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Siebel Web Services

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Siebel Web Services . Siebel Web Services. March,29 2007. From INFOKEYS INC. Siebel Web Services - Agenda. - Introduction Basic Evolution Web Service Components SOAP WSDL UDDI - Siebel - WebServices Inbound Web Service (Exposing BS/WF as a WS)

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Siebel Web Services

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siebel web services
Siebel Web Services

Siebel Web Services

March,29 2007



siebel web services agenda
Siebel Web Services - Agenda
  • - Introduction
    • Basic Evolution
    • Web Service Components
      • SOAP
      • WSDL
      • UDDI
  • - Siebel - WebServices
    • Inbound Web Service (Exposing BS/WF as a WS)
    • Outbound Web Service (Publish external.wsdl in Siebel e.g.. Google.wsdl)
  • - SOA
    • What is SOA?
    • Difference between OOP & SOA
    • Relation between SOA & Web Services
siebel web service introduction
Siebel Web Service - Introduction
  • Web Services evolved from previous technologies that served the same purpose such as DCOM , CORBA,JAVA RMI
  • Web Services were intended to solve these problems:
    • Interoperability
    • Firewall traversal & Proprietary protocols
    • Complexity
siebel web service evolution reasons
Siebel Web Service - Evolution Reasons.
  • Interoperability
    • DCOM applications - Windows operating System
    • RMI - Java Programming language
  • Firewall and Proprietary protocols
    • Distributed systems such as CORBA and DCOM used non-standard ports
    • CORBA uses IIOP which is not practical for Inter-enterprise Integration
    • Web services use HTTP as a transport protocol and most of the firewalls allow access through port 80(HTTP)
  • Complexity
    • we can implement web service with our existing language and existing operating system.
siebel web service definition
Siebel Web Service - Definition
  • What is a Web Service?

Web Services is a software system designed to support

interoperableMachine to Machine interaction over a network.

Web services are frequently just Web APIs that can be accessed

over a network, such as the Internet, and executed on a remote

system hosting the requested services.

siebel web service components
Siebel Web Service - Components

Web Service Components.

  • SOAP: An XML-based, extensible message envelope format, with "bindings" to underlying protocols (e.g., HTTP, SMTP and XMPP).
  • WSDL: An XML format that allows service interfaces to be described, along with the details of their bindings to specific protocols. Typically used to generate server and client code, and for configuration.
  • UDDI: A protocol for publishing and discovering metadata about Web services, to enable applications to find Web services, either at design time or runtime.
  • WS-Security: Defines how to use XML Encryption and XML Signature in SOAP to secure message exchanges.
  • WS-ReliableMessaging: A protocol for reliable messaging between two Web services.
  • WS-Reliability: An OASIS standard protocol for reliable messaging between two Web services.
siebel web service soap
Siebel Web Service - SOAP
  • SOAP.
    • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
    • An XML envelope for XML messaging , Header + Body
    • SOAP is an XML Vocabulary standard to enable programs on separate computers to interact across the network.
    • SOAP is not bound to any particular protocol such as HTTP , SMTP or even TCP/IP.
  • Structure of SOAP.
    • A required envelope element that identifies the XML document as a SOAP message.
    • An optional Header element that contains Header Information.
    • A request Body element that contains call and response information.
    • An optional Fault element that provides information about errors that occurred while processing the message.
siebel web service soap request
Siebel Web Service - SOAP Request
  • Example of SOAP request.

<xml? Version=“1.0”?>




<soap:Body xmlns:m=“”>






siebel web service soap response
Siebel Web Service - SOAP response
  • Example of SOAP response.

