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About Vanan Services

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We thrive on the satisfaction that we give our customers for every work commissioned. Our motivation is the trust and confidence of our clients. As a reputable and reliable company, Vanan takes customer service beyond the call of duty. We provide more value for money, because we stand by our principle that an excellent customer experience is crucial to growing our business.

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About Vanan Services

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    1. Vanan Group ofCompanies Think Service, ThinkVanan Embarking on a path to personalize the employmentexperience. Become A Vanan TeamMember Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you more about our company. With offices in the Philippines, building offices in the US, and employing people to meet the demands of our offerings worldwide, we are a family of many diverse cultures working together to build upon our goals to become the service leader of theworld. We currently offer transcription, translation, closed captioning, subtitles, voice overs, dubbing, video services, typing, essay writing, editing and proofreading. We are moving into web design, advertising, medical tourism, and more, each of us building upon all we are with fresh and new ideaseveryday. In wanting to offer such a diverse suite of service solutions, we also want to build upon less conventional ways to offer more and more people employment that other companies mistakenly overlook as essential assets to the success of a global business. We offer positions in which employees may work in one of our many offices worldwide, or may work from home and office, solely from home, split shifts, combined schedules where 2 or more employees coordinate covering shifts, and more that we will create together as we become aware of different ways in which people across the globe will want to contribute to the success of the best company to work foranywhere! We also welcome the ideas and suggestions from everyone working under the Vanan banner. We strive to cultivate a work environment where every employee feels valued and heard, respected as equals across the title spectrum. Once you decide to join with us in the creation of such an accommodating culture, please feel free to share with everyone your best practices and new ideas that will help to raise up the company as a whole. You can count on always being appreciated and celebrated for every helpful solution you share with usall! Why ChooseUs? We are the Global ServiceTeam! Our pride lies in the ideas behind the creation of our business by its CEO, Saravanan Nagaraj, in 2011. He started this successful business with the goal of building a company that puts people back at the heart of business. From employing transcriptionists, translators, voice over talent, and staff toprocess

    2. all orders for all services we offer, a large web team, sales staff, and service coordinators, not one aspect of Vanan Group of Companies is processed by automated means. Saravanan employs hundreds of people across the globe! With so many companies automating their processes and putting people out of work, Saravanan recognized that software cannot replace the human to human contact we have all come to miss, to feel heard in such an automated global economy. And companies that automate their processes cannot deliver even half of the promises and guarantees we have in place. Do check out and familiarize yourself with these guarantees in this presentation. We at Vanan take great pride in being able to offer such a vast array of guarantees which we know ensures we can continue to build upon our 95% and above constant customer satisfactionrates. All of our service providers, those actually translating, transcribing, typing, etc. in our vast network of professional experts are recruited, provided with specific tests to establish their proficiency levels in their areas of expertise, and are under contract with and by us. We don't farm out our work to freelancers. Everyone is directly employed by us, allowing us to make the extensive guarantees that we do. And because we know our vendors, we can offer non-disclosure agreements we know are honored fully. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified which governs the standards by which we work and our processes by which we can promise all that we do, as every order is completed with 98% accuracy and above; the best outcome across allofferings. Putting People Back at the Heart ofBusiness! Our CEO, Saravanan Nagaraj, limits the automated processes available to perform many office or service functions. He recognized the importance of putting people back to work and in touch with live people to deliver true customer service, and products we are confident in guaranteeing, as we employ people to perform an exhaustive 3-tier proofing process across all offerings. No one employing software to complete the same services we offer can make the same promises as we have all come to know and understand the limits imposed by employingautomation. Massive GrowthAhead Since 2011, Vanan Group of Companies has experienced unprecedented growth. Within a few short years Saravanan expanded his business from just one website run by his sister, Priya Nagaraj, and himself out of their modest home, to the global network it is today, employing hundreds of people worldwide and fast approaching our goal of running 1500 websites to attract business to us in every business sector we serve, and adding to that list of services we provide constantly. And so long as there are service industries to enter as viable competitors to introduce our unique business and employment formulas into, there will be nothing to hinder our goals to become the world's main service provider of choice across mostindustries!

    3. Introducing OurTeam! Enjoy these new pictures of the Grand Opening of our beautiful new offices inAmercia! Proud Sponsors of WorthyCauses Vanan recognizes that we live in a world that requires each of us to do our part to leave to each next generation a world better off than the one we reside in. So Vanan takes part in supporting local and global causes that come to our attention that we take great pride insponsoring! Recently we contributed to DECA (do click on the link to be taken to their site for more fascinating information). According to their website, they are preparing future leaders and entrepreneurs to be career and college ready. It is a worldwide initiative that educates our future leaders in hospitality, marketing, finance, and management. It is a powerful organization serving the next generation to be the best in all they endeavor to embark on, both educationally and in the roles they'll take on in all aspects of societyworldwide! The pictures here are of a recent competition DECAorganized. We Are Ardent Supporters of Students, Non-Profit Organizations, and Offer Generous Discounts for All Bulk and PremiumOrders! Vanan MainWebsites You’ll find below a link to our main website first. This is only one of many websites we create that draw thousands to our company every hour of everyday. Following that website I've included our top websites out of more than 1500, our goal at thistime.

