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Workers’ Compensation for State Agencies. Office of Risk Management Karen C. Jackson, Facilitator. Expected Workshop Goals. Develop a better understanding of the workers’ compensation process. Expected Workshop Goals. Save

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workers compensation for state agencies
Workers’ Compensation forState Agencies



Risk Management

Karen C. Jackson,


expected workshop goals
Expected Workshop Goals

Develop a better understanding of the workers’ compensation process.

orm workers comp statistics
ORM Workers’ Comp Statistics

5500 active workers’ compensation claims.

Approximately 1200 of these paid lost time benefits on regular basis.

orm workers comp statistics5
ORM Workers’ Comp Statistics

$48 million spent on



overview of workers compensation
Overview of Workers’ Compensation

Title 23 Louisiana Revised Statutes requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

overview of workers compensation7
Overview of Workers’ Compensation

IW have the RIGHT to file a claim.

Let us decide if it’s a claim.

overview of workers compensation r s 23 1031 a
Overview of Workers’ CompensationR. S. 23:1031.A

Anyone employed in the State

of Louisiana who is injured on

the job.

Coverage begins immediately.

Covered accidents must arise

out of employment and occur

during course and scope of


workers compensation is a penalty driven statute
Workers’ Compensation is a penalty-driven statute

Anything required by

the statute is subject

to a penalty if

  • it is not done
  • it is not done correctly
  • it is not done timely.
overview of workers compensation r s 23 1203 r s 23 1221
Overview of Workers’ CompensationR. S. 23:1203 / R. S. 23:1221

IW may be entitled to medical and/or indemnity benefits at the expense of his employer.

overview of workers compensation r s 23 1231
Overview of Workers’ CompensationR. S. 23:1231

Provisions for

  • surviving spouse
  • dependent children or

surviving parents in the event of work - related death.

notice of accident r s 23 1302
Notice of AccidentR. S. 23:1302

Injured workers must notify supervisor as soon as an accident occurs.

notice of accident
Notice of Accident

Supervisor immediately initiates paperwork for

the Employers’ First Report of Injury (E-1) claim to be sent to ORM electronically via STARS.

notice of accident14
Notice of Accident

Report all incidents and near-misses in STARS even if the incident does not result in lost time or incur medical expenses.

online access
Online Access

To request access to STARS online reporting:

Quick Links section

ORM Data Liaison Application/change form

notice of accident16
Notice of Accident

Please notify ORM


  • even if IW has enough sick leave to cover accident.
  • do not require IW to exhaust all of sick leave before ORM is notified.

Benefits due 14 days from

the date employer aware

of accident.

civil service rule 11 21
Civil Service Rule 11.21

11.21 Workers’ Compensation Payments

When an employee is absent from work due to disabilities for which he is entitled to workers’ compensation he

(a) shall, to the extent of the amount accrued to his credit, be granted sick leave not to exceed the amount necessary to receive total payments for leave and workers’ compensation equal to his regular salary.

(b) may, to the extent of the amount accrued to his credit, be granted annual leave or a combination of annual and sick leave not to exceed the amount necessary to receive total payments for leave and workers’ compensation equal to his regular salary.

(c) may be granted leave without pay.

volunteers and community service workers
Volunteers and Community Service Workers

Covered for medical

payments only.

independent contractors r s 23 1021 6
Independent ContractorsR. S. 23: 1021.6

Insure contractor carries

WC coverage for its


If coverage lapses the

State pays WC benefits

–check solvency of

contractor periodically.

records retention
Records Retention

ORM maintains all closed files for two (2) years on-site.

Files are archived for three (3) years then destroyed.

incidents not covered r s 23 1021 1
Incidents Not CoveredR. S. 23:1021(1)

IW intentionally injures himself.

incidents not covered r s 23 1081 1 b
Incidents Not CoveredR.S.23:1081.1.b

IW intoxicated at the time of the accident.

drug screening r s 23 1081 1 b
Drug ScreeningR. S. 23:1081(1)(b)

Employers can deny WC claims

that result from intoxication if

-have a written policy

-notify employees of intent to

perform post accident drug


Intoxication can be due to

alcohol, Rx, OTC medication or

illegal narcotics.

drug screening
Drug Screening

Post-accident drug screening paid in conjunction with the workers’ compensation claim.

incidents not covered r s 23 1081 1c
Incidents Not CoveredR. S. 23:1081.1c

IW who is proven to be the aggressor in an

unprovoked altercation.

incidents not covered r s 23 1031d
Incidents Not CoveredR. S. 23:1031D

Injuries resulting from horseplay.

incidents not covered r s 23 1031e
Incidents Not CoveredR. S. 23:1031E

Incidents which arise out of purely personal matters.

incarceration and wc r s 23 1201 4
Incarceration and WCR. S. 23:1201.4

Benefits are not payable when an IW is

incarcerated unless the IW can prove he has

family who is dependant on the comp check

for support.

items not covered
Items Not Covered

Personal items damaged in work-related accidents.

gray coverage areas r s 23 1021 7
“Gray” Coverage AreasR. S. 23:1021(7)

Clear and convincing

evidence that these are

  • sudden
  • unexpected
  • extraordinary
  • related to the employment.

