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  1. The world’s cleanest garage Find your life in the world’s cleanest garage.™ 1

  2. 2 GarageTek

  3. Admit it. Your garage could use a makeover. We know you have always wanted a clean garage. You’ve envisioned the random mess off the floor. Imagine crossing from one side to the other without running an obstacle course, and even parking your car inside the garage again. A garage makeover has never been easier. A GarageTek garage simplifies your life and brings more beauty to your home. Best yet, GarageTek handles everything. We design it. We install it. You enjoy it. Our team of garage experts will guide you each step of the way and create your dream garage in 1-2 days. So, tell us your garage organization needs — big or small. We will deliver on our promise to give you the world’s cleanest garage. 3

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  5. The choice is clear. GarageTek is recognized as the #1 world rated garage organization system by the leading consumer rating magazine, the media, numerous research studies and most importantly, our customers. In recent years, the demand for GarageTek has been spreading around the globe. GarageTek is now available on five continents. GarageTek teams know how to tame clutter in the garage. We look forward to working with your family to add a beautiful, organized and safe room to your home. Don’t wait another day. Choose GarageTek and finally have a garage that is neat and so easy to keep clean. The world’s cleanest garage 5

  6. Life with GarageTek “We love it. This is our second home with GarageTek. It’s the only way to make your garage a true part of your home.” — Brian and Molly Rockville, MD “We’re at the point where our family actually needs GarageTek. I can’t imagine the cluttered mess we’d have without it.” — Mike, Elizabeth and Caroline Chicago, IL “We love it. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made in our new house.” — Jim, Rosann and Matthew Blue Mounds, WI 6 GarageTek

  7. Just Ask Our Customers “GarageTek is the ultimate toy for grown-ups. It gets you excited about something you never thought you’d get excited about...the garage.” — Joon, Howard and Max Saratoga, CA “In Florida there are no basements or attics, so we need our garage to hold a lot more than just the car. GarageTek gave us the storage we need and an incredibly clean look and feel to our home.” — Maureen and Ron Jacksonville, FL “GarageTek is organized, attractive and smart storage. What else could I ask for in our garage?” — Andrew, Mindy, Melissa and Sydney Jericho, NY Ask your GarageTek consultant for a list of homeowners in your area that have transformed their garage. 7

  8. Step 1: We design it. Our garage design consultant begins by working with you to create a garage that fulfills your needs. We will discuss the combination of GarageTek system components that is just right for your family’s lifestyle. Then, we measure your garage and use our proprietary GarageVision software to design your new garage from ceiling to floor. We will create a functional layout of the room by creating zones that match how you use the garage. For example, a mudroom section can be placed near the entrance to the house while a garden center will be near the exit to the yard. We will make suggestions, such as placing the children’s sporting gear away from dad’s tools and workbench. In one visit, you will see a full-color, precise visual rendering of what your garage will look like when it’s finished. You will also receive an itemized project estimate. All of this is done with no obligation. 8 GarageTek

  9. Step 2: We install it. It may be hard to imagine the total room transformation that takes place in 1-2 days. But rest assured you will benefit from GarageTek’s industry-leading experience and commitment to craftsmanship. We start with the walls, move to the ceiling and then the floor. You may choose to renovate one or two walls or the entire garage. Whatever you need, we have the solution. Ready to help you in any way Often garages have been neglected and there are various challenges that need to be addressed before GarageTek can begin to work. Together, we overcome the obstacles keeping you from having the garage you always wanted. During the installation process, we will work with you to get everything out of the garage and pared down to what you want. Discuss with your representative the Service Programs offered to support any specialized needs. The GarageTek team and other professional partners will provide the help needed to make your garage transformation an easy and quick process. 9

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  11. Step 3: You enjoy it. Now comes the easy part, enjoying your new garage. We have the ultimate confidence that you will say what all of our customers do — “why didn’t we do this sooner?” Then like GarageTek owners around the world, you will tell family and friends that they should add a system to their home. Even after the initial thrill of the transformation, you will feel the ongoing relief of easily finding the kid’s toys, tools, sports gear — anything. Now there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Over time, the system will change as your life changes. All items, from workbenches and cabinets to shelves and racks, can be rearranged at any time. Most of all, you will appreciate the value GarageTek adds to your home. And if you should move, you can take the accessories with you. Once you own a GarageTek garage, you will never again have a home without it. We are always here to help you get optimal use of the garage. Visit our web site, call or stop by your local showroom to get any additional accessories you may need. 11

