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4 Quick Ways to Master the Art of CEO Office Design | Newton InEx PowerPoint Presentation
4 Quick Ways to Master the Art of CEO Office Design | Newton InEx

4 Quick Ways to Master the Art of CEO Office Design | Newton InEx

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  1. The Space • CEO’s office isn’t just an office; it’s a place to hold business calls, client meetings, and sometimes interviews. Plan the space in such a way so that it reflects a mix of all these attributes. For this, divide the space into different zones for each purpose; one for CEO’s desk, one for client meetings, and so on so forth. Remember, the design should be minimal and the office should create an atmosphere of camaraderie with a hospitable gesture.

  2. Personalization • It’s always important to incorporate the CEO’s personal work preferences, likes & dislikes. Talk to the CEO to know what image he wants to portray in front of clients and partners; what personal attribute he/she likes to bring to the space. It’s important to design a space following the latest trends but it is equally essential to give it a personal touch.

  3. Branding • The office should reflect the company’s values, vision and mission. The space should be designed in a way which should serve as an architectural ambassador of the brand. To achieve this, one should aim to incorporate company’s logo, color scheme, work culture, values, vision and mission.

  4. Ergonomics • Office interiors and furnishings translate to the suitability of a workplace to its employees. Productive office designs form the difference between a beautiful design and a perfect design. Newton InExsays that CEO’S Office being the most important office, should be designed in a way so as to take proper account of the interaction between them and the people who use them. This will elevate habitat energies and enhance the overall space efficiency and productivity.

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