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Recycling Companies in UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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Recycling Companies in UAE

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Recycling Companies in UAE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recycling is the process in which waste materials can be converted and put to use.\nIt is a key component of modern waste management. \nMaterials like glass, plastic, metal, textiles and electronics can be recycled. \nWaste materials are sorted, cleaned and reprocessed into new materials.\nIt Eases the Manufacturing Process\nManufacturing plastic, newspapers and aluminium cans are difficult.\nIf you recycle used products, you can reduce the cost involved in manufacturing. \nCost of labour and electricity can be cut down considerably. \nAmount of waste generated reduces considerably.\nIt\'s Environment-Friendly\nRecycling reduces the amount of trash which is disposed of in landfills.\nDumping waste in landfills can lead to increased carbon dioxide emission.\nPurchasing recycled products not only helps reduce cost but also helps save the environment.\nThe energy required to produce recycled paper is less. \nIt Saves Resources \nRecycling used materials can help manufacturers save a tonne of resources.\nIf used products are not recycled they result in faster depletion of natural resources. \nThe energy used in extracting raw materials can be conserved. \nIt Reduces Incineration\nRecycled materials can be easily reprocessed to new products.\nTherefore, the amount of rubbish sent to be incinerated reduces significantly.\nBurning rubbish creates ash which is difficult to dispose of.\nThe process of incarceration involves the use of fossil fuels which are expensive.\nVisit to contact Recycling Service Providers in UAE i.e. at

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