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The Greek Meze or mezze is an appetizer served to accompany with ouzo, tsipouro, wine, beer, etc. Meze dishes are the selection of small dishes that can be served before regular food, or can even be consumed as regular food. You can visit, for more details.

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Greek Meze – The Ultimate Alcoholic Complimentary

Meze is a selection of small dishes served to accompany

alcoholic drinks in the near East, The Balkans and

parts of Central Asia. It is often served before multi-

course meals. The Greeks have their mezes that are

known as Greek Meze

Greek Meze. Mezedes, as they are known are

small plates in Greece. These mezes are tidbits that are

offered in a variety of things since it is compulsory to

eat while drinking mezes are a popular choice for the

locales. In Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans mezes are a

part of the small dishes, hot or cold, spicy or savory.

Seafood dishes are also included as a part of the meze.

Greece being a traveler’s paradise offers its travelers a

lovely cuisine experience. Meze is popularly associated

with alcoholic drinks. Drinking alcoholic beverages has

a symposium-like and festive quality abundant at

celebrations in Greece, especially on name days,

birthdays, holidays, weddings, gatherings, graduations,

and christenings. It is recommended as the study

suggests that drinking is good for health.

Various Greek drinks with which meze puts up a

perfect combination –



It is a Greek traditional distillation product made from

the pomace of grapes (the residue of the wine press)

particularly brewed in Thessaly (Tsipouro Tyrnavou). It

is a strong distilled product containing approx. 45%

alcohol. The idea of pomace left over from the wine

making process produce a distilled spirit was passes to

viticulturists in poorer regions across the country.



This drink is a symbol of Greek culture and has many

scores of thousands of enthusiasts in Greece. Derived

from the anise-flavored version of tsipouro, modern

ouzo distillation largely took off in the beginning of the

19th century following the Greek independence fight. In

the early 1900s, ouzo producers developed a method of

distillation using copper stills that have become the

standard method of production. Traditionally mixed

with water, becoming cloudy white and served with ice

cubes in a small glass this drink is the most preferred

drink with meze. Ouzo can be also gulped in with a

straight shot glass. Served with a small plate of a

variety of appetizers called mezes, usually small fresh

fish, fries, olives and feta cheese, ouzo has a smooth yet

distinctly sweetened taste that can bring light-

headedness in only a few shots.



Wine is the national beverage of Greece and tastes best

when served with meze. Greece is one of the oldest

wine-producing nations in the world dating back some

6500 years. In ancient Greece, wine was produced in

households or communities and soon became the main

product of trading between the Mediterranean people.

The vast quantity and flavors of Greek wines make it

imperative for everyone to taste a glass of the most

favored liquor

So when we try to fit meze into beverages we do get a

variety of drinks that could be associated with Mezedes.

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