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Grants Online Procurement Request and Commitment of Funds (PRCF) Sub Process

Grants Online. Grants Online Procurement Request and Commitment of Funds (PRCF) Sub Process. Process Map Key. Timed Action. Grants Online User. Grants Online Document. Continue. Grants Online Documents. Routes out of Workflow. Process Step. Notification.

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Grants Online Procurement Request and