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The UT Dallas Police Department PowerPoint Presentation
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The UT Dallas Police Department

The UT Dallas Police Department

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The UT Dallas Police Department

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  1. The UT Dallas Police Department Corporal Misty Boyd Crime Prevention 972-883-5311

  2. About us: The University Police are responsible for enforcing all criminal and traffic laws on campus. We are located on the north side of campus next to the Service building Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week Main Phone Number: 972-883-2331 Emergencies: 9-1-1 Website:

  3. UTD Officers are commissioned by the Board of Regents and as authorized, by the Texas Education Code (Article 51.023), have county wide police jurisdiction in all counties where the U.T. System or a U.T. System institution owns, leases, rents or otherwise controls property. Within those counties, officers are vested with all the powers, privileges and immunities of peace officers and may enforce all traffic laws on streets and highways

  4. Services Provided • Safe Walk campus escorts • Vehicle Assists • R.A.D. training for females • Explorer program • Community liaison officer program • Student Patrol • Emergency Callboxes • Campus Citation Online Appeals form • Silent Witness Program • Ask-A-Cop • Crime Prevention Unit • Police Blotter • C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team

  5. Safe Walk Campus Escorts A walking escort service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To request an escort call extension 2331. Give your name and the nearest exit door to your location. A Police Officer, Police Guard, Student Patrol or an Explorer will meet you at that building door and walk with you to any area on campus.

  6. Vehicle Assists Vehicle assistance is offered to individuals who need a battery jump, or have left their keys in their car and need vehicle unlock assistance. The Officers will not be able to assist you with a vehicle unlock if your car has power locks. To request assistance call our Communications Center at 972-883-2331; give your name, vehicle information and location. An officer will be dispatched to your location. A release of liability form will need to be completed before the officer renders assistance.

  7. R.A.D.Rape Aggression Defense Program UTD Police participate as a sponsor in the RAD program, offering self defense training to female students, faculty and staff free of charge. For more information or to register for an upcoming class check our website:

  8. Explorer Program Students interested in a career in law enforcement, or learning more about law enforcement are encouraged to join the UTD Police Explorer Post. Participating students may earn up to 6 hours of college course credit through the program. Explorers are trained in law enforcement scenarios such as misdemeanor traffic stops, high risk stops, bomb threat response, arrest search & seizure, domestic disturbance, crime scene investigation, accident investigation, medical assists, firearms, and robbery/burglary in progress. Explorers compete in regional, state, and national competitions in scenario events. Additionally, Explorer participate in Ride-A-Longs with Officers, are part of the bike patrol program, and assist with other community service efforts in the Department.

  9. Community Liaison Officer Program The purpose of the community liaison program is to improve communication between the Police Department and the community which it serves. We're here to develop a partnership to better serve the community. Through this program, specific groups will have officers assigned to help address the concerns of the group as well as the needs of the Police Department. Additionally, Officers may serve as Advisors to registered student organizations. The officers assigned to this program will be a link from the Chief's office to these groups. The Chief's door continues to be open to those in the community, but we hope this program will encourage a relationship of cooperation and service between the Police and the community.

  10. Student Patrol The UTD Police Department has hired a staff of twenty students to serve as Student Community Service Officers in the new Student Patrol program. Students are assisting the UTD Police and the community by serving as trained eyes and ears. CSO’s conduct foot patrols of the campus, and University residential areas. Services include walking escorts, motorist assists, entry assists, and performing other support services roles that do not require a commissioned Police Officer. Student CSO,s will identify and report all suspicious activity and safety issues while conducting their patrols. Additionally, Student Patrol staffs the Information Center from 6pm - 2am, extending the hours of service of the Information Center. Student Patrol is on duty daily from 6pm -2am.

  11. Emergency Call Boxes Emergency call boxes are bronze or blue in color with a blue light above which illuminates at dusk. They are strategically located on the UTD Campus and are designed for emergency situations. These call boxes are connected directly to the Police Communications Center and have a button to push for service. If at any time a callbox button is pushed and you are unable to answer, an officer will be dispatched to that location immediately.

  12. Campus Citation Online Appeals Online campus citation appeals was made possible through a cooperative effort between UTD POLICE and the STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION. This service provides a more efficient method for conducting appeals. All campus citations are appealed online via our website:

  13. Silent Witness Program Silent Witness is provided as a service to you. We understand there are times when citizens may wish to provide information to the Police about criminal activity and remain anonymous. Providing for a safe community requires a partnership and a commitment from both Law Enforcement and the communities which they serve. We ask you to help us to serve and protect your community by reporting criminal activity. The form can be filled out online via our website:

  14. Ask-A-Cop Though we may answer questions about laws and possible sanctions, it should be noted that we are not allowed to provide legal guidance. Those questions most commonly asked will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions list on the website.

  15. Crime Prevention Unit The Crime Prevention office coordinates several projects to promote safety and awareness on campus. Presentations by a crime prevention officer or a police officer can be arranged for student groups. Presentations may be offered in alcohol awareness, sexual assaults, identity theft, or other areas based on interest and need of your group. To have a presentation for your group, contact the Crime Prevention Office at 972-883-4322 or 972-883-5311.

  16. Police Blotter A summary of criminal activity, and incidents responded to by UTD Police Officers. The summaries are logged monthly on the UTD PD website, and are also published in the UTD campus newspaper, The Mercury.

  17. C.E.R.T.Community Emergency Response Team This program is open to anyone who is part of UTD, as Faculty, Staff, or Student. CERT training promotes a partnering effort between emergency services and the people that they serve. The goal is for emergency personnel to train members of neighborhoods, community organizations, or workplaces in basic response skills. CERT members are then integrated into the emergency response capability for their area.

  18. For questions or any information on any of these programs please visit our website: Or contact Corporal Misty Boyd 972-883-5311 Virgil Robinson 972-883-4931