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NDTAC WEBINAR. ILLINOIS YOUTH CENTER HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS. ILLINOIS YOUTH CENTER-HARRISBURG. The Illinois Youth Center—Harrisburg (IYC) is one of eight juvenile facilities operated by the Illinois Department of Corrections. Population Males: Ages 13-21 years

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ndtac webinar




illinois youth center harrisburg
  • The Illinois Youth Center—Harrisburg (IYC) is one of eight juvenile facilities operated by the Illinois Department of Corrections.
  • Population
    • Males: Ages 13-21 years
    • Adjudicated from all over the state
    • Crimes range from retail theft to murder
    • Average population is approximately 370
    • Average length of stay is 11 months
illinois youth center harrisburg3
    • The Illinois Department of Corrections has its own school district: School District 428
    • We are a Illinois State Board of Education certified high school
      • General Education (elementary through twelfth grade)
      • Special Education (40%-50% of the population)
      • Schoolwide Title I
      • GED prep and testing (96.5% success rate)
      • Vocational
      • College Technical/Southeastern Illinois College
pbis implementation timeline for iyc first year 2001 pre implementation
PBIS Implementation Timeline for IYCFirst Year (2001) Pre Implementation
  • Secure permission from School District and facility administration
  • Data collection system established, begin baseline data collection
  • Present PBIS concepts and practices to all staff (Big Picture)
  • Establish PBIS Team at IYC-Harrisburg
  • PBIS Team develops school wide PBIS program
  • PBIS Team presents ideas for systems and practices to school staff
  • Get commitment from at least 80 per cent of school staff
  • School staff endorses PBIS as one of their top three school improvement goals
  • Train staff in principles of PBIS and school wide practices
pbis implementation timeline for iyc first year with students
PBIS Implementation Timeline for IYC First Year with Students
  • Introduce concepts and behavioral expectations to students
  • Implement PBIS school wide
  • Gather data and analyze
  • Implement Targeted and Specialized interventions
  • Establish a routine for integrating new students into the program and to refresh the memory of all students.
pbis implementation timeline for iyc second and following years
PBIS Implementation Timeline for IYCSecond and Following Years
  • Continuously analyze data, improve data collection, assess accuracy of implementation
  • Assess effectiveness of program, make improvements, changes
  • Continue staff development and staff involvement
what does it take to do pbis
What Does It Take to Do PBIS?
  • Team / Resources
    • People: Staff must be committed
    • Equipment: Very little…computers for data collection…printers…AV system
    • Locations: Throughout the school areas at Harrisburg
    • Support: From the facility administrators, the school district, and the PBIS network
the basics
  • Respect Self:
    • Make decisions that will keep you safe
    • Treat your self in a respectable manner
  • Respect Others:
    • Treat others how you would like to be treated
    • Agree to disagree
  • Respect Property:
    • Use property in an appropriate manner
    • When finished, return items to the proper place

Universal Interventions

all settings, all students preventive, proactive

School-Wide Systems and Practices

  • Teams: Teachers, Staff, and Students
  • Orientation of Youth
  • Reinforcement System
  • Social Skill Lessons
  • Discipline Policy
  • Professional Development
reward system positive reinforcement
Reward System – Positive Reinforcement
  • We try to pair extrinsic and intrinsic rewards (praise and “ice cubes”)
  • Our rewards are determined by what is acceptable in a secure environment
    • Folders, stationary, candy, food items, pictures and greeting cards for sending home, time with Game Boys, etc.
    • Activities such as movies, sports tournaments, time with adults

How Do We Target Youth?

  • Review of Data
  • Informal meetings with teachers
  • Grade Card Behavior Reports
  • Behavior Reports
secondary interventions
  • Pre-Correction
  • Check-Ins
  • Mentoring
  • Student-Teacher Mediations
  • Journaling
  • Additional Social Skills Lessons

Targeted Group Interventions

Some students (at-risk)

High efficiency

Rapid response

tertiary interventions
  • Check-In with a Teacher
  • One-on-One
  • Wrap-Around: Utilize the ‘Community’
  • Involve School Psychologists
  • Confinement/Segregation
  • Behavior Intervention Program

Targeted Group Interventions

Some students (at-risk)

High efficiency

Rapid response

what next for pbis at iyc harrisburg
  • Work on our team building skills
  • Really fine-tune the social skills lessons
  • Bring positive behavior supports practices to other departments
  • Include new concepts such as Balanced and Restorative Justice and Transforming the Difficult Child in our overall program.