a d kru ik precision casting mionica l.
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A D Krušik – Precision Casting Mionica PowerPoint Presentation
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A D Krušik – Precision Casting Mionica

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A D Krušik – Precision Casting Mionica - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A D Krušik – Precision Casting Mionica. . Why precision casting?. Most demanding/sophisticated internal and external configurations Unsurpassed flexibility for construction Narrow dimensional tolerance Very compact and homogeneous structure Very good mechanical characteristics

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Why precision casting?

  • Most demanding/sophisticated internal and external configurations
  • Unsurpassed flexibility for construction
  • Narrow dimensional tolerance
  • Very compact and homogeneous structure
  • Very good mechanical characteristics
  • Excellent quality of surfaces (Ra2-3.2 nm)
  • in all steels, grey and nodular casts and copper-based alloys
about us
About us
  • Established in 1962, within the Krušik, Valjevo plant. Since 1980, the Company is located at the present site in Mionica, working under the licence of PMI Cleveland, USA.
  • The company Krušik – Precision casting is a specialized foundry, manufacturing primarily steel and nodular castings. In cooperation with the Institute of "Vinča", we are able to cast other specialized alloys on the basis of cobalt, titanium, etc.
  • To date, the manufacture was largely focused on the military industry, and less on the textile and automotive industry. Today, we are manufacturing the castings for: aviation, armaments industry, automotive industry, computers, electric motors and components/groups, electronics, electronic and electrical systems, food industry, gas turbines, machine tools and accessories, medical equipment and instruments, equipment for processing industry, optical and measure instruments industry, hydraulics and pneumatics, industry of textile and sewing machines, and similar.
  • Modern technology allows us to offer castings from 0.5g to 10kg.
  • The company is organized as a corporation.
  • The size of the company's land is 64,362 qm, thereof built 10,479 qm.
  • The plant is situated along the main road Belgrade - Valjevo (80km).

CIMOS d.d.

Proizvodni center Koper, Koper

LIVARNA VUZENICA, d.o.o. , Vuzenica

CIMOS d.d.

Proizvodni center Senožeče, Senožeče

CIMOS TAM Ai, d.o.o., Maribor

TPS, d.o.o., Novi Kneževac

CIMOS TITAN, d.o.o., Kamnik

LIVNICA KIKINDA Ai, d.o.o., Kikinda

LIVNICA KIKINDA A.D., d.o.o., Kikinda

LIRA, d.o.o., Kikinda

LETANA, d.o.o., Ljubljana

FAM SEČANJ Ai, d.o.o., Sečanj

LIP, d.o.o., Ljubljana

LITOSTROJ E.I., d.o.o., Ljubljana

LITOSTROJ ENERGIJA, d.o.o., Ljubljana


P.P.C. BUZET, d.o.o.

Proizvodni center Roč, Roč

P.P.C. BUZET, d.o.o.

Proizvodni center Buzet, Buzet

KRUŠIK – PRECIZNI LIV, d.o.o., Mionica

NT FORGING, d.o.o., Novi travnik

CIMOS TMD CASTING, d.o.o., Zenica

CIMOS TMD Ai, d.o.o., Gradačac

CIMOS SREBRENICA, d.o.o., SrebrenicaBA)

Cimos Group - Geographic location



  • Heightened presence in the automotive market
  • Improvement in competitiveness through the higher level of process automation and modernization
  • Creating partner relations with customers, cooperating contractors and suppliers
  • Raising the technical level of know-how in our staff
  • Continual concern in ecology


  • Increasing the volume of production
  • Expanding the range of production to automotive, medical equipment and armaments industry
  • Increasing the gross value added per Employee
  • More efficient employment of machinery and human resources
  • Development of information system
production capacities
Production Capacities
  • Currently installed capacities comprise 4,000,000 pcs p.a. (four million products/pieces) calculated on the basis of average weight 100g/piece.


  • Hydraulics and pneumatics industry 18%
  • Agricultural machines manufacturers 17%
  • Armaments industry.......................15%
  • Automotive industry.......................10%
  • Industry of orthopaedic appliances ... 5%
  • Other............................................28%
casting technology
Casting technology


Modelling is done by a wax pattern (replica) of the casting to be manufactured.

These replicas are called patterns ('models').


Patterns are put on the central wax runner bar to

form an assembly of castings referred to as a 'tree'.


The shell is built by dipping the assembly (tree) into a ceramic slurry, and then

into a bath of very fine sand. During this procedure, up to eight coats may be built.


As soon as the ceramic dries, the wax can be removed by firing, whereby a negativemold of the tree within the shell is made.

casting technology8
Casting technology


In a conventional process, the molten metal is poured into the shell by way of gravitycasting. When the metal cools down, the parts and castings, the runner bar and the side cup aremerged into one fixtured (gate) casting.


When the metal cools down and hardens, the ceramic shell is broken off by vibration or water jet.


Parts are cut off from the central runner bar by friction saw or water



After minor working operations (finishing), the metal castings identical to the original waxpatterns are ready to ship to the customer.

why precision casting
Why precision casting?

This technology allows to manufacture large batches of castings of a very complex forms which can hardly (or impossible) be obtained by conventional process or by machining.

Thanks to the characteristics of ceramic material and working techniques, it is possible to reproduce fine details, achieve great dimension precision and the quality of surface that cannot be obtained by other casting procedures or in any other way.

By applying ceramic and degradable cores and a combination thereof we can produce castings of most sophisticated forms (curved blind slots/holes, threads, narrow grooves, etc.)

Using the hollow runner bar, we achieve an optimal layout of patterns which in addition to other advantages, provides equal terms for all the castings and thereby equal characteristics.

Combining and gluing several wax or plastic patterns, we can obtain very complex parts and reduce the cost of working and control. Castings so manufactured require little machining, or none at all.

Pouring the metal into shells heated at 1050°C allows for an even crystallization and as a result, a homogeneous and compact structure that guarantees a high level of mechanical characteristics.

Thanks to casting in heated shells and vacuum chambers we obtain castings with very thin walls - 1mm.

Precision casting further allows you to eliminate or reduce the costs for equipment that would be indispensable if you were casting in the conventional way.

quality control
  • Measurement laboratories
  • chemical
  • metallurgic
  • dimensions

Our chemical and metrology lab, with rich and modern equipment, provides for a comprehensive and complete control of castings in terms of chemical composition, homogeneous structure, mechanical characteristics and dimension precision.

These analyses are made by spectro-equipment, X-ray, MAGNAFLUX, penetrants, optical microscope, optical comparators and other indispensible equipment and measuring appliances.



          ISO 9001/2000                     

kru ik precision casting standards
"Krušik'' – precision casting standards
  • Casting of external edge R 0.25mm max.
  • Casting of internal corners R 0.25mm min.
  • Minimal addition for machining: 0.4 mm on surfaces to be machined
  • Quality of the surface of the casting N8

AD KRUŠIK – Precizni livToplički put 11RS - 14242 MionicaDirector: Ivan FilipovićT: +381 (0)14 616 01F: +381 (0)14 614 01E: info.krusik-precizniliv@cimos.eu