  12. Choose your ideal garage. It is all about choices with GarageTek. You choose what portion of the garage you want to transform. You decide which layout best meets your lifestyle. You select among the 100+ solutions to create a garage that is as unique as your family. Even after the system is installed, you can choose to move items around and make room to store new toys, tools or a new car. Our unique approach to product design gives you a beautiful and useful space that can change as you do. From ceiling to floor You can decide the exact components to create the system that is perfect for you. Imagine the possibilities as you learn about GarageTek’s innovation in every garage product category: • Cabinets and Shelving • Workshop Options • Lifestyle Accessories • Brackets, Bins and Baskets • ProTek Floor Tiles • ProTek Floor Coatings • Lighting and Safety • Ceiling System You will see that when you select GarageTek, you have made the right choice. And, the choice of product combinations will fit your life perfectly. 12 GarageTek

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  15. Cabinets and Shelving The cabinet and shelving components available from GarageTek are unparalleled in the industry from both a diversity and flexibility perspective. Your garage expert will help you select an assortment of products that enable you to: • Balance the need between locked storage and accessibility • Appreciate the convenience of in-cabinet accessory options • Optimize the storage potential with various shelving styles and lengths • Create a built-in look with coordinated shelving units • Match your storage needs with the UL rated weight capacities of each shelf 15

  16. Cabinets and Shelving In-Cabinet Clothes Hanger Rod Extra Door Bins GT1310 0.25”W x 13.5”D x 3”H Weight Capacity: 15 lbs. GT1008 10.5”W x 3.5”D x 4”H Mid-Size Cabinet GT1005A 27.25”W x 17”D x 36.5” H UL Rated at 150 lbs. Includes two shelves and one door bin. In-Cabinet, In-Line Tool Holder GT4020 7.5”W x 11.25”D x 7”H Weight Capacity: 20 lbs. Extra Shelves GT1007 27”W x 15”D x 1”H Full-Size Cabinet GT1006 27.25”W x 17”D x 68.25”H UL rated at 225 lbs. Includes three shelves and one door bin. In-Cabinet Multi-Tool Rack Shelf Liners GT4019 27.25”W x 10.25”D x 0.5”H Weight Capacity: 20 lbs. GT1009 27”W x 15”D 16 GarageTek

  17. Cabinets and Shelving Shoe Rack 2-Shelf Unit 3-Shelf Unit 48” Storage Shelf GT7006 22.5”W x 13.5”D x 3”H UL rated at 20 lbs. GT7014 27.25”W x 17”D x 19”H Weight Capacity: 90 lbs. GT7015 27.25”W x 17”D x 35.25”H Weight Capacity: 135 lbs. GT7005 48”W x 15”D x 3.75”H UL rated at 80 lbs. 24” Shelf with Hanger Bar Heavy Duty Shelf GT70005A 24”W x 15”D x 1.5”H UL rated at 40 lbs. GT7003 30”W x 15”D x 15.5”H UL rated at 200 lbs. Also can be used as a bench. See page 14. 4-Shelf Unit Hanger Hooks 5-Shelf Unit GT7016 27.25”W x 17”D x 52”H Weight Capacity: 180 lbs. GT4014 1”W x 8”D x 4.25”H UL rated at 10 lbs. GT7017 27.25”W x 17”D x 68.25” H Weight Capacity: 225 lbs. 17

  18. 18 GarageTek

  19. Workshop Options Every garage needs some type of work surface. Whether you want to plant flowers or clean your golf clubs, GarageTek offers the most versatile options of floor-based and wall-mount workbenches. Our unique wall-mount workbench is only possible due to the superior strength of GarageTek’s TekPanel system. Discuss how to create a comfortable workspace with our experienced design consultants where you can: • Enjoy the long-lasting durability and beauty of solid butcher-block tops • Customize both the depth and length of each workbench • Select a stationary workbench with locking cabinets • Opt for a mobile workbench with lockable casters to be near your project • Choose a folding table to save space when not in use • Pick a wall-mount workbench and shelf with an optional drawer or basket • Complete your work space with unique stools and tool storage options 19

