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Cheap Restaurant Equipment

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Looking to cook up a great menu for your customers? Look no further than GatorChef! To find out more about our excellent selection of cheap restaurant equipment, call our experienced staff today at 888-944-2867 Visit Here : .\n

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cheap restaurant equipment

Cheap Restaurant Equipment

5 Secrets to Buying Cheap Restaurant Equipment

whether you re updating just starting

Whether you’re updating, just starting out, or renovating your restaurant, one

of the most crucial elements of a great restaurant is the equipment.Each item

needs to fit both the needs and wants of your kitchen, and you should never

make a spur of the moment decision. To help ensure you get the right items

required for your kitchen, make sure you consider these important aspects of

purchasing Cheap Restaurant Equipment.

measure your space

Measure Your Space

Before you can decide what devices to

buy, you

need to know the exact

measurements of the area available in




prominent factor that can limit your

kitchen,even more than funds.Therefore,

it is essential to be diligent in knowing




workspace. Don’t just think about the

floor space, some items (such as fume

hoods, shelves, or other tall devices) call

for a specific height clearance as well.






new doesn t mean better

New Doesn’t Mean Better

You don’t need to have all new equipment in order to open a new restaurant.

You don’t even need to have brand new equipment to renovate an older

kitchen into a better state. To help save money, you can purchase quality

second-hand options for extreme discounts compared to brand new ones.

Used items could include,but are not limited to:

• Chairs

• Ovens

• Refrigeration Units

• Stoves


•And Much More

don t be afraid to ask for help

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When purchasing used equipment, never be afraid to get a second

opinion (especially if you are unfamiliar with a device.) It is better to

ask for help than to end up with a piece of equipment you never use.

You can talk to a friend, a family member, an experienced chef, or even

online trade forums to help you make informed decisions. Another

option you can try, if you are seeking to understand more about the

features of a device,is to speak with a customer service representative.

While they may lean more towards a specific model, they are

knowledgeable about the items they sell and can help you understand

how each feature works.

choose reliable brands

Choose Reliable Brands

When searching for cheap restaurant equipment, you should always choose a

reliable brand or appliance. After all, no one is going to go to a restaurant to

eat when over half the menu is unavailable because the oven needs servicing

or the deep fryer is out of order. To avoid equipment prone to failures, always

research manufacturers, warranties, service plans, and if there are known

complications with certain models. And don’t forget to check out product

reviews. Information from current users can be vital to finding common

problems with an appliance and can help you to avoid purchasing a lemon.

make sure the equipment follows regulations

Make Sure the Equipment Follows Regulations

Restaurants have a series of regulations to follow including local, state,

and federal guidelines. On top of that, there are also fire, health, and

OSHA codes to consider. Each one dictates some form or feature

required for your equipment or the layout of your kitchen.You also need

to think about the safety of your employees both when the kitchen is in

use and during its downtime.

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