All You Should KnowAbout Men’s Thongs
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All you should know about men s thongs

All You Should KnowAbout Men’s Thongs

Men’s thong underwear might be one of the oldest men’s

underwear styles, but they’ve been always addressed as a women’s

novelty. However, it is revealing style that covers the necessary

privates leaving the rest for the show. They are available in a

variety that differs in terms of coverage, waistband and various

fabrics matching different personalities.

In the following article we will look at all the aspects of a thong

from the history, use, advantages, disadvantages, brands to the

availability and when can they be worn.


It is predicted that the thong is the successor of the loincloth which

means it is the oldest form of inner wear and is also thought to

have been worn mostly or exclusively by men. Thongs for men

have been noted to have been present inAncient Egypt and Africa

as well as Greek, Roman, and Japanese cultures. (It was the

standard uniform for sumo wrestlers, and still is.) But the designer

to really put his name to the style was Rudi Gernreich, who created

a thong in 1974.

All you should know about men s thongs


• Comfort: The regular thong wearers have made their point clear

that there is no other style so comfortable than the thongs itself.

The tiny construction of the style with a small pouch and a thin

string is more breathable than styles like men’s briefs or men’s

boxer briefs.

• Confidence: For instance, whenever you wear something that

appealing, you get the pep in the walk and very confident.

Likewise, when you have thongs under your pants, the comfort and

support make you feel confident. They are minimal, skimpy and

ride low, and when you know that there’s nothing that’s going to

show up from the pants (waistband); you seem to have the

confidence in your walk and talk.

• Enhancement: Enhancement aspect is quite clear because like

other men’s undergarment styles have profile enhancement

techniques or pouch lifting techniques; thongs by various brands

have products that are both functional as well as made only for


• Prevent the show of underwear lines: Like other skimpy or

barely-there styles; thongs prevent the line to show from tight

pants/lowers. Tiny patches of fabric save the lines to show.

• Raise your sex appeal: Very well known as a confidence booster;

thongs have the capability to enhance your sex appeal as well.

When the only option you are left with is to look sexy and raise

some eyebrows around you; this style is the best.

• Perfect tanning: The revealing structure of the style is made for

the perfect tanning purpose. So, when the idea is to get an equal tan;

own a thong.

• Freedom: With such a tiny piece of fabric on the front and

nothing on the rear; it actually feels like you’re not wearing



• Prone to infection: There is scientific reason behind thongs

All you should know about men s thongs

being more prone to infection. Until and unless this style is not

changed every day and washed properly; there are chances that you

get a bacterial or fungal infection in the penis. However, if you

change your basic clothing every day and clean your privates

properly; you can enjoy the free-feeling of the skimpy style

without any obstruction.

• Not meant for everyone: Some guys are shy and do not prefer to

adorn something that makes them feel more uncomfortable. Hence,

prefer to go for briefs or boxers. Another reason here is that out of

the numerous fabrics, sheer and mesh are a few that reveal a lot

more than expected. So, only the daring personalities can wear the

respective style.

• Butt crack irritation: The one thing that makes men avoid

wearing thongs is the thin string or strap that runs between the butt

crack. String /strap rides up and gives a stuck-up feeling back there

which leads to an uncomfortable feeling. For situations like these,

you must get the right size first and give yourself time to get used

to it. Eventually you will not find it irritating or riding up.

Every style has its advantages and disadvantages; so does thongs

for men. You must carefully pick up the right size and experience

the sexy feeling down there. Having looked at the pros and cons of

the respective apparel, let us look at the other aspects.


• Sexy and revealing: Thongs are made to reveal and hide what

should be revealed and kept hidden. Thongs and even men’s

g-strings (which have branched out of thongs) are the most

revealing styles. The construction of the skimpy apparel is made to

make you feel a lot sexier than you are.

• Head turner: The construction and design of the apparel is made

to turn heads. The sexy apparels makes your round plum butts look

plumper and rounder. Now, that is certainly one sight very few

women can resist! Whether at the beach or the bedroom; this style

is surely a head turner.

• Comfortable it is: Thongs are the most comfortable men’s

All you should know about men s thongs

apparel known for its comfort. One of the reasons is the soft and

fine fabrics incorporated then, the open design (revealing design).


Male thongs might be the oldest style of men’s undergarments but

eventually, there have been styles that branched out of the same.

They are:

• G-strings: Men’s g-strings are the skimpier version of thongs.

The only difference between both the styles is the width of fabric

that runs between the butt cheeks. The ones found in g-string is

thinner in comparison to the other.

• C-strings: Another style that is co-related to thongs is men’s

c-string underwear. With just some modifications, the apparel is

close cousin of the adventurous style. It lacks a waistband and is

self supportive apparel that sticks down there, but is only meant for

tight lowers.


Some people may think that thongs are meant only for romantic

purposes and otherwise they are just of no use. However, the

various brands that manufacture the sensuous style, designs it

uniquely for probably every situation and occasion a man

encounters. They are so comfortable that they can be worn to work,

partying, swimming, or anywhere else. Although, there are some

specific styles that are made with intricate details; they are meant

only for the romantic times.


Although there are numerous brands that design and craft thongs

but, there are some very popular for their assortment. They are:

• Good Devil: Good Devil’s range of thongs is the sexiest of them

all. The brand has mixed line of subtle and outrageous pieces, but

they are surely a must have.

• Cover Male: The Cover Male thongs are tastefully practical and

meant for the new wearers. The range of colors used by the brand

All you should know about men s thongs

goes all the way from manly to pastel shades like pink and bright


• Candyman: Candyman is famous for the fun-fashion element

and naughty factor it adds to its apparel. Thongs being one of the

best sellers are purely stylish, naughty and supportive.

• Pikante: The innovative brand Pikante has a spicy and creative

line of thongs. The use of strings and straps with innovative pouch

options is what makes the brand popular.

•Agacio: Agacio is known for its subtle and comfortable apparel

range. Basic thongs by the label are very supportive, comfortable

and manly.

These were some of the things every guy should know about their

loved basic apparel style.