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FLC Website — Part 1

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FLC Website — Part 1 Brent Jacobs November 14, 2006 FLC Website Statement of Issue Faith currently has an excellent website, but it needs a thorough review and possibly redesign to ensure that we are maximizing its potential.

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FLC Website — Part 1

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flc website part 1
FLC Website — Part 1

Brent Jacobs

November 14, 2006

flc website
FLC Website

Statement of Issue

Faith currently has an excellent website, but it needs a thorough review and possibly redesign to ensure that we are maximizing its potential.

Comment: As with Faith Alive, it looks like a small church website, but needs to look like the large church that we are.

initial activities march july 2006
Initial Activities: (March-July 2006)
  • Brainstorm what should really be on the site (March – July 2006)
    • Information for Potential / New Members
    • Basic Schedule info (service times, brief explanation, etc)
    • Information about Faith Lutheran church
      • Activities
      • Programs
      • History
initial activities march july 20064
Initial Activities: (March-July 2006)
  • Brainstorm continued
    • Information about LCMC
    • Information about what it means to be Lutheran
      • Theology
      • Principles
      • Guidelines
        • Offering
        • Norms
        • Etc.
    • Other
initial activities march july 20065
Initial Activities: (March-July 2006)
  • Dream what could be there if possible
    • Current Weekly activity schedule
    • Other
  • Review other sites out there
    • Attractions
    • Distractions
    • Negatives
benchmark websites
Benchmark Websites
  • Benchmark with other web sites – how do we compare
  • Community of Joy, Glendale, AZ


  • Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA


flc website7
FLC Website
  • Formulate initial plan for changes/improvements (August 2006)
    • Gather suggestions from council and members
    • See what is possible. Work with
      • Keith Bauer – internet possibilities and limitations
      • Church staff – capabilities, commitments, etc.
  • Formulate final plan and present to council for review and approval (January 2007)
  • More than just a photo album
  • God-ly, not “Gaudy”
  • Attract goats without repelling sheep
  • Useful content to
    • Attract
    • Inform
    • Guide
    • Encourage
flc website9
FLC Website
  • Need a section to respond to current events, and educate
    • i.e. DaVinci Code
    • etc.
flc website10
FLC Website
  • Define/ Explore How a website is
    • Designed
    • Launched
    • Loaded
    • Updated
    • Changed
    • Managed
    • Protected
    • Etc.
website want list for new folks
Website Want List for New Folks
  • Welcome / invitation
    • New worshipper sign-up / interest / contact link.
  • Church
    • Address
    • Phone
    • worship hours and styles
  • Congregation characteristics
    • Size
    • How many kids, middle age, families, elderly
    • Demographics
    • Attendance
website want list for new folks12
Website Want List for New Folks
  • Pastor list / pictures
  • Staff list / pictures
  • List of groups / activities
    • Description
    • Point of contact
    • Pictures, etc.
  • Answer question “Why go to church?”
    • i.e. Why IN church, not just “belief”, or “spirituality”,
    • Provide discussion regarding “I’m spiritual, but not religious”
    • Link to David's sermon:  Why go to church? 
website want list for active folks
Website Want List for Active Folks
  • Weekly activities and contacts
    • i.e. Choir sign-up / interest / contact director link.
  • Announcements from each Sunday
  • Sermons
    • Last 4 (?)
    • Series
    • Selectable / Requestable
      • By Date
      • By Subject / Title
      • By Pastor
  • Upcoming events and points of contact
    • Online listing
    • Weekly e-mail “This Week At Faith……”
    • Subscribe / unsubscribe online
website want list for all
Website Want List for All
  • Foundation
    • Explanation of Lutheranism
      • With links
    • Explanation of LCMC
      • With links
website want list for all15
Website Want List for All
  • Foundation
    • Foundational
      • Discussions
        • Sacraments – overview and discussion
      • Checklists
      • Review lists, etc
      • Stewardship
        • Background
        • Summary
        • Guidelines
        • Financial status (??)
website want list for all16
Website Want List for All
  • Growth
    • Verse of the day
    • Devotions each day
    • discussions
  • Services:
    • Weddings
    • Baptisms
    • Funerals
    • Other
website want list for all17
Website Want List for All
  • Programs
    • Kids activities, schedule of when kids get involved in
      • confirmation studies,
      • communion,
      • etc. 
    • Lets get away from "word of mouth" communication
website want list for all18
Website Want List for All
  • Input page for
    • Comments
    • Suggestions
  • Business stuff
    • Shopping links, etc.
care and feeding
Care and Feeding
  • How will the website be managed?
    • Hands-off?
    • Periodic volunteer modification?
    • Periodic church staff modifications?
    • Periodic professional modification?
    • Extensive professional service?
    • Regular office staff activity?
    • Combination of periodic professional, staff and regular volunteer inputs?
    • Other?
care and feeding20
Care and Feeding
  • What resources are available / desired for professional maintenance?
  • What resources are necessary for volunteer input??
    • Training?
    • Level of knowledge?
    • Equipment?
care and feeding21
Care and Feeding
  • What resources are available for regular input/maintenance?
    • Office staff?
    • Volunteer?
    • Professional?
need for media staff member
Need for Media Staff Member
  • Delayed webcast of a service (9:30??) requires someone to tape and upload to website shortly after service is concluded
  • As sanctuary projector becomes integrated into services, someone needs to be in charge of operation and coordination
  • Website needs to be continuously updated (at least Monday – Friday)
  • Could a new half-time staff person do this
need for a professional website designer
Need for a Professional Website Designer
  • The needed changes to the website require a professional level of expertise or at least a professional consultant to work with volunteers
  • Time and cost estimates
  • Schedule for making changes
  • Is website OK for now?
  • Does it need to be spruced up? How much?
  • General re-organization to enhance usefulness
  • More info,
  • More useful information
  • Special graphics and animation?
  • Sound files
  • Video files
  • Security features?
  • Links / cooperative arrangements with other websites / services?
  • What is Faith Lutheran Church's visibility to those searching the web??
    • Lutheran churches Albuquerque
    • Churches Albuquerque
    • Congregations, Albuquerque
    • LCMC Albuquerque
    • Weddings Albuquerque
    • Funerals Albuquerque
    • Youth groups – Church – Albuquerque
    • Churches New Mexico
    • Lutheran Churches New Mexico
  • How can visibility be enhanced / improved??
    • Need input from Keith Bauer here
  • What appeal priorities do we want to have?? (Who do we want to reach, and how???)
    • Need input from council, pastors……
  • What’s missing???
    • Bulletin Board?
    • Need inputs
  • What shouldn’t be on the website??
    • Commercial content?
    • Rants?
    • Need inputs
original website questions
Original Website Questions
  • The FLC website is basically a one-person operation (many thanks to Keith Bauer) – we also have a youth website – Jeremy Rodriquez
  • What is the purpose of the website
  • Website content – need a thorough review by all members of the Council to determine completeness and identify areas for improvement
  • Solicit suggestions from membership (survey)
  • What percent of our members can access it (see survey results)
  • Traffic statistics – who is using it
  • Can it be found by search engines?
original website questions31
Original Website Questions
  • Add Council member pictures and emails addresses (?) we can use a church email address for each councilor to protect individual private addresses – reflecting capability of server will forward message
  • “Meet Our Staff” provides a great example of how a Council page could be constructed – staff could tell us how much “junk” email they get if that is a concern
  • Move toward a “delayed” webcast of one or more church services
  • Youth website
  • Staffing – does Keith need help and, if so, how do we go about supplying it
original website questions32
Original Website Questions
  • Benchmark with other web sites – how do we compare
    • Community of Joy, Glendale, AZ


    • Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA


  • Overall design of FLC website – do we need to make some changes – many areas lack design appeal
  • Sermons and FA on website, what else is needed
  • Amazon.com and other links on church website – source of income for youth or other projects
original website questions33
Original Website Questions
  • Need to allow plenty of lead in time as some changes will take time to effect – start early
  • A redesign will require expertise in this area – could utilize volunteers to assist Keith or to just do the work themselves