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Alternatives in education: the role of information supply. Jan van der Valk eurca / NCA (j.b.f.vanderValk@vet.uu.nl). Attitude. The successful implementation of the Three Rs heavily depends upon the education and training of those persons involved in research and testing.

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Jan van der valk eurca nca j b f vandervalk@vet uu nl l.jpg

Alternatives in education:

the role of information supply

Jan van der Valkeurca / NCA


Attitude l.jpg

The successful implementation of the Three Rs heavily depends upon the education and training of those persons involved in research and testing.

The Three Rs: The Way Forward

The Report and Recommendations ofECVAM Workshop 11

ATLA23, 838-866.

Motives to develop and use three rs models in education l.jpg
Motives to develop and use Three Rs models in education

  • Didactics – pedagogical

  • Economics

  • Law - regulations

  • Ethics – attitude (education)

Attitude directed by l.jpg
Attitude directed by:

  • Intrinsic value

  • Respect for animals

  • 3Rs –




Attitude building l.jpg
Attitude building

  • Course on laboratory science

  • Ethical introduction to animal labs

  • Use of alternatives, where possible

Article 25 l.jpg
Article 25

  • Procedures referred to in paragraph 1 of this article shall be restricted to thoseabsolutely necessaryfor the purpose of the education or training concerned and be permitted only if their objectivecannot be achieved by comparably effective audio-visual or any other suitable methods.


Slide7 l.jpg

Source of alternatives - 1

  • other teachers;

  • from students who choose not to participate in animal experiments, and who find their own alternative exercises;

  • by developing alternatives themselves, either alone or with others within their institutions;

  • through conferences and trade fairs;

Slide8 l.jpg

Source of alternatives - 2

  • through educational material marketing resources;

  • from outreach tours e.g., InterNICHE, EURCA, and publications;

  • through loan programs from various institutions and organisations (InterNICHE);

  • from databases, e.g., NORINA, AVAR, EURCA.

Slide9 l.jpg



Matches Found:38

2 Terms: dissection, frog

AVAR's Alternatives in Education Database


Matches Found:169

2 Terms: dissection, frog

Norina information l.jpg
NORINA information

Acupuncture Points of the Equine, Part IRecord number: 5550Category: MedicineType: DVD and Video FilmDescription: The author of this videofilm …….Comments & References:  Item number 273.   Running time, Part I: 30 minutes. English language. Available in ………Price: Library in Oslo: Free of charge; Redwing:Part I & II: US$25.00;

Version: 1999Author: Judith M. ShoemakerSuppliers: Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, The Library

Avar information l.jpg
AVAR information

Title: Alternatives to Dissection Packet

Medium: information

Discipline: anatomy, dissection

Species: amphibian, bird, cat, dog, frog, mink, mouse, Educational level: high school (secondary school),

Cost (US default):

Source: National Association for Humane and …..


URL: http://www.nahee.org/publications.htm



Updated: 3/15/2000

Workshop conclusion 7 l.jpg
Workshop conclusion 7

  • Factors contributing to limited use of alternatives:

  • lack of evaluated alternatives

  • lack of interest from teachers

  • resistance to change

  • lack of multiple-language versions

  • lack of information

Slide14 l.jpg

Workshop recomm. 8

Databases should contain more comprehensive information:

  • - contact details

  • - target audience

  • -independent evaluation of the material

  • - description

  • - advice on use

  • - availability

Slide15 l.jpg


european resource centre foralternatives in higher education

Eur ca l.jpg

Project managers

Dr. David DewhurstDirector of Learning Technology – Univ. of Edinburgh

Dr. Jan van der ValkNCA – Fac. Vet. Med. – Utrecht Univ.

Slide17 l.jpg



Establishing a collection of alternatives and making these available to teachers (and students)

Eur ca nl l.jpg

A collection of alternative methods is established.

Collect, describe, categorise and demonstrate alternatives

Slide19 l.jpg


  • Collecting alternatives

  • Collecting descriptions

  • Collecting reviews

  • Collecting comments on models (lecturers, students)

  • Demonstrating models

Eur ca nl and uk l.jpg
eurcaNl and UK

  • Taking the resource centre to relevant scientific meetings where it would function as a drop-in advice centre for teachers.

Eur ca uk l.jpg

Maintaining an Internet website with:

  • an expanded information database on alternatives,

  • demonstration versions of alternatives,

  • evaluations,

  • links to users.


Eur ca22 l.jpg

Anaesthesia – 9

Anatomy – 11

Animal behaviour – 7

Biochemistry – 5

Dissection – 10

Experim. design – 2

Laboratory An. Sc.- 16

Pharmacology – 26

Physiology – 24

Surgery - 9

Eurca information l.jpg
eurca information

  • Resource Type:

  • Language: Description:

  • Target Group:

  • List of Contents:

  • Learning Objectives:

  • Replaces Animal Experiment:

  • Notes on teaching use:

  • Preparation Time:

  • Demo Available:

  • Further Information:

  • Norina Reference: InterNICHE Loan Item:

  • Listed In Alternatives databases:

  • Purchasing Info: Supplier: Price: Full ordering information

Review l.jpg

  • Summary

  • Comparison to wetlab

  • Practical use

  • Contribution to 3Rs

  • Applicability

  • Visual appearance

  • Provider service

Slide25 l.jpg

Who are going to use EURCA?

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • Animal Ethics Committees

Slide26 l.jpg

InterNICHE (www.interniche.org)

Book description 400 modelsOutreach toursLoan system


Large number of models in searchable database (4000 and 5000)

Slide27 l.jpg

  • eurca

  • Collection of alternatives

  • Outreach tours

  • Limited number of alternatives in database, but with extended information