  20. Workshop Options Wall-Mount Table with Shelf Workbench with Lockable Cabinet SG2600 - Narrow top 60”W x 24”D x 32”H Weight Capacity: 5,000 lbs. GT1305 - 4’ top 48”W x 24”D x 1.75”H Weight Capacity: 150 lbs. SG2500 - Deep top 60”W x 30”D x 32”H Weight Capacity: 5,000 lbs. GT1306 - 5’ top 60”W x 24”D x 1.75”H Weight Capacity: 150 lbs. Optional Casters Workbench with Adjustable Legs Basket for Workbenches SG2751 2 swivel and 2 fixed with locks. Weight Capacity: 420 lbs. each SG2750 - Deep top 60”W x 30”D x 28” TO 34”H Weight Capacity: 5,000 lbs. GT1309 24”W x 14”D x 5”H Weight Capacity: 100 lbs. SG2850 - Narrow top 60”W x 24”D x 28” TO 34”H Weight Capacity: 5,000 lbs. 20 GarageTek

  21. Workshop Options Folding Hobby Table with Wood Top Tip-Out Bins Stool with Seat Back Small GT3002 23.625”W x 2.5”D x 3.125”H UL rated at 5 lbs. GT3013 Adjustable height from 22.5” to 32.5”H Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. GT1302 48”W x 24”D x 32” to 36”H UL rated at 100 lbs. Medium GT3003 23.625”W x 3.625”D x 4.5”H UL rated at 10 lbs. Large GT3004 23.625”W x 5.25”D x 6.5”H UL rated at 10 lbs. 18-Piece Heavy Duty Hook Pack GT3001 Single: 2”W x 7”D x 3.5”H UL rated at 10 lbs. Double: 3”W x 4.75”D x 3.5”H UL rated at 15 lbs. Includes 9 single and 9 double hooks. Wheeled Stool Folding Hobby Table GT3012 Adjustable height from 17” to 26”H Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. GT1301 48”W x 24”D x 32” to 36”H UL rated at 100 lbs. Handyman Rack GT2016 28”W x 11”D x 13”H UL rated at 40 lbs. Multi-Purpose Tool Rack GT2020 28”W x 4.5”D x 9”H Weight Capacity: 15 lbs. 21

  22. 22 GarageTek

  23. Lifestyle Accessories Innovation and specially engineered products are the cornerstones of GarageTek. That is most clearly seen in the breadth of unique components created to help you organize everything in the garage. During your complimentary design consultation, consider how you can use our myriad of lifestyle accessories to: • Create a totally coordinated garage system with matching accessories • Benefit from the sturdiness of a full-length bracket and UL load-tested certification • Combine all your gear on sport-specific storage centers • Store countless small and individual items in the varied baskets, bins and brackets 23

  24. Lifestyle Accessories Adjustable Ski Rack GT2019 28”W x 10”D x 7”H UL rated at 40 lbs. Holds two sets of skis. Golf Activity Center Stick Rack Hobby/Sports Center Horizontal Bike Rack GT2011 27”W x 15”D x 40”H Weight Capacity: 50 lbs. GT2000 Top Component: 28”W x 4”D x 4.5”H Bottom Component: 28”W x 3.5”D x 2.5”H UL rated at 40 lbs. Holds up to six sticks. GT2010 36”W x 15”D x 42”H Weight Capacity: 40 lbs. GT2005 28”W x 16”D x 12”H UL rated at 40 lbs. Racket Center Double Golf Rack Vertical Bike Rack GT2001 28”W x 10”D x 17.5”H UL rated at 40 lbs. GT2004 28”W x 9.5”D x 16.5”H UL rated at 60 lbs. Holds two golf bags. GT2015 28”W x 4.75”D x 7.5”H UL rated at 50 lbs. Holds two bicycles. See other bike storage options on page 37. 24 GarageTek

