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Best Plastic surgery clinic in Korea

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Best Plastic surgery clinic in Korea

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  1. People those who have wide Eyes, Angry Eyes, Sad Eyes, Oriental Eyes with thin and thick skin, Asymmetric Eyes ,Small eyes ,Dark Circles and sleepy Eyes are don’t worry about that. It can be rectify by treatment without pain. Suil Bldg. 3rd floor 2-15 Nonhyeon-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul Contact No : +82-70-8827-1900

  2. The Advantages of Double eyelid surgery are minimum damage and naturally shaped. The surgery time will take only 30 minutes by giving partial anesthesia method. After 5-7 days the suture removal process will occurs and another 3-4 days the swelling will subside to normally.

  3. Medial –Epicanthoplaty(nose side-opening operation) will eliminate the Mongolian line which makes eyes looks elegant and natural looking. Lateral Canthoplasty(rear side-opening operation) will be done quickly and the surgery will suits to angry and sad eyes.

  4. Eye corrective operation is most suitable operation for blepharoptosis. Those who have wrinkle problem they can go with this surgery.

  5. For those who looking like older and aged eyes will prefer Sub-Brow Excision Eyelid Surgery. And the surgery time will take 1 – 11/2 hours time by monitored anesthesia. After 7 day the thread will be remove and return to routine work.

  6. Under-eye fat and wrinkles plastic surgery has more benefits like no scars, free surface and long lasting effect.

  7. Reconstruction of Double Eyelid surgery will be done by professional surgeons only. Because once we did that double eye lid surgery and results are good only means we will go to Reconstruction of Double Eyelid surgery so some are the indications are performed by Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul. Real Stories in Pitangui Medical and Beauty Center

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