the smithsonian latino virtual museum virtual watershed initiative
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The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum Virtual Watershed Initiative

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The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum Virtual Watershed Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum Virtual Watershed Initiative Adventure Game Quest Trailer for… Click Here Adventure Quest: Smithsonian LVM Eco-Explorers Immerse Yourself! Play, Experience and Learn Culture and the Environment: Impact and Sustainability

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum Virtual Watershed Initiative' - Gabriel

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map blue print second life experience
Map & Blue Print (Second Life Experience)
  • Five core areas:
  • Central portal-main island
  • Music sim
  • Latino Virtual Gallery sim
  • Latino Art Collections sim
  • Smithsonian Expeditions sim
  • Key Features:
  • Searchable Learning Collection
  • Immersive Educational Activities
  • Search SI Latino Art Collections
  • Search SI Latin American Art
  • Search SI Library databases

LVM blue print: 5 island sim ecosystem

overall watershed concept and development
Overall Watershed concept and development
  • Two Virtual World Experiences:
  • LVM 5 sim Ecosystem
  • Kids Virtual Watershed Ecosystem
  • Distribution Channels for Proposed Educational Activities and Resources
  • Participatory Platform Presence:
    • LVM Ecosystem in Second Life Main Grid 18+ audiences
    • K-12 _Kids Virtual Watershed Ecosystem version will be simultaneously available
    • on Open Simulator (open source virtual world platform)
  • Workshops:
  • Format: goal, science method, activities, framework, on site and virtual session
    • Educators Training Workshops
    • Museum Educators Training Workshops
    • Student learning workshops (spin‐off pilot afterschool program)
  • Programs:
  • GOAL:create a model for targeting Latino Youth
    • Distance Learning (targeted outreach)
    • Afterschool program –Virtual Science Fair Project focused on watershed theme
  • Resources:
  • LVM Educators Toolkit
    • LVM Educators Toolkit (suite of SLC educational online resources; including archived demos
    • using Machinima)
    • Featuring SI Latino Collections –3D Learning Objects –cross platform –cross media accessible
    • Virtual Tour packages (self guided or personal boat tours through watershed environment)
    • Educator Training videos (using machinima)
  • SI Latino Collections Convergent Media Distribution:
    • Featuring SI Latino Collections –3D Learning Objects –cross platform –cross media accessible
    • Featured Game-based interface for Iphone/ipod touch game; Flash; Second Life; Unity 3D online
    • iphone/ipod Touch search and 3D Augmented Reality Education Kits
  • About the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum (LVM) Initiative:
  • Go to Link:
  • LVM blog:
  • Go to link:
  • What is Second Life?
  • Go to link:
  • Educational Uses of Virtual Worlds:
  • Go to link:
  • Virtual Worlds Impact on Education:
  • Go to link: +Impact+on+Education
  • Article: Are Virtual Worlds the Future of the Classroom
  • Go to link:
  • For more information about LVM contact:
  • Melissa Carrillo
  • New Media & Technology Director
  • Smithsonian Latino Center
  • [email protected]