why are motors essential for our daily life n.
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Motors Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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Motors Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

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Motors Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Are Motors Essential for Our Daily Life?\nMotors are designed to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. \nThey consist of a magnetic field winding coil and a series of rotating hubs.\nThey can be used in a wide range of daily applications.\nThey produce a linear rotatory force that generates enormous electricity. \nThey are powerful enough to power industrial heavy machinery. \nElectric Motors\nElectric motors are used to rotate pumps, drive compressors and lift materials. \nThey use a field magnet to create motion.\nThey consist of an armature which helps generate current. \nAC (Alternating current) and DC (Direct current) motors are mostly used. \nBenefits of Using Electric Motors\nElectric motors can power irrigation pumps for farming.\nThey are a one time investment for your requirement.\nThey do not require periodic maintenance.\nThey are very durable and energy efficient.\nThey can be automatically controlled with the help of a remote. \nThey are best suited for household applications. \nTypes of (AC) alternating current motors\nSynchronous Motor\nInduction Motor\nSingle-Phase Motor\nThree-Phase Motor\nTypes of (DC) direct current motors\nSeparately Excited Motor\nSelf-Excited Motor\nSeries Motor\nCompound Motor\nShunt Motor\nWhy Do We Need Them \nMotors are used for both industrial and domestic functions.\nThey are present in most electronic home appliances.\nThey perform auxiliary functions in electric kitchen appliances.\nThey make life easier and reduce the involvement of manual labour.\nThey are durable and require less maintenance.\nMotors are used in small household appliances such as \nFood Processors\nMixers\nGrinders\nJuicers\nVacuum Cleaners\nElectric Brooms\nShavers\nMassage Machines\nVisit yellowpages-uae.com to contact Motor Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i.e. at https://www.yellowpages-uae.com/uae/motors\n

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