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Steps To Install A Garage Door Opener

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Steps To Install A Garage Door Opener - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you tired of opening a garage door by your hand when every time you need to get out your car and open the door? Read more.

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Are you tired of opening a garage door by your hand when every time you need to get out your car and

open the door? You can install a door opener at your garage all by yourself instead of opening it by your

own, but it involves major risk when you do it all by yourself. Garage door installation Pittsburgh can be

done in a couple of hours and garage door opener can be installed easily and opening and closing of

doors can be quick and easier by making use of commercial garage door service Pittsburgh. Following

are the procedures by which garage door opener can be installed:

Preparation of Installation of Garage Opener

See the type of garage doors that you have. Most of the designs have multiple sections that go with the

opener. Older types like solid piece can be required before you need an opener. Choose a garage door

opener that you want which either can be belt driven or chain driven. Prepare the garage door for the

installation of the opener. You need to make sure that garage doors are well lubricated and operated

efficiently. Remove all the kinds of locks present in garage door opener so that you do not damage the

opener mistakenly.

Installation of Garage Door Opener

Arrange all the parts that the Pittsburgh commercial garage door has. You need to make sure that the

parts that are mentioned in the list are all there. Start by putting the main assembly together. The

opener comes with instructions so you need to follow them properly so as to begin the assembly. Put

the rail together and attach all the parts that go together. You are required to slide the carriage over the

trail by which opener moves along the rail that pulls the door of the garage open. This should be

positioned far from the garage door. Next, the blocking on the ceiling is installed if it is not present

there. Fix the bracket that comes with the opener and distance of the garage door from top should be

specific in the instructions manual. Fix the bracket opener with the wall over the door and insert it to the

end of assembly. Attach to the bracket on the garage door.

Installation of additional features

Fix the safety rope to the emergency release. Garage door openers have a manual cord for

disconnect that can be adjusted from the floor only as its height is 6 feet.

Insert a light bulb in the socket in the compartment of garage door opener. The wattage of light bulb

should be appropriate because it should withstand the rough service that it can withstand.

Installation of the electric eye safety must be installed with garage door opener. This can be

required as the reflector on the opposite side of the door. You need to follow the instructions that

are given with the opener.

Test the garage door that can ensure that opener is working effectively and it must not be loose that

can cause accidents later.




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