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The Business Case for Web Accessibility

The Business Case for Web Accessibility. Trainer’s Name Trainer’s Title. Phone Number Email/Web Address. ADA Trainer Network Module 7g. Disclaimer.

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The Business Case for Web Accessibility

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  1. The Business Case for Web Accessibility Trainer’s Name Trainer’s Title Phone Number Email/Web Address ADA Trainer Network Module 7g

  2. Disclaimer Information, materials, and/or technical assistance are intended solely as informal guidance, and are neither a determination of your legal rights or responsibilities under the ADA, nor binding on any agency with enforcement responsibility under the ADA. The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center is authorized by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) to provide information, materials, and technical assistance to individuals and entities that are covered by the ADA. The contents of this document were developed under a grant from the Department of Education, NIDRR grant number H133 A110020. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

  3. Why Make Your Web Pages Accessible? • Who does your audience consist of? • Students (current and prospective) • Faculty • Staff • Alumni • Parents • Community • World EVERYONE

  4. Why Make Your Web Pages Accessible? • Who does your audience consist of? • Consumers • Contractors • Investors • Employees • Management • Community • World EVERYONE

  5. Who Benefits? • All users • Especially • People with disabilities • Aging population

  6. Disability and Your Market Segment • Disability occurs in about 20% of the population • The number will vary according to specific age group • Remember, your website often reaches markets beyond your specific target market

  7. In 2010, the majority of the US population will be 45 years and older Our Aging Population Brian Basset, Cartoonist and creator of syndicated cartoon Adam@Home

  8. Prevalence Rates of Disability StatsRRTC, 2006

  9. The Case for Plain Language:Literacy Rates • 48% of the U.S. population has low literacy for a variety of reasons • 30% of web users have low literacy • Difficulty with basic reading and language skills are the most common LD. 80% of people with LD have trouble with reading NCES, 2003; Nielson, 2005; & LD Online, 2011

  10. Business Benefits • Increased market share and audience reach • Cost savings or an opportunity to profit! • Improved accessibility = improved usability • Making your site more usable for ALL people • Improved search engine ranking • Repurpose for multiple formats or devices • Faster access for low-bandwidth users W3C,2010

  11. Business Benefits • Improved efficiency in operational processes and technical operations • Reduced site maintenance costs • Content for multiple devices • May reduce server load W3C,2010

  12. Business Benefits • Demonstrate social responsibility • Reduce legal liability • Carryover benefits of universal design W3C,2010

  13. Survey of HR Representatives:Use of the Web Bruyére, Erickson, & Schramm,2003

  14. Study of E-Recruiting Web Sites • Evaluated job searching, resume submittal and online application for accessibility *Based on Rehabilitation Act, Section 508 Standards for Web Accessibility Bruyére, Erickson, & Schramm,2003

  15. % of Colleges Offering Online Services Online Classes 93.7 Class Schedule 94.8 Course Catalog 52.4 Bursar Billing 68.9 Course Registration 81 Financial Aid 87.4 Admissions Application 86.7 Erickson, 2002 0 20 40 60 80 100

  16. Community CollegeStudent Recruiting • Evaluated 30 Community College websites • Home page • Disability services page • Online admissions application • Link to Federal Financial Aid application • Class schedule • <1% of sampled web pages met Section 508 standards Erickson, 2002

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