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Control and Automation Panel Suppliers in UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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Control and Automation Panel Suppliers in UAE

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Control and Automation Panel Suppliers in UAE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Control and automation panels are used in industrial machinery and household appliances. \nAll control panels receive data from remote sensors. \n\nModular panel mounted controllers are interconnected to distributed control systems.\nDistributed control systems are equipped with PLC systems.\nPLC systems come with few controllable loops.\nThese controllable loops are best used in chemical processing industries.\n\nAdvantage of Using a Discrete Control Panel\n\nA discrete control panel is a small discrete controller which operates with a single loop.\nIt does not obstruct the view of the front panel as it is mounted.\nIt can be operated automatically.\nWith the alteration of the control set point, they can be operated manually.\nIt can be modified according to the industrial standard protocol.\nThe controllers can be interlocked by using remote controllers. \n\nBenefit of Using a Distributed Control Panel\n\nThis is a digital processor control system which is commonly used in industries.\nIt can be operated from anywhere within the premise.\nIt belongs to a hierarchy of controllers which are connected by a network. \nThese control panels can be easily configured as it interfaces other controllers. \nNo cable operations are required as it is racked to the network.\n\nBenefits of Using SADA Control Panel\n\nSADA refers to supervisory control and data acquisition.\nIt is equipped with a graphical user interface for high-level processing.\nIt also uses programmable logic controllers and PID controllers. \nThese controllers interface with the manufacturing plant and machinery. \nYou can use a universal remote to control these systems.\n\nAdvantages of Using Programmable Logic Control Panels (PLC)\n\nThis is the most reliable control panel. \nThey are small building block devices which house the integral processor.\nThis processor can be mapped to a large rack modular mounter device.\nIt can be designed for different arrangements for analogue and digital input.\nIt is best suited to be used in HVAC equipment.\nIt is resistant to noise, vibration and electrical surges. \n\nVisit to contact Control and Automation Panel in UAE i.e. at

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