  25. Lifestyle Accessories Coat Rack GT4012 24.5”W x 4.5”D x 3.75”H Weight Capacity: 60 lbs. Medium Game Ball Holder Skate Rack GT6006 10”W x 7”D x 8.5”H GT2002 28”W x 11”D x 8.5”H UL rated at 40 lbs. Large Game Ball Holder Large Board Rack GT6005 10”W x 6”D x 9”H GT2017 28”W x 14”D x 21”H UL rated at 50 lbs. 25

  26. Lifestyle Accessories Large Basket Paper Towel Holder GT2018 28”W x 12”D x 12”H UL rated at 30 lbs. GT4015 12.375”W x 3.75”D x 3”H Organizing Bins Bin Docking Station GT3005 4.125”W x 7.5”D x 3”H GT3006 5.5”W x 11”D x 5”H GT3007 8.25”W x 14.75”D x 7”H GT3008 11”W x 11”D x 5”H GT3009 11”W x 16”D x 8”H GT3010 11”W x 18”D x 10”H GT3011 24”W x 1”D x 3.25”H UL rated at 40 lbs. Mini Wall Clip Shallow Basket GT4016 1”W x 0.25”D x 3”H UL rated at 5 lbs. GT4003 24”W x 12”D x 4”H UL rated at 40 lbs. U-Shaped Hangrail Deep Basket GT4005 22”W x 9”D x 1.5”H UL rated at 40 lbs. GT4004 12”W x 12”D x 8”H UL rated at 40 lbs. 26 GarageTek

  27. Lifestyle Accessories Lawn & Garden Rack GT2003 28”W x 10”D x 16.5”H UL rated at 40 lbs. Long Handled Tool Holder In-Line Tool Holder GT4008C - Small 8”W x 3.25”D x 3.5”H UL rated at 20 lbs. GT4013 3.375”W x 11.25”D x 9”H UL rated at 30 lbs. See in-cabinet version on page 16. 12” Straight Bracket GT4001 0.5”W x 12”D x 1.5”H UL rated at 20 lbs. GT4008A - Medium 24”W x 3.25”D x 3.5”H UL rated at 35 lbs. Giant Hang-All Bracket Hang-All Bracket GT4010 9”W x 28”D x 13.5”H UL rated at 40 lbs. GT4006 12”W x 11”D x 6”H UL rated at 40 lbs. 27

  28. 28 GarageTek

  29. ProTek Floor Tiles GarageTek has created a versatile and superior tile system for garage flooring. The specially engineered plastic tile uses a six-point interlock system for increased strength and durability. These tiles are slip resistant and stain resistant, making your garage floor safe and easy to clean. It floats above the floor for airflow to prevent mildew and trapping of water. • Cover stained concrete with patented tiles • Rely upon the only six-point interlock system for unmatched strength • Trust the advanced engineering for superior safety and cleanliness 29

  30. ProTek Floor Tiles Ask your GarageTek consultant to design a pattern with custom logos just for you. Checkerboard (shown in Granite & Black) Solid (shown in Putty) GT8005B GT8005A Racing Stripes (shown in Granite & Black) Stripe Border (shown in Granite & Titanium) GT8005D GT8005E Checkered Mats (shown in Black & Yellow) Checkered Border (shown in Putty & Titanium) GT8005F GT8005C 30 GarageTek

  31. ProTek Floor Tiles Granite GT8005-GR - 12” GT8007-GR - 6” Titanium GT8005-DG Black GT8005-BK - 12” GT8007-DG - 6” GT8007-BK - 6” Putty GT8005-PT - 12” Natural Power Floor Cleaner Yellow GT8005-YL - 12” GT8007-YL - 6” GT8009 32 oz. Bottle GT8007-PT - 6” 31

