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hidden cameras and its uses

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hidden cameras and its uses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It is pointless buying hidden cameras unless you have a need for them and still more importantly, you should know how to use them. Do not purchase hidden cameras unless you are fully aware of their applications.

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Title : Hidden Cameras and its uses


It is pointless buying hidden cameras unless you have a need for them and still more importantly, you should know how to use them. Do not purchase hidden cameras unless you are fully aware of their applications.

  • Quite often, people purchase these cameras and do not install them properly and therefore unable to derive the full benefits. Hidden cameras are extremely useful tools for purposes of surveillance and security operations and they are widely used by law enforcement authorities, security firms, investigative agencies and detective agents.
  • Hidden cameras are also used in workplaces to check employee behavior and pilferage by workers. Hidden cameras are the perfect way to catch lovers having clandestine affairs.

You can even consider installing a hidden camera in the car if you suspect any wrongdoing. These cameras can capture the theft act on camera, which can be produced in a court of law or used to extract truth from the offender.

  • The latest trend is many media journalists are heavily using hidden cameras to conduct sting operations. Despite the risks involved, some daring journalists still use them to get to the truth.
  • The journalists will however have to be careful and function within the limits of the law. The hidden cameras are in fact spy gadgets and can do anything from capturing photographs to recording videos and chats.
  • Even some private individuals use hidden cameras to spy on cheating spouses, delinquent children, active pets, negligent nannies, and purloining servants and housemaids.

Therefore the security cameras have been an effective tool to collect evidence against those who seek to harm us and those that look to destroy our security.

  • If your hidden cameras catch thieves in the act then this would provide incriminating evidence against them and no further evidence would be required to send them to jail where they can get their just deserts.

Hidden cameras and recorders can also be effectively used as a method of protecting your household or a building from interlopers and to watch over visitors entering the place – provided the cameras are installed in strategic positions.

  • The hidden cameras can be secretively set up in places or areas where normal cameras can not be easily installed or used. If you are able to place the camera in close proximity to the subject, the better visible and audio quality you can get.
  • You must learn to place your hidden camera at the most convenient angles and at right distances to obtain the best results. If you are using infrared or night vision cameras, then you must install them in a dark place as you may lose your image under light.

It is possible to record the video to an SD card so that you can view it at a convenient time later or you can have the video put out to a monitor to watch in real time. SD cards are indeed tiny and they can save space unlike the large traditional backup tapes.

  • Most hidden cameras that use an SD card to record are secretively kept inside unsuspecting common item like lamps, air ionizers, calculators, clocks, key bunch, cigarette pack, cigarette lighters, pens, watches etc.
  • You can buy one of these ‘plug & play’ spy cameras that can record in low light or with no light at all.

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