Nws jax fl mesonet and other technologies related to seacoos
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NWS JAX…FL Mesonet and other Technologies related to SEACOOS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NWS JAX…FL Mesonet and other Technologies related to SEACOOS. …SEACOOS Spring Workshop… May 2003 Pat Welsh, WFO Jacksonville. Overview. FL Mesonet and Data Projects NOAA CSI - Associated Projects JAX: WRF Model Status A look to the future. Florida Mesonet Data Projects.

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Nws jax fl mesonet and other technologies related to seacoos l.jpg

NWS JAX…FL Mesonet and other Technologies related to SEACOOS

…SEACOOS Spring Workshop…

May 2003

Pat Welsh, WFO Jacksonville

Overview l.jpg
Overview SEACOOS

  • FL Mesonet and Data Projects

  • NOAA CSI - Associated Projects

  • JAX: WRF Model Status

  • A look to the future


Florida mesonet data projects l.jpg
Florida Mesonet Data Projects SEACOOS

  • FAWN (UF/NWS)…21 sites (+ 11 in 2003)

    • FAWN since 1998 data now in AWIPS and LAPS analysis (NOAA FSL)

    • First “non-typical data” in AWIPS…all Florida offices.

  • COMET Project (UNF/NWS)…6 “wireless” sites

    • “Wireless JAVA/JINI Internet” sites in Duval County area

  • FDOT GPS Project (DOT/FSL/NWS)…50 sites

  • FDOT RWIS (UNF/FSU)…15 sites (June 2003)

    • Along North Florida Interstates at FDOT microwave towers

    • Research for “Intelligent Transportation System”

  • HPCC Project (NWS/UNF)…4 sites, GTMNERR

  • iFlorida (UNF/DOT) …Recently Funded (2004?)


Why did i do this l.jpg
Why did I do this… SEACOOS

  • Ex-oceanographer at an NWS Coastal Office

  • No offshore data in 150 miles of coast

  • Marine Forecasts ???


Slide5 l.jpg

mesonet.ppt SEACOOS

Dot fsl gps ipwv a new forecaster analysis tool l.jpg
DOT/FSL GPS-IPWV SEACOOS…a new forecaster analysis tool

High Resolution water

Vapor measurement from

Dual-frequency GPS error

9 sites in North FL now


Noaa csi 9 projects l.jpg

Shallow Bathymetry SEACOOS

Estuarine Modeling

Coastal Buoys

Ecological Forecasting

Data Integration

Coupled Modeling

Risk Assessment

Local Outreach

Data Standards/Store

Coupled Model only NWS Project

NEW Buoy off

St. Augustine



History of north florida mesoscale atmospheric modeling l.jpg
History of North Florida SEACOOSMesoscale atmospheric modeling

  • 1995-7 MM5 @ FSU JASBEX, CAPE studies FSU CRAY…(modeling sea breeze)

  • 1998 - USAF MM5 Florida Sector (fires) ~12 km

  • 2000 - NWS JAX Workstation ETA (beta) 10 km

  • 2002- MIA, JAX, MLB, TBW, TLH Modeling

  • 2003- JAX CSI WRF Model , MLB ARPS/ADAS

    on Linux clusters…in progress.


Csi mesoscale modeling 2003 wrf with laps assimilation 5 km l.jpg

Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) Model SEACOOS

Local Data- FSL LAPS added to assimilate:

WSR-88D winds

Local Surface Data (Mesonet)

Satellite clouds


How good is it?

Model Grid selection

Smaller domain than ETA

Non-Hydrostatic (CHAOS?)

Running it…

Timing for forecast use

Reliability of NCEP LBC

Verification Effort

Standard Statistics 

Feature Based 

Wind to drive CSI Estuary Model of St. John’s River

CSI Mesoscale Modeling 2003WRF with LAPS assimilation (5 km)


Csi domain 145x145x41 @ 5km l.jpg
CSI Domain 145x145x41 @ 5km SEACOOS


Hi rez land use

Hi rez land mask

Lakes & Rivers

4th Order Error

Mass Conserving

Better Air-Sea (?)


Csi for hardware buffs l.jpg


Master and 8 nodes

Dual AMD 2000

2 Gig RAM/node

Red Hat 7.2

Gigabit Ethernet


Csi wrf on linux cluster l.jpg
CSI WRF on Linux cluster SEACOOS

  • Communications - BIG BANDWIDTH

    • Improved bandwidth JAX & SRH ~512KB

    • huge output files ~ 450 mb/run

    • Total data/model I/O ~ 3 Gig/day

  • Required paths for LAPS/WRF output

    • LAPS Cluster bigfile to AWIPS (netCDF)

    • WRF Grib “thinned” and passed to LDAD then AWIPS will create netCDF file


Quantifying csi wrf model l.jpg
Quantifying CSI WRF Model SEACOOS

  • Primarily verification of 06Z run

    • Match to NCEP 06Z Eta and output times (00Z init)

    • Null (late) run to evaluate local data assimilation impact

  • Help from FSU and FSL

    • FSU M.S. student will do verification under Dr. Paul Ruscher

      • Comparative Local Data, NCEP and “Cold” runs

      • Standard model statistics (poor on the mesoscale)

      • Newer “feature-based” verification

      • Daily statistics with FSL and ~ 5 cases

    • June 01 Freeze and IOP for 60 DAYS… Cases?


Slide15 l.jpg

The Future… SEACOOS Graphical Forecasts

  • WRF Model Forecasts

    • Thin down ~ 150 mb

    • Scale -5 km match GFE

    • Interval - 3 hourly(?)

    • Grids into AWIPS

  • Share huge grids…HOW?


    • LAPS Analysis (not?)

  • GIS/PNG files to EMs


Our hopes for 2003 l.jpg
Our hopes for 2003… SEACOOS

  • Shared data and models in Florida offices

    • Bandwidth limitations are severe

  • Data, Analyses and Models…ALL…in AWIPS

  • LAPS and ADAS Data assimilation success

    • Radar radial winds (Single or Multiple?)

    • Mesonet data (FL Mesonet and Cape?)

    • GPS-IPWV and ACARS

    • Satellite…Cloud and SST…developed locally (?)

  • Quantify success!


Slide17 l.jpg

Questions SEACOOS?