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Frozen shoulder pain facts and myths

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Frozen shoulder pain facts and myths - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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One of the most common problems is frozen shoulder. According to WHO (world health organization) frozen shoulder is one of top 10 problem which have been complaint to their doctors. But it can also be cured easily by following these frozen shoulder pain solutions but before using these pain solutions let read some facts and myths about frozen shoulder

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frozen shoulder pain

Frozen Shoulder Pain


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frozen shoulder pain d iagnosis
Frozen Shoulder Pain Diagnosis
  • Frozen shoulder, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, is a condition that eventually involves considerable restriction and stiffness in the movement of the shoulder.
  • The diagnosis of this condition is relatively difficult, merely because there can be hundreds of problems and disorders that can contribute to frozen shoulder pain.
  • Few common symptoms of this ailment including stiffness and constant pain can help in the diagnosis, they are not enough to jump to the conclusion. Only after a complete diagnosis, you can find effectively frozen shoulder pain solutions. 

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facts and m yths about frozen shoulder pain
Facts and Myths About Frozen Shoulder Pain
  • Certain groups are more prone to frozen shoulder pain

According to a study, age group of 40 and 60 are more prone to this ailment. Women and diabetics are also more susceptible as compared to the rest of the population. 

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frozen shoulder can be due to scar tissue forming in the shoulder capsule
Frozen Shoulder can be due to Scar Tissue Forming in the Shoulder Capsule

The shoulder capsule helps the shoulder to move. When this capsule damages and inflames, it scars and makes your shoulder less elastic and moveable. 

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physiotherapy or yoga poses can help relieve pain and ailment with time
Physiotherapy or Yoga Poses can Help Relieve Pain and Ailment with Time

When your shoulder is stiff, you can perform some yoga postures and exercises to make it moveable again. Yoga and physiotherapy are one effective frozen shoulder pain solutions say’s doctor Richard

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