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The Amazing Beauty of Glass Pipes PowerPoint Presentation
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The Amazing Beauty of Glass Pipes

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The Amazing Beauty of Glass Pipes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Check our amazing collection of eye popping custom glass Pipes and spoons. Our glass pipes usually range from 3.5 inches to 7.5 inches in length. Each glass pipe is unique and handcrafted. The glass used is either fumed with pure silver or gold to give the spoon an attractive color changing effect.

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The Amazing Beauty of Glass PipesSmokers have been using glass pipes for years and enjoy their easy to clean and smooth burning design. What is rarely talked about is the overwhelming beauty of today’s generation of pipes.The Rainbow is Not as Colorful as These PipesWhen you start checking into some of the latest designs for glass pipes you may be astounded. The range of colors interwoven into glass is phenomenal. In one magnificent piece, the Sherlock, you find a seven inch long glass pipe with spiraling bands of red, green, yellow, and light blue traveling from the mouthpiece all the way to the edge of the bowl. The colors explode off this pipe.As another example of the artistry found in these glass creations is a 3.9” long glass spoon shaped pipe with gold flumes. This particular pipe has an iridescent orange to red colors running through the interior of the glass. In many ways this curious little pipe looks like a runaway jellyfish, but is completely read to be used for smoking.Another of the intriguing looking pipes starts off with a translucent green mouthpiece with flows gradually and gently into a bright yellow in the center of the pipe. As the glass pipe stem gradually flairs out to the bowl it becomes a vibrant burst of red. These pipes are so beautiful it may give you second thoughts about filling them and lighting them for a smoke.The Glass Sculptures for SmokingIt is not just this tremendous array of colors which make the pipes so interesting. They become in a variety of amazing shapes, too. You will see the long slow curving shape of the Sherlock, which is probably the most traditional shape available. Then you will gaze upon a 3.5” glass pipe which looks shaped exactly like tiny maracas waiting to be shaken. These glass blown creations take on a myriad of shapes. Some of the designs have a large bowl at one end, while others have large bulges at both ends. Some of the glass pipes bulge in a variety of locations up and down their entire length giving them a unique appearance.


Are Glass Pipes Just for Looking Great?With all of this talk about the glass pipes looking artistic and beautiful we are overlooking their most important element. These pipes are designed to give a smooth even smoking experience. The beauty they display is really a bonus to their underlying function. The different bulges and shapes can give the smoker a variety of levels of coolness in their smoking experience. A pipe created with added open areas slows the smokes passages and allows for greater cooling. A pipe with a smooth slender body will pass the smoke quickly and maintain greater levels of heat. As you start evaluating which pipe to choose does not get caught up in choosing by beauty alone. Keep in mind your main purpose of buying glass pipes is for the best smoking experience. Choose the shape, length, and style to match your own tastes for smoking, and then choose a color option you will enjoy for years.