  32. ProTek Floor Coatings Recent advances in floor coating technology allow GarageTek to bring commercial-grade floor coatings to the residential market. We now offer homeowners a one-of-a-kind garage floor finishing system. Unlike epoxy and other floor coatings that lay on top of the concrete, ProTek Floor Coatings saturate the concrete and bond into the pores of the floor so it will not peel or flake. ProTek advantages over epoxy floor coatings: • Single day installation during any season • Ready to walk on in 2-4 hours, drive on in 24 hours • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty • Environmentally friendly and virtually odorless installation • Four times more abrasive resistant for longer wear • 100% UV resistance — won’t yellow or fade • Easy to clean — resistant to stains, oils, salts and gasoline • Only system for vertical surfaces, including concrete, wood, metal and drywall inside or outside • Create custom patterns and logos 32 GarageTek

  33. ProTek Floor Coatings Tan Saddle Tan Gunflint Domino GT8100 - 1/4” Granite Finish GT8100 - 1/4” Granite Finish GT8100 - 1/4” Granite Finish GT8100 - 1/4” Granite Finish Saddle Tan Shoreline Khaki Gravel GT8100 - 1/16” Quartz Finish GT8100 - 1/16” Quartz Finish GT8100 - 1/16” Quartz Finish GT8100 - 1/16” Quartz Finish Visit to view additional color choices. 33

  34. Lighting and Safety Garages are notoriously poorly lit and therefore under utilized and unsafe. However, there are simple ways to create a clean, safe garage. Your GarageTek expert will work with you to make your garage bright, safe and pleasant where your family can: • Enhance lighting in entryways and work areas • Enjoy the convenience of a one-switch system and direct outlet plug • Discover the uses of low-voltage LEDs and solar lighting solutions • Be prepared with unique safety station options designed just for the garage 34 GarageTek

  35. Lighting and Safety Portable First Aid Kit Led Task Light GT5002 9”W x 2.5”D x 8”H GT8504 17”W x 2.25”Diameter Column Guard Fire Extinguisher First Aid Station GT8010 8.5”Diameter x 42.5”H GT5001 4.5”W x 16.5”H GT5003 14.75”W x 4.625”D x 10.25”H Solar Powered Security Floodlight GT8503 Sensor: 8.5”W x 7.25”H Light: 7.5”W x 4.5”H Carbon Monoxide Alarm Door Mat Lighting Units GT5005A Direct Plug In GT5005B With Line Cord 5.5”W x 1.75”D x 3”H GT5014 30”W x 20”H GT8500 Series 48”W x 4.5”D x 4.5”H 35

  36. Ceiling System There is additional storage space in your garage right above your head on the ceiling. Store those rarely used or seasonal items up, up, up and away with the revolutionary PowerTrak ceiling system. These one-of-a-kind channels, mount directly into the joists of your ceiling and allow for numerous accessories to be added and moved as your needs change. Learn from your GarageTek consultant how you can: • Find new storage space up and out of the way • Rearrange items on revolutionary PowerTrak mounting system • Add PowerPanel to cover unfinished ceilings • Choose from the widest number of ceiling storage options, including storage racks, hooks, hoists, and laser parking guides 36 GarageTek

  37. Ceiling System Power Panel Ceiling System PowerTrak Ceiling System “D” Hanger Hook “C” Hanger Hook GT9110 Custom installed GT9150 1.62”W x 0.82”H Available in any length GT9000 7”W x 0.5”D x 10”H Weight Capacity: 40 lbs. GT9001 5”W x 0.5”D x 9”H Weight Capacity: 40 lbs. Bike Hoist Heavy Duty Overhead Storage Racks 4-Point Utility Hoist Single Overhead Storage Rack GT4011A Weight Capacity: 45 lbs. Vertical Lift: 8’ GT4011B Weight Capacity: 90 lbs. Vertical Lift: 8.5’ GT7004 48”W x 48”D x 16” to 28”H Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. Shown with hanger hooks. See page 17 for details. GT7007 24”W x 96”H Weight Capacity: 400 lbs. GT4011D Weight Capacity: 145 lbs. Vertical Lift: 8.5’ GT4011C Weight Capacity: 45 lbs. Vertical Lift: 16’ GT7008 48”W x 48”H Weight Capacity: 400 lbs. GT7009 48”W x 96”H Weight Capacity: 600 lbs. Adjustable T Rack Laser Parking Guides Ring Hanger Hook GT9004 33”W x 14”D x 22”H Weight Capacity: 100 lbs. GT5013 — Single 4”W x 1.75”D x 4.25”H GT9002 1.75”W x 0.31”D x 3.25”H Weight Capacity: 40 lbs. GT5013D — Double 4”W x 1.75”D x 4.25”H 37