    4. VANAN'S PROMISES AND GUARANTEES SET US APART FROM THECOMPETITION • FreeQuotes • CompetitivePricing • 98% AccuracyGuarantee • 95% and Above Customer SatisfactionRate • 5 Minute FreeTrials • Contracted Professionals, NOT Software, Process AllOrders • ConfidentialityGuaranteed • 24/7 Customer Service andSupport • 3-Tiered Quality Control Proofing Process Performed By Our Experts, NotSoftware • Guaranteed FastTAT • 24 Hour TAT With Rush and Super Rush Available On ShortOrders • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Guarantee Across AllOfferings • Notarization, Company Certification Available UponRequest • Non-Disclosure Agreements Provided UponRequest • 100% Satisfaction and Money BackGuarantee • Student, Non-Profit, and Bulk Order DiscountsAvailable • Premium Clients Assigned Personal AccountManagers WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUTUS For our translation of an English to Thai Book-A Beautiful World by Gregg Tyler Milligan Customer Name : GreggMilligan CustomerComment: I have had one Thai native (my marketing agent and business partner) read the translated pages and she absolutely loves it. Wonderful job! I have one more person who is a Thai editor reading and awaiting her comments, but again great review so far. The translated version was of high quality permy

    5. Thai editor. Well done. We are so very excited and will get back to you as soon as possible with feedback. • Thank you so very much for getting the manuscript to me. You're a life-saver! I do not feel there is anything to worry about. Your company is very efficient and does greatwork. • Best transcripts in the industry, competitive price and fast delivery – TerryHopkins • Reliable customer support and impressive quality of service. – MargieThompson • Easy to use service. From placing of order up to delivery. – AnthonyHastings • Great value for money. Big discounts too! – John Dale • VANAN GROUP OF COMPANIES IN THENEWS • Worldwide Business with kathyireland • Vanan Group of Companies Interview on BloombergInternational • World MarketNews • Communications 12/22/2015 10:21 AM ET • Vanan Services Discusses their World Class Transcription Services on Worldwide Business with kathy Ireland • Los Angeles, CA - -- Vanan Services, a company focused on attention to detail, reliability, and quality for the transcription market, is a featured company segment on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. • During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed CEO Saravanan Nagaraj and Vice President Bharathi Priya Nagaraj. Saravanan commented on some of the challenges companies face with transcription outsourcing by saying, "Mostly, online transcription services are provided by individual transcribers so customers cannot expect 98% accuracy or on-time delivery. If the audio file has personal information, perhaps very sensitive information, you do not know who is handling yourinformation. • Priya Nagaraj commented on Vanan Services addresses these challenges by saying, "We put together a team that is devoted to detail and quality that ensures things that otherscannot. • The process of transcription, proofreading, and finally quality checks ensure that customers' final product meets and exceeds the highestexpectations." • Learn more about the company and their transcription services on the upcoming segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. There will also be a look into the company and theirprocess. • The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, was quoted stating, "Sometimes very sensitive information is released from companies for their transcriptions and that can be a very bad thingif

    6. given to the wrong individual. That is why it is important for companies like Vanan Services to offer the detail and security that they do in themarket." Tune in to see Vanan Services on the Fox Business Network as sponsored programming on December 26, 2015 at 5:00pmET. About Worldwide Business with kathyireland Worldwide Business with kathy ireland is a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over theglobe. Worldwide Business with kathy ireland airs on Saturdays and Sundays on Fox Business Network as part of their sponsored programming lineup, as well as internationally to over 50 countries on BloombergInternational. Bring Your Talents ToVanan! Join the company that honors all your past experience, achievements, and skills and welcomes you to combine your talents to build upon all we have become and to achieve all we have yet to dream to be together! You'll never be restricted by any particular title. We encourage constant submissions of ideas! You truly work WITH all team members instead of feeling any restrictions in working for anyone. We welcome you to become a valued member of the VananFamily! This presentation was createdby KristianaBeard Sales & Marketing Director Vanan Group ofCompanies Mobile: (808)859-0217 Office: (888) 535-5668x5306 146 West, 29th St., 7R2 New York NY10001 -and- 15191 Montanus Dr.#109 Culpeper VA22701