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Perfect occasions to gift flowers



fect Oc


casions t

s to Gif

o Gift Flo

t Flowers


The purity, charm, fragrance and divine beauty makes flowers a perfect gift for all occasions. Be it

?arriage a??i?ersary, death a??i?ersary, ?irthdays, ?eddi?gs, e?gage?e?t parties, Vale?ti?e’s day,

Mother’s Day, Tea?her’s Day or Father’s Day flo?ers as gifts are gladly a??epted ?y all.

Send flowers in Delhi to your parents on the occasion of their marriage anniversary to show how much

you love and care for them. A perfectly chosen gift tells a lot that words fail to express. Buy online

flowers ( ) from e-commerce sites like GiftaLove. Such online

shops associate with a commendable network of florists all over India including Delhi florist.

Flowers are superb gifts for all occasions and some of the popular ones are listed below:

Birthday: No gifts can be compared to the splendour and beauty of flowers. Gifting a birth month flower

is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you. Moreover, roses come in varying hues

that signify emotions. For instance, red roses signify love, white roses symbolize youthfulness and purity,

and pink roses symbolize gratitude; the yellow ones represent friendship and orange roses express

desire. Choose the colour that represents your emotion.

Anniversary: People appreciate flowers a lot on the auspicious occasion of marriage anniversary.

Flowers can be gifted according to the year of anniversary. For example, carnations are the flowers for

first anniversary, cosmos for the second, sunflower for the third, geranium for the fourth, daisy for the

fifth and so on. Iris is given for the 25th marriage anniversary, lily for the 30th, gladiolus for the 40th and

violets and yellow roses for the 50th.

Perfect occasions to gift flowers

Mothers’ Day: The best way by far to express the love with flowers for your mother can be done with a

bunch of carnation or handpicked red rose bouquet.

Graduation Day: Right from the play school to middle school up to graduation, flowers play a vital role

in all kinds of celebration. Compliment your dear nephew with the right type of flower on his Graduation


Promotion at Work: Congratulate your office colleagues, friends or relatives with a bunch of yellow

roses for his job promotion.

Speedy Recovery: Nothing can be more apt than a bunch of bright peppy yellow sunflowers to cheer up

and wish your dear one speedy recovery from illness.

Condolences: White roses are the best funeral flowers as they signify purity. Sympathize with your dear

ones and express your grief with a bunch of white roses. Give them the courage to bear with the pain of

losing their dear ones. is a popular and esteemed online gifting store that offers a wide collection of gifts ranging

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so on. The store partners with eminent logistics providers that also facilitate express delivery service

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dispatch to any part of the world.

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in Delhi