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Strategy aims

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Strategy aims - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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West Midlands Cycling & Walking Strategy David Kinshuck & Dene Stevens Pushbikes Campaigns David Kinshuck …ophthalmologist treating diabetic retinopathy; member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists public health group members of the West Midlands Cycling Walking Coalition Strategy aims

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West MidlandsCycling & Walking StrategyDavid Kinshuck & Dene StevensPushbikes CampaignsDavid Kinshuck …ophthalmologist treating diabetic retinopathy; member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists public health groupmembers of the West Midlands Cycling Walking Coalition

strategy aims
Strategy aims
  • By 2020 to enable ~20% of journeys to include cycling
  • Increase walking
  • Cycling should be safe for young (>12y) and inexperienced
  • 20mph limits or less on all residential roads
  • Cycle training and related support
  • Cycle lanes by busy roads


Also needs slower speeds…

20mph limits (or less) would make both walking and cycling safer

savings 25 cycling slower speeds
Savings: 25% cycling & slower speeds
  • 50% reduction road accidents.. 10mph slower speeds
  • 50% reduction in obesity and diabetes
  • 30% fewer mental health problems with regular exercise
  • 30% less crime with regular exercise
  • 10% increase in academic achievement
  • 30% less drug use / risk taking behaviour
  • £100+m….new investments, as the city becomes more pleasant
savings 25 cycling slower speeds6
Savings: 25% cycling & slower speeds
  • £60m…..fewer road accidents (50% reduction .. slower speeds, now £120m)
  • £62m…..…..less obesity/diabetes (Health is £1b/year/city, obesity costs 25% =£250m, if 25% cycle there will be 25% less obesity)
  • £8m………...improved mental health(mental health is £100m/year/city, if 25% cycle they will have 33% fewer problems…£8m)
  • £25m……....less crime(crime is £1b/year/city, if 25% cycle they will commit 10% less crime)
  • £25m…….….higher academic achievement(education is £1b/year/city, if 25% cycle they will have 10% greater academic achievement, a gain of £25m)
  • 10% less drug use and £100+m….new investments, as the city becomes more pleasant see hereSee here online
  • Councils now have to set their own targets, rather than being bound by a national one. Cllrs might think they can forget about cycling
  • 95% Councillors responding support our aims
  • All local MPs support
  • Central Government is not providing incentives…it supports congestion reduction
  • Current levels of funding are enough to train about 3% of children thoroughly to national standard.
  • NO large scale speed reduction/traffic reduction/cycle training/cycle lanes.
  • Short term…London style cycle network
  • Long term…Amsterdam or Hull style provision
  • Tackling equality in cycling…few women/ Asian cyclists
dangers are the main deterrent
Dangers are the main deterrent

An RAF Tornado pilot…

” Cycling across Birmingham is much more scary that flying a Tornado Jet”

related issues
Related issues

Lost basketball pitches to developers

Several informal football pitches to developers

we need your support
We Need Your support
  • What can this group do?
  • What can we do next?
  • Cycling and walking are ‘Joined up thinking’