Cannot be related to

  • any other health condition
  • personal situation.
social activities questions to ask
Social Activities Questions to Ask
  • Did employer sponsor the event?
  • Did employer require employee attendance or participation?
  • Was employee paid for attending?
  • Did the employer finance the event?
  • Did the employer benefit through improved morale and/or good will?
standing by
Standing By

Accidents which occur when the employee is

waiting until a new task is given or unfavorable conditions change before the work can be resumed; i.e. rain.

on call
On Call

Accidents that occur while responding to an

on call incident as well as traveling to and

from the call are usually covered under workers’ compensation.

at lunch or on break
At Lunch or On Break

Injuries that occur at the employer’s place of business during lunch or rest are usually covered under workers’ compensation.

before and after work
Before and After Work

Employees who arrive early or remain at the

place of work after hours are covered under

workers’ compensation if the period of time is reasonable.

to and from work
To and From Work

Accidents to and from work are not covered unless:

1) Employer asks employee to perform a task on the way to or from work.

2) If the employer furnishes the transportation.

special mission for employer
Special Mission for Employer

Employees on a special mission are within the course of

employment from “portal-to-portal” or from home to the

location of the mission or from the location of the mission to home.

while traveling
While Traveling

Accidents which occur while an employee is

traveling on behalf of the employer are

covered under workers’ compensation.

Out of town


At the hotel

At the restaurant

… if there is no deviation.

threshold doctrine
Threshold Doctrine

There are special circumstances in which the

employer’s premises is immediately

adjacent to an unusually hazardous area of

travel. The unusual risk is at the threshold

of the employer’s premises.

--railroad tracks

--designated parking areas

aggravation of pre existing condition
Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition

Pre-existing disabilities or degenerative conditions (whether known or not) that are aggravated or accelerated by physical exertion or extraordinary mental stress may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

choice of physician r s 23 1121 b 1 r s 23 1142 b
Choice of PhysicianR. S. 23:1121(B)(1); R. S. 23:1142(B)

By specialty.

$750 of non-emergency


Failure to obtain approval may

result in non-payment of bills in

excess of $750.

examination of injured workers r s 23 1123 1124
Examination of Injured WorkersR. S. 23:1123-1124

Employer or insurer has right to have IW

examined from time to time during the course

of the claim.

who s going to pay for this
Who’s going to pay for this?

Employer can give verification of initial medical

treatment up to $750 of non-emergency care.

who s going to pay for this51
Who’s going to pay for this?

IW should NEVER pay out-of-pocket for

medical services or use personal insurance to

pay for covered medical expenses that result

from a work related accident.

weekly indemnity benefits r s 23 1224
Weekly Indemnity BenefitsR. S. 23:1224

Injury prevents IW from RTW

for more than 7 days.

7 day waiting period

  • 1st 7 days not recoverable

unless IW loses more than 41 calendar days.

Benefits payable on 8th day.

weekly indemnity benefits r s 23 1201 b
Weekly Indemnity BenefitsR. S. 23:1201.B

Comp checks are due 14 days after

employer notified.

calculation of weekly benefits r s 23 1221
Calculation of Weekly BenefitsR. S. 23:1221

Based on 66 2/3 % of average weekly wageup

to maximum.

(maximum is $522)

calculation of weekly benefits
Calculation of Weekly Benefits

If a worker earns less than

the minimum his actual

wage is his comp rate.

Wages locked according

to date of accident

-in most cases.

Maximum and minimum

change September 1st.

compensation checks
Compensation Checks

To initiate benefits adjuster enters benefit record upon claim setup or when lost time begins.

compensation checks57
Compensation Checks

Usually mailed to agency of employment to buy back leave.

Must be mailed directly to injured worker if


r s 23 1201 1
R. S. 23:1201.1

Workers’ compensation payments, at the option of

the employee, shall be mailed to the employee at the

address designated by him.

when are checks mailed
When are checks mailed?

Every other Tuesday

how long is the check good
How long is the check good?