  38. GarageTek Innovation Featured Worldwide GarageTek is the only garage organization company that offers incredible service and a total garage makeover of GarageTek. Here is just a small sample of what has been said about GarageTek in the media: Lighting Units 35 4-Point Utility Hoists 37 Long Handled Tool Holders 27 Adjustable T Rack 37 Mini Wall Clip 26 Ball Holders 25 Organizing Bins – six sizes 26 Baskets – three sizes 26 Organizing Bin Station 26 Basket for Workbenches 20 Overhead Storage Racks 37 Bicycle Racks 24 Paper Towel Holder 26 Bicycle Hoists 37 Power Panel Ceiling System 37 Bike Hooks for Ceiling 37 “GarageTek offers the most variety of products with a focus on flexibility, durability and a complete system.” PowerTrak Ceiling System 37 Board Rack 25 Ring Hanger Hook 37 “C” Hook 37 Shelves 17 Ceiling Hooks 37 — The Wall Street Journal 24” with Hanger Bar 17 Cabinets – two sizes 16 “Transform the messiest place in the house into an oasis of organization that will impress neighbors – and buyers.” 48” Shelf 17 Cabinet Door Bins 16 2-Shelf Unit 17 Cabinet Shelves 16 3-Shelf Unit 17 Coat Rack 25 4-Shelf Unit 17 Carbon Monoxide Alarms 35 — Money Magazine 5-Shelf Unit 17 Casters for Adjustable Workbench 20 “Two days later a whole new garage, living space and finally room for both cars.” Heavy Duty 17 Clothes Hanger Rod 16 Shelf Liners 16 Column Guard 35 Shoe Rack 17 “D” Hook 37 — NBC’s The Today Show Skate Rack 25 Door Mat 35 Ski Rack - Double 24 Fire Extinguisher 35 “The Garage can act as a perk that inspires buyers to make a bid.” Solar Security Light 35 First Aid Station and Kit 35 12” Straight Bracket 27 Fishing Rod Rack 24 — Market Watch Stick Rack 24 Floor Cleaner 31 “It’s well worth the cost.” Stool – stationary with seat back 21 Floor Coatings – standard custom colors 33 — CBS’s The Early Show Stool – wheeled 21 Floor Patterns – six standard 30 Surf Board Rack 25 Floor Tiles 31 “The garage will be a selling point instead of an eyesore.” Tasklight – LED 35 Folding Hobby Tables 21 TekPanel 12 Golf Activity Center 24 — Smart Money Magazine Tennis Rack 24 Golf Rack – Double 24 Tip-Out Bins – three sizes 21 Handyman Rack 21 “Transform your drab storage catchall into a bright, organized area.” Tool Holder 21 Hang-All Bracket 27 Tool Holder – In Cabinet 16 Hang-All Bracket – Giant 27 — Good Housekeeping Tool Rack 21 Hobby/Sports Center 24 “The best thing about [GarageTek] is it becomes a new room in the house for work and play.” U-Shaped Hang Rail 26 Hook Pack – 18-pieces 21 Wall-Mount Work Tables 20 In-Line Tool Holder 27 Workbench with Adjustable Legs 20 In-Line Tool Holder – In Cabinet 16 — ABC’s The View Workbench with Lockable Cabinet 20 Laser Parking Guides 37 Lawn & Garden Rack 27 Visit: to see more about GarageTek’s market leadership. 38 GarageTek

  39. the world’s cleanest garage.™ The world’s cleanest garage 39

  40. The world’s cleanest garage The world’s cleanest garage GarageTek World Headquarters: Find your life in the world’s cleanest garage.™ Greenway Plaza • 145 Pinelawn Road • Suite 240N • Melville, NY 11747 • 866.664.2724 • Franchise Opportunities Available The world’s cleanest garage the world’s cleanest garage.™ 40756_Cover.indd 1 9/24/15 10:07 AM