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The Ultimate Seo Checklist PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ultimate Seo Checklist

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The Ultimate Seo Checklist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Ultimate Seo Checklist

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the ultimate seo checklist


SEO Checklist

Having a good ranking of

your business website on

various search engines is

need of the hour. The

smartest move is to follow

an integrated SEO

approach. Here is a SEO

checklist that you may go

through in order to ensure

that you're on the right path.

 General Setup

Measure the key SEO parameters

such as website traffic, revenue

& conversions using Google


Be sure to verify your website on

Google Webmaster Tools for

checking indexing status as well

as searching queries.

Create a XML sitemap &

RSS feed and submit it to

the root directory of your




Make a list of products & services you

offer and then figure out what your

customers search on google.

Use Google Keyword Planner to

get more keyword ideas for your


Eliminate highly competitive

keywords and focus only on those

that help you rank higher on search


Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Ensure that all the pages of your

website have a unique title tag

that start with a relevant


Always use short and absolute

URLs that contain the targeted


Optimize your website for google

image search results by including

relevant keywords in the alt-text of

the image while uploading.

Start guest blogging for other

well-known business websites or


Use social book marking to

improve your website's ranking

Create presentations & submit

those on SlideShare to generate

more traffic on your business


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