Checks expire 180 days from issue date.

wc and the irs r s 1021 10 f
WC and the IRSR. S. 1021(10)(f)

Workers’ compensation is a non-taxable income.

leave buy back report
Leave Buy Back Report

The Office of Risk Management has established a

leave buy back report which agencies can run to aid

in re-crediting leave.

The report identifies:

name of injured worker

agency of employment

amount of comp check

average weekly waged used to determine comp rate

payment period for the check

tell us
Tell us!

Comp check incorrect

  • too much
  • too little
  • wrong dates.
stop payment void or reissue check
Stop payment, Void orReissue check

Notify the adjuster of


  • supplemental
  • phone
  • email

Name and phone

number on check


tell us65

Back at work


Out of leave

Tell us!
tell us66
Tell us!

When agency personnel changes.

information we need from you
Information we need from you

Copy of pay stubs for four weeks prior to date

of accident.

This does not include the week of injury.

information we need from you68
Information we need from you

Copy of IW job description.

information we need from you supplemental report of injury
Information we need from youSupplemental Report of Injury

Notify ORM of changes

in claim status

  • beginning disability
  • return to work
  • corrected wage
  • corrected dates of loss
  • retirement status.
information we need from you70
Information we need from you

Employer’s Certificate of Compliance

Certifies employer provides WC insurance.

Certifies employer will not intentionally

defeat IW WC claim.

owca mediations and citations
OWCA Mediations and Citations




ORM will secure

representation from the

attorney general’s office

to respond on you behalf.

owca mediations and citations72
OWCA Mediations and Citations

R. S. 39:1533b

The representation of the state and state agencies

in all claims covered by the Self-Insurance Fund,

and in all tort claims whether or not covered by

the Self-Insurance Fund, shall be provided by the

attorney general or by private legal counsel

appointed by the attorney general…,

wc and fmla

Employee can be on

workers’ compensation

and family medical

leave at the same time.

These run concurrently.

wc and ada
WC and ADA

Some workers’ compensation injuries may qualify for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

supplemental earnings benefits r s 23 1221 3 a
Supplemental Earnings BenefitsR. S. 23:1221(3)(a)

Entitlement to SEB begins

when an IW is unable to earn

wages = 90% or > of pre-injury


SEB based on 66 2/3 of

difference between pre-injury

wage and what employee is

now capable of earning.

discontinuance of benefits
Discontinuance ofBenefits

Once WC benefits are started they continue until

IW returns to work or is released to RTW, regular

duties by treating physician.

discontinuance of benefits78
Discontinuance ofBenefits

Only way to stop workers’ compensation payments altogether …

transitional duty employment80
Transitional Duty Employment

Enables IW to go from here…

transitional duty employment82
Transitional Duty Employment

Would you like for your employee to sit here?

transitional duty employment84
Transitional Duty Employment

Should be done when

IW unable to return to

his previous work


unable to earn wages

equal to his pre-injury


no transitional duty employment
No Transitional Duty Employment?

R. S. 23:1226 rehabilitative services.

Job placement Retraining

transitional duty employment86
Transitional Duty Employment

Make every effort to return IW back to work

even if IW cannot return to work full duties.

transitional duty employment87
Transitional Duty Employment

When an employee is sitting home collecting a

comp check -

transitional duty employment88
Transitional Duty Employment

The work piles up !!!

transitional duty employment89
Transitional Duty Employment

Job modification

Light duty

Restricted duty

Transitional Duty

  • cuts cost of workers’ compensation claims.
successful transitional duty
Successful TransitionalDuty

Transitional Duty is

feasible when the IW

released to some form

of employment by

treating physician.

successful transitional duty91
Successful TransitionalDuty

Agency involvement is


  • committed to TDE
  • communicate with the injured worker.
successful transitional duty92
Successful TransitionalDuty

Employers should exercise discretion and caution in

determining the transitional duties to be assigned.

successful transitional duty93
Successful TransitionalDuty

Transitional duty must not lower the performance

standards and expectations of the job as a whole.

successful transitional duty94
Successful TransitionalDuty

Transitional duty should not establish a precedent for a

lower level of duties and performance that other

employees might then expect to be applied to them.

successful transitional duty95
Successful TransitionalDuty

Transitional duty should not have the effect of

permanently lowering the employee’s civil service job title.

successful transitional duty96
Successful TransitionalDuty

Department of Civil

Service, Program

Assistance Division

can give guidance in

evaluating transitional duty



retirement and workers comp r s 23 1223 1225
Retirement andWorkers’ CompR. S. 23:1223; 1225

Disability Retirement

  • benefits may be reduced

Regular Retirement

  • benefits payable for 2 years
    • gainfully employable

ORM must be notified


unemployment and workers compensation
Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation

Can’t get both workers’

compensation benefits

and unemployment


Notify the handling

adjuster immediately.

employers first report e 1

Reviewing the Claim Form

upper right corner
Upper Right Corner

Employee social security number

purpose of report
Purpose of Report

More than seven (7) days lost time


Amputation / Disfigurement

Medical Only

Possible Dispute

body of the report
Body of the Report
  • Date of the report - The date the report is completed.
  • Date of injury – date the accident occurred.
  • Normal starting time – time employee normally scheduled to begin work.
  • Employee back to work – date IW returned to work.
  • At same wage.
body of the report104
Body of the Report
  • If fatal injury, date of death.
  • Date employer knew of injury - when injury or illness was brought to the employer's attention.
  • Date disability began - the first date that the employee lost time from work as a result of the injury or illness.
  • Last full day paid date – last day the employee was paid in full.
injured worker information
Injured Worker Information

10) Employee Name - injured worker's first, middle, last


11) Male, female - gender of the injured worker.

12) Employee telephone number – IW home telephone


injured worker information106
Injured Worker Information

13) Employee’s most current residential address -

Street address, city, parish, state, zip code.

14) Parish of injury - Name of the parish where

injury / illness occurred.

injured worker information107
Injured Worker Information

15) Date of hire - date injured worker began working with agency.

16) Date of birth - injured worker's date of birth.

17) Occupation - Employee's occupation. Example: Gardner.

18) Department or division regularly employed .

place of injury
Place of Injury

19) Employer’s premises: YES or NO – If the injury did not occur on

the employer's premises, coverage may be affected.

20) If "NO"- give the location of the injury including city and state.

what work activity was the employee doing
What Work Activity was the Employee Doing?

21) What was the IW doing when the accident


Example - Employee injured while lifting numerous 30 lb. boxes into truck at loading dock. Dollies are provided for this task but employee refused to use them.

what was iw doing when accident occurred
What was IW Doing When Accident Occurred?




personal conflicts

Course and scope of employment

Arising out of the employment

what caused incident to happen
What Caused Incident to Happen?

22) The events which resulted in injury or disease.

What happened and how it happened.

Full details on all factors which led or contributed to

injury or illness.

Example: Employee complained of back pain after

lifting boxes for 1 week (approximately 50

boxes per day).

what caused incident to happen112
What Caused Incident to Happen?

Accidents due to mechanical defects or

unsafe acts should have a safety review.

what caused incident to happen113
What Caused Incident to Happen?

If incident is result of MVA, who’s at fault

(who hit whom)?

Subrogation rights

what caused incident to happen114
What Caused Incident to Happen?

Retain damaged property

Product Liability

part of body and nature of injury illness
Part of Body and Nature of Injury / Illness

23) Identify part(s) of body involved and the nature of

the injury and illness to that body part(s).

May include more than one part of body.

Example: Sprain to upper and lower back. 

24) If occupational disease – Date doctor diagnosed

disease / illness as occupational.

part of body and nature of injury illness116
Part of Body and Nature of Injury / Illness

If leg, arm, eye, ear, fingers or toes are hurt:

  • which one?
medical information
Medical Information

25) Physician and address - Doctor

who treated the employee for injury.

26) Hospital name and address.

employer name
Employer Name

27) Name of the agency injured worker

employed by.

28) Person completing this report.

employer name119
Employer Name


  • region
  • district
employer information
Employer Information

29) Employer address - Include street address,

city, state and zip.

30) Employer’s telephone - Phone number

of person completing the form.

employer information121
Employer Information

31) Employer’s mailing address – if different

from address in Item 29.

32) Nature of business - Nature of employer’s

business. Be specific.

wage information
Wage Information

33) Always report wage even if IW does not

lose time.

Report wage on WEEKLY basis.

wage information123
Wage Information

Overtime earned in the four

(4) weeks prior to date of


Premium or differential pay

Income that is taxable to


Part-time employment or

second jobs.


Share information with adjuster that will be

helpful in making a determination on the claim.

This can be done at any time during the claims


website information
Website information
  • ORM websites:


  • LDOL / OWCA website:

  • ISIS website:

leave buy back report134
Leave Buy Back Report

Available Reports

leave buy back report135
Leave Buy Back Report

Report Group > AGENCY REP> Filter

leave buy back report136
Leave Buy Back Report

FILTER > Leave Buy Back Report> Run

contact information
Contact Information

Contact me:

Karen C. Jackson

State Risk Claims Manager

P. O. Box 91106

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9106

225-342-7390 (p)

225-342-4470 (f)







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