reinventing nigerian hospitals for nigerian people n.
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Brain Aneurysm Specialist Lagos PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Aneurysm Specialist Lagos

Brain Aneurysm Specialist Lagos

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Brain Aneurysm Specialist Lagos

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  1. “Reinventing Nigerian Hospitals, For Nigerian People” 016323388, 08027340743, 07038253044

  2. About Us Our vision, mission and core values serve to inspire how we interact, create and deliver on our promise to clients and ourselves.

  3. Our Team Dr. Roger Olade currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Director at Genesis Specialist Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria. Dr. Adeyeri serves as the Chief Of Surgery at Genesis Specialist Hospital. DR. ROGER OLADE DR. GBADEBO ADEBAYO Dr. Gbadebo Adebayo serves as the Chief Of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Genesis Specialist Hospital. Dr Onabanjo currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Genesis Specialist Hospital. DR. AYOTUNDE ADEYERI DR. OLUMUYIWA ONABANJO

  4. Services SURGICAL CENTER BRAIN & SPINE We have a state of the art operating room, with an array of inpatient and outpatient surgical services available at Genesis Specialist Hospital. Our surgeons are highly trained in various specialties with several years of experience. A neurologist will assess your condition by checking your hearing and speech, vision, coordination and balance, mental status, and changes in mood or behavior. Our consultant neurologists bring world class treatment to you. CARDIAC PULMONARY Our cardiology team uses preventive therapy and comprehensive testing to assess a patient’s risk of developing heart disease. We specialize in finding, treating, and preventing heart attacks, heart failure, heart rhythm disturbances and diseases of the blood vessels. Pulmonology refers to diseases of your respiratory system that includes the lungs, bronchial tubes, nose, pharynx and throat. We provide state-of-the-art clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment services to patients with respiratory health problems.

  5. EMERGENCY MEDICINE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT We have a team of board-certified physicians, trauma surgeons, nurses and other specially trained staff with several professional certifications including but not limited to AHA Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS). Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is state of the art. We are the only single patient occupied ICU with telemedicine capability in the country. ICU patients usually have potentially life-threatening conditions so our staff follow a holistic approach in caring for our patients with a common objective of restoring the patient to optimum health. CANCER TREATMENT Our team of cancer specialists (oncologists), surgeons, nurses, radiologic and laboratory technicians and pharmacists work together. Our approach to oncology is to arrange the best available treatment in the world in order to get you the best care. TELEMEDICINE We provide telemedicine services to our patients and can connect patients to any physician in the world. We are the only private hospital in the Nigeria providing telemedicine as a service!

  6. Get Your Care With Us Genesis Specialist Hospital is a private medical center located in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. We are the acute care facility of choice for the Lagos community and its surroundings. QUALIFIED DOCTORS YOUR CARE IS OUR PRIORITY QUALIFIED MULTI BED FACILITY we offer the highest quality of care, supported by an accomplished team of physicians, nurses and support staff. We are a 10-bed facility with focus on Cardiology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Neurology, Critical Care and Specialty Surgeries. Our staff provides exceptional and compassionate care to our patients.

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