toxic chemicals • Solvent extraction • Microbial fermentation • Enzymatic hydrolysis • Bioala Extraction Process (patent pending)

  6. Polyphenols Technology POLYPHENOLS Seed Wine Chilean Technology

  7. Grape Polyphenols Natural Antioxidant POLYPHENOLS ACTIVES Polyphenols are potent antioxidants They are groups of compounds, present in the nature and, therefore, in the diet. Its chemical structure makes thempowerful antioxidants. Give up electrons Capacity Reaction Red Wine and Grape Seed.CHILE has large quantitiesand better quality of Polyphenolsthrough the Wine Industry. Source of Polyphenols Fuente: (PROPIEDADES ANTIOXIDANTES DEL VINO Y SUS COMPONENTES Federico Leighton , PUCC, 1997)

  8. ActionMechanism ¿How Polyphenols act? Polyphenols defends cells through control the free radicals INSIDE THE CELL: When nutrients are metabolized to generate energy. ENVIRONMENT: Pollution and Chemicals. ¿What are Free Radicals? • The free radical is an oxygen atom with seven electronsThe stable oxygen atom has 8 electrons.Becomes unstable when it loses an electron. Oxigen Atom ASKS BORROW ONE ELECTRONS TO THE CELL MEMBRANE

  9. Action Mechanism For to avoids oxidation, the Polyphenols give electrons to low density lipoproteins (LDL), which are located inside the cells and the cell membrane. By the action of free radicals, the cell membrane is damaged, and this accelerates their aging and other diseases. Oxigen Atom

  10. Pedicel Pulp Brush Skyn Hydroxybenzoic Acids Seed Anthocyanins Tannins Flavonols Tannins or procyanidins Tannins or procyanidins Wine Extract and Health Cross section of grapes Free Radicals Antioxidants Disease Health Antioxidants Parts of the grape

  11. NutritionalScheme Breeder Nutrition Peptide of new generation from vegetables and marine animals. Highly concentrated Polyphenols from chilean red wines. FEED(Nutrients) + PROTIBIA C-90 GROWTHDEFENSES DIGESTION PROCESSES (Feces / Urine / Gases) INCREASE PROTIBIA C-90 CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES AND NATURAL PREBIOTICS ENERGY STRUCTURAL AMINOACIDS METABOLIC PROCESSES

  12. Food and Nutrition FEEDING Voluntary Act NUTRITION Involuntary Act

  13. Digestive metabolic process of the traditional animal nutrition

  14. Digestive metabolic process of animal nutrition withPROTIBIA C-90 TheProtibia C-90, improves the digestibility of nutrients in the 1st Stage.

  15. What guarantee us Digestibility analysis

  16. What guarantee us Peptide Analysis

  17. What guarantee us PAC Verification

  18. PROTIBIA C-90 Concentrated extract of bioactive peptides and natural prebiotics Properties • High content of metabolizable protein, favoring the feed conversion • Benefits the metabolism and animal wellness • High digestibility and nutrient absorption: • * Low molecular weight peptides • * Low anti-nutritional factors • * Specific enzymes by size of protein substrate • Improved the performance of growth: • * Specific amino acid profile* Reduced incidence of diarrhea • Very stable product that guarantees a long and healthy life of young animals.

  19. Product Information Product for exclusive use in animal feed

  20. Extracto de vino y Salud Extracto de vino y Salud Process

  21. Presentation

  22. Extracto de vino y Salud Nutrigenomics Where are we gonig with nutrition Communitary Nutrition • DNA databases of nutrients • Molecular epidermiology • Biotechnological foods • Primary prevention feeding • Food – drug complex Knowledge Personalized Nutrition Emerging ScienceNew channels of informationUsers with more information • Molecular Nutrition • Biomarkers • Personal test kits • Internet Dietician FunctionalFoods • Nutri-pharmacology • Bioanalytic profile • Health claims General Diet Information • Geographical epidemiology • Identify and document YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW

  23. Extracto de vino y Salud Philippi 325, Valparaíso