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Make Your First Camping Trip Worthwhile with Basic Gear From Camping Shops PowerPoint Presentation
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Make Your First Camping Trip Worthwhile with Basic Gear From Camping Shops

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Make Your First Camping Trip Worthwhile with Basic Gear From Camping Shops - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Camping for the first time? Bringing these basic gears from camping shops in Perth will definitely make your experience worthwhile and stress-free.

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Make Your First Camping Trip Worthwhile with Basic Gear From Camping Shops

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    1. June 16, 2017 Make Your First Camping Trip Worthwhile with Basic Gear From Camping Shops Camping is a fun activity that allows you to mingle and socialize with others while being one with nature. In fact, did you know that going camping can even boost your physical health, improve your memory, decrease your stress, and elevate your mood? If you are camping for the first time, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the basic camping essentials. After all, you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Camping shops recommend that you consider the following to make your experience fun and hassle-free. Page | 1

    2. Ensure Your Shelter with a Tent Tents protect from harsh weather conditions along with outdoor pests such as flies and mosquitoes. Fancy a little privacy? Having a tent will give you one. However, make sure to buy a tent that can resist the specific weather conditions in your area. If you are camping around Australia during the summer months, make sure that you pick a mesh, breathable tent. If you plan on going to “The Snowies,” however, make sure that you pick a four-season tent or mountaineering tent. Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Sleeping Bag You don’t want a lack of sleep to ruin your adventure, right? If that’s the case, make sure to invest in a proper sleeping bag. Since temperatures tend to fluctuate outdoors, a good sleeping bag could keep you warm on a cold weather or chilly when hot. You can even include a sleeping pad for added comfort! While these are generally okay, always make sure that the sleeping bag that you choose is weather-appropriate for your location. Have Fun Cooking While Camping While you can easily munch on chips, sandwiches or cookies, nothing beats the experience of outdoor cooking. Whether you’re a backyard chef or a first-time cook, most campgrounds have a grill and picnic table that you can use. If not, make sure that you equip yourself with a propane stove, a skillet and some pots. Aside from having the usual s'mores and hot chocolates, level it up with full-on gourmet meals. Don’t Forget The Light Since it can get really get dark while camping, having a torch and a headlight often comes in handy. Not only will this help you navigate during complete darkness, it will also illuminate your Page | 2

    3. tent. Camping lanterns usually require rechargeable batteries, so make sure that you have spares on hand when your power runs out. Because you strap these on your head, headlights are a great hands-free way to navigate caves and climb mountains. Bring A First Aid Kit Whether while hiking or preparing food, you may incur unwanted cuts or scrapes. Make sure that you have a first aid kit ready in case of emergency. Don't forget to bring bug sprays and sunscreens, too, for additional protection! Now that you have an idea of the basic camping gears you need to bring, you can now confidently start your outdoor adventure. Pack the necessary things, stock up on food, and bring all the things you need to make your camping worthwhile and stress-free. About Getaway Outdoors: Embark on a fun outdoor adventure with the help of Getaway Outdoors. We have different camping shops in Perth guaranteed to offer tools, gears, and equipment like no other. We offer a range of durable and reliable lifestyle products for a memorable outdoor experience with your friends and family. Sources: 11 Scientific Reasons You Should Be Spending More Time Outside, businessinsider.com How to Organize the Ultimate Group Camping Trip, outsideonline.com The 3 Items Every New Camper Needs, TripSavvy.com A Beginner's Guide To Essential Camping Gear, Lifehacker.Com Page | 3