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IT Managers

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IT Managers March 3, 2010 IT Managers PLEASE Set your phones/pagers to Silent Mode Agenda IT Updates IT Managers Board Elections in April Data Access - Kevin Taylor VMWare workshop - Jon - Mindy Feb. ITC report - Damien Hanks February 11, 2010 ITC Update

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it managers

IT Managers

March 3, 2010

it managers2

IT Managers


Set your phones/pagers to

Silent Mode


IT Updates

IT Managers Board Elections in April

Data Access - Kevin Taylor

VMWare workshop - Jon - Mindy

Feb. ITC report - Damien Hanks

february 11 2010 itc update
February 11, 2010 ITC Update

E-Mail for Official Employee Communications

In February 2008 ITC established that email can be used as an official means of communication

February 2010 ITC approved the formation of a working group to facilitate adopting email as the official means of communication

This group will explore issues related to email delivery, privacy and access. Recommendations to be made to ITC on how to proceed

Data Classification Rule

ITC approved a proposal to adopt a new data classification scheme:

Restricted Data

Sensitive Data

Public Data

New scheme will enable the Information Security and Privacy Office will be better able to write new policies and rules based on a clear data classification

There is an example Classification Rule on page 24 of the ITC meeting materials (

itc update cont
ITC Update, Cont…

Password Procedures

Current password length and complexity requirements:

Passwords must be changed every 180 days.

Passwords must be at least 8 characters. The first 8 characters of a password must not be the same as the first 8 characters of your previous 6 passwords.

Passwords may not contain quotes (", ' ) or backslash (\, /) characters, repeated or reversed patterns, and personal information (such as SSN and license plate number).

For systems with “restricted” or “sensitive” data, additional complexity requirements:

uppercase letter,

lowercase letter,

a number,

a special character (e.g., !@#$%^&*).

Upon implementation, a password strength indicator will be added to the CIS password page to help users understand their password strength.

vmware vdi workshop
VMware VDI Workshop

When: Thursday, March 18, 2010 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Where: Dumke Conference room in EBC

What: VMware VDI - View 4

Introduction to View 4

Future Directions

Case Study/Implementation

agenda part 2
Agenda (part 2)

Did U Know? - NextG Project- Syndi Haywood

IT Highlight – IMS

ISO – David Feyler

Backup solutions – Discussion


David Feyler

backup solutions
Backup Solutions

Jeff Folsom – Marriott Library - BackupPC

Nelson Beebe – Mathematics - AMANDA

Brett Tarbox – UIT/ITS - Symantec

Eric Eberle – Geoscience - Backup Exec 12.5 with Desktop and Laptop Options

Richard Glaser – Marriott Library - BRU - Backup Bouncer

Jon Ross – Business - Tivoli Storage Manager

Irvin Allen – CHPC - Arkeia Network Backup

Will Aoki – UMNH - AMANDA

it managers11

IT Managers

March 3, 2010