audio visual aids in business communication n.
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Audio-Visual Aids in Business Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Audio-Visual Aids in Business Communication

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Audio-Visual Aids in Business Communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Describes the uses of audio-visual aids in business communications

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Audio-Visual Aids in Business Communication

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audio visual aids in business communication

Audio-Visual Aids in Business Communication

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Alexander S. Brekke,

  • In recent years, audio visual aids improves the business communication in many ways.
  • The most important thing in business communication is efficient delivery or clear explanation of concepts with new ideas.
  • So, many people are using multimedia presentations for their sessions which includes visual, written, audio and interactive methods.
better retention
Better Retention
  • Retention is one of the important keys for business communication. Through the multimedia presentations, you can improve your employee retention rates.
  • The office of Training and Education of the US OSHA reported a retention of information presented visually and orally is greater than the information presented by spoken word alone.
  • Combination of visual and sound is most important factor for information retention.
save time with visual aids
Save time with visual Aids
  • Time is an efficient thing for business. Every business wants to spend their time in cost effective manner.
  • With time consuming benefits, visual aids is the most powerful tool for business communication. Pie Charts, Photographs, Diagrams, animations and short videos can easily get learners interest.
  • Time is crucial. So make it useful with the help of visual aids.
auditory aids
Auditory Aids
  • Auditory aids are cost effective, but helps in efficient manner.
  • Trainers will increase the personality to the program. Sometimes if the concept is not clear in the audio, the trainer can answer the questions and explains further details.
  • Live speakers is better than a pre-recorded voice in your presentations.
give your audience handouts
Give Your Audience Handouts
  • Handouts allows audience to make notes, key points, formulate questions for reference.
  • Handouts and written materials are effective part of training and business communication.
  • Add some questions such as multi choice, quiz, etc., in handouts. It will help to engage the participants in presentation.
guide from
Guide From

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