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Building Management System Services in UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Management System Services in UAE

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Building Management System Services in UAE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A building management system is a control system that manages and monitors the electrical, electromechanical and mechanical services in a building. nThese services include HVAC, access control, elevators and power.nSome of the benefits of installing a BMS includes:nIncreased Energy EfficiencynIncreased Value of the Building or PropertynImproved Security nIncreases Energy Efficiencyn• A BMS minimizes energy usage and waste by cutting of power to portions of a building when it is not used.n• It analyzes and monitors how energy is consumed. n• Automatically turns on and off lights and air conditioners when no one is in the room. n• Energy costs of the organization are thereby reduced.n• Equipment operation costs can be reduced up to 15% annually n• Natural resources are conserved and the carbon footprint of the organization is reduced. nIncreases Value of the Building and PropertynThe value of the property increases when a BMS is installed. nThe lesser the utility costs, the net income of the building increases and also increases the value of the building. nSecurity and Access ControlnThe risk of theft or damage to property is reduced.nAccess can be allowed or denied to anyone trying to enter the premises of the building through the system. nVisit to contact Building Management System Services in UAE i.e. at

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Building Management System Services in UAE

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