<xml? Version=“1.0”?>




<soap:Body xmlns:m=“”>






siebel web service wsdl
Siebel Web Service - WSDL
  • WSDL
    • WSDL stands for Web Service Description Language.
    • WSDL is an XML vocabulary to describe Web Service and their capabilities , in a standard manner.
    • WSDL specifies what a request message must contain and what the response message will look like in unambiguous notation.
    • In additional to describing message contains , WSDL defines where the service is available and what communication protocol is used to talk to service.
  • WSDL example

<message name=“GetWeatherRequest”>

<part name=“postal code” type =“xs:string”/>


<message name=“GetWeatherResponse”>

<part name=“Degree ” type =“xs:string”/>


<portType name=“Weather”>

<operation name=“GetWeather”>

<input message=“GetWeatherRequest”/>

<output message=“GetWeatherResponse”/>



siebel web service uddi
Siebel Web Service - UDDI
  • UDDI
    • UDDI stands for Universal Description , Discovery &Integration.
    • A project to encourage interoperability and adoption of webservices.
    • Similar to a Universal phone book.
    • Specification to publish and discover web services in the web.
    • Shared Distributed registry on the web.
    • Enables three basic functions.
      • Publish function(how a web service registers)
      • Find Function (how a client finds a web service)
      • Bind Function (how the client connects and interacts with a web service)
siebel web service defined as
Siebel Web Service - Defined As
  • Web Service
  • Now we come to our new definition to describe the web service as
    • An application component that
      • Communicates via open protocols (HTTP,SMTP , etc)
      • Processes XML messages frames using SOAP.
      • Describe its messages using XML schema
      • Describe itself using WSDL.
      • Find and bound using UDDI.
siebel web services inbound web service

External System

Siebel Application

Siebel Web Services - Inbound Web Service
  • Inbound: Enable an external system to access Siebel data, business services, and workflow processes
      • Siebel application as a service(called by an external system)
      • Typical Siebel Inbound webservice works as follows.



siebel web services inbound web service15
Siebel Web Services - Inbound Web Service

Exposing a Siebel Business Service/WF

as a Web Service

  • Login to Client.
  • Click View -> Site Map -> Web Services Administration ->Inbound Web Services.
  • In the Inbound Web Services list applet , Create an Inbound web services record :
    • Enter the namespace for your organization's web services.
    • Enter the name of the web services in the name column.
    • Select the ‘Active’ in the status field.
  • Create an Inbound service port record in the service portlist Applet.
    • Click New and enter the name of the port in the Name Column.
    • Pick the type of object published.
    • Enter the address appropriate for the transport chosen.
    • Select the protocol or transport that will publish the web service.
  • In the Operations List Applet ,create a new operation recordfor the new service port you created
    • Enter the name of the web service operation.
    • Select the name of the business service method in the methodDisplay name column.
    • Select the authentication type from the drop-down list.
  • Generate .wsdl file.
siebel web service outbound
Siebel Web Service - Outbound

Step For Siebel Web Services - Outbound communication

  • Import the WSDL file in Siebel tools.
    • Start Siebel tools.
    • Choose File > New Object to display the New Object Wizards.
    • Select the EAI tab, select the Web service icon, and click OK.The WSDL import Wizard appears.
  • Setup the Outbound Webservice definition
    • you have to import the runtime information generatedin the .xml file though the WSDL Import Wizard.(OR)
    • In the Siebel client, navigate to the Web Services Administration view via Site Map.
    • Select Outbound Web services from the Web ServicesAdministration view.
    • Click Import to display the EAI Web Service Import dialog box and specify the export file (.xml) createdfrom the WSDL Import Wizard in step.Click Import.
    • Check that the Service Ports section in the Outbound Web Services view is populated from the export file.
    • Make sure Web service status is Active
siebel web service soa
Siebel Web Service - SOA
  • What is SOA ?
    • Service - Oriented Architecture (SOA)
      • Agents (Software or human)
      • Emphasis on actions
      • Agents - to - agent interaction through message exchange.
    • A Service is a set of actions that form a coherent whole from the point of view of service providers and service requesters.
    • Service-Oriented Architecture are more suitable for loosely coupled distributed applications (Web service Architecture)
    • Object - Orientation encourages closely coupled distributed applications( I.e., CORBA,DCOM,etc.)
siebel web service soa19
Siebel Web Service - SOA
  • What is relation between SOA & Web Services?
    • Service - Oriented Architecture are
      • Loosely coupled pieces of application functionality
        • published
        • consumed
      • can be combined with other applications over a network.
    • Web Services
      • Stack of emerging standards.
      • Define protocols.
      • Create a loosely coupled framework for programmatic communication among disparate systems.
siebel web service q a
Siebel Web Service - Q & A

Q?& Aemail :