a solid garage floor coating services in dallas n.
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A Solid Garage Floor Coating Services in Dallas PowerPoint Presentation
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A Solid Garage Floor Coating Services in Dallas

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A Solid Garage Floor Coating Services in Dallas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Solid Garage Floor Coating Services in Dallas

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  1. A Solid Garage Floor Coating Services in Dallas

  2. Garaginization has been installing successful garage floor coatings in the DFW area since 2008. We provide a variety of garage floor coating options from Epoxy Garage Flooring, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic / Polyurea Garage Floor Coatings to meet most budgets. We offer both Solid Color Finishes, and Granite Flake textured garage floor coatings. Both Granite and Solid Color Garage Floors come in a various types of finishes. Choose from our stock, or custom finishes.

  3. This garage floor coating will provide you the smooth finish which is easy for you to clean the dirt and maintain them. If there are any spills or any kind of dirt then it can be wiped up easily with the cloth. Over the years the increased popularity of garage floor coatings has brought many unqualified companies, and business’s not specializing in garage enhancement into the local market to capitalize on the high customer demand. Unfortunately, many of these companies will be gone just as quick. Some of these companies advertise large discounts such as 50% off, and prices that make no sense, and are simply too good to be true. We know the cost of buying the proper materials and it simply doesn’t add up. The discounted price will surely equal the discounted quality of materials.

  4. What is involved in a Granite Flaked Garage Floor Coating? Our Granite Garage Floor Coating is a three to four layer process depending on the specific garage flooring package chosen. 1.) Concrete is prepped to accept the garage floor coating. 2.) Color pigmented base coat layer is applied that binds the coating to the concrete floor, and accepts the flakes. 3.) Heavy broadcast decorative chip layer, provides a durable textured layer of color. 4.) Clear top coat is applied in one or two coats depending on the garage flooring package.

  5. The Garage Shelving is solid surface and not wire grid giving many advantages, such as strength, ease of cleaning, and dusting, and the ability to hold larger, and smaller items that may fall over or slide on a typical wire shelf. The Monkey Bars adjust in various heights and distances from the wall allowing you to hang a variety of items from it’s removable and positional hooks. A Monkey Bar Garage Storage System can hang 3-times the amount of items in a given space then any other Wall Organization System on the market.

  6. Contact Us Garaginization - DFW's Garage Solution Pros 1540 Keller Parkway Suite 108 # 255, Keller, TX 76248 Dallas 214-230-2294 Fort Worth 817-600-2294 info@garaginization.com Please Visit Us: http://www.garaginization.com/