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Slackers Noroi Kujira Presents Turbo Edition Peter Bingel Steven Espinosa David He Jonathan Fomby DESIGNERS/PROGRAMERS/R0X0RS0ERS 3D Top Down Shooter (TDS) PEW PEW!!! Description Goals DON'T DIE GET WEAPON UPGRADES KILL EVERYTHING GET THE HIGHSCORE Gameplay ie.(PEW PEW!!!) TDS

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peter bingel steven espinosa david he jonathan fomby
Peter Bingel

Steven Espinosa

David He

Jonathan Fomby

gameplay ie pew pew





Gameplay ie.(PEW PEW!!!)
  • TDS
  • Arcade Style
  • Pickup and Play
  • HARD – Tons of ships
  • Good Music
  • PEW PEW!!!'s
system requirement
System Requirement
  • Processor: Modern AMD or Intel processor
  • O/S: Windows 2000/2003/XP
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Disk: 10 MB?
  • Driver package: Direct X 9.0
  • Display: 800x600 res
  • Audio: speakers
  • Criteria:
    • Violence: mild
    • Language: none
    • Sexuality: none
    • Gambling: none
    • Alcohol/Drugs: none
    • Required skill: persistence
  • Suggested rating:
level design
Level Design
  • Level basics:
    • New boss ship
    • New enemy ships
    • New terrain/backdrop
  • Flexibility:
    • Levels stored in external files.
interface camera
  • Player sees the game via a top down camera
  • Hud overlay on screen provides information necessary to player
    • Player health
    • Boss health, when applicable
    • Current/High scores
    • Power-ups remaining
    • Lives remaining
  • May implement a panning camera that takes advantage of the full 3D nature of the game during level/boss transitions
input output
  • All control will be done via the keyboard
  • Either WASD or arrow keys may be used for primary movement
  • Other keys will be bound for firing, special moves as is deemed fit
  • May make customizable controls in order to accommodate as many people as possible
  • Players will have the ability to control their ship through massive PEW PEW battles
  • Simply to survive
  • Kill Enemy Ships
    • Manage ammunition and weapon upgrades
  • Evade Enemy Fire
    • Counter-maneuvering
    • Weapon based counter-measures
  • PEW PEW!!!”
limitations choices resources
Limitations, Choices & Resources
  • Limitations
    • Limited health and ammunition
  • Choices
    • Player constantly making decisions
    • How to allocate resources (health, ammo)
    • How to evade enemy fire
  • Resources
    • Health and Ammo
    • Weapon upgrades (primary, secondary, and defensive)
content design
Content Design
  • 2D texture for background
  • 3D player and enemy models
  • Created in Wings, 3D Canvas Pro, Photoshop
ship examples
Ship Examples

The Coolest Ship

The Metal Ship

The Flyswatter Ship

ship examples cont
Ship Examples (cont.)

The Fork Ship

The Seahorse Ship

The Ugly Ship

  • Techo beats provided by Andrell Shaw
  • Sound FX
    • “PEW PEW!!!”
    • “Ka-Pow!”
Good Docs
  • Works with both OpenGL and DirectX
  • Lots and Lots of Online help
  • Only Does 3DGraphics
  • OpenAL for Audio
  • Going to build our own Physics or find a Download Solution.
  • We will be developing the game incrementally and testing as much as possible at each stage
  • Boss fights will initially be tested in a level in which they are they only enemy in order to ensure that they are working as intended
  • Extensive test plan to be implemented when we have one complete level to ensure it is of the highest quality before continuing

March 7 – Initial presentation and models

March 21 – Initial test demo w/ scrolling background texture, simple model

April 4 – Play test with hud, simple enemies pathing on screen

April 11 – First boss fight implemented

April 18 – First level completed/tested

May 2 – Finished polishing/addition levels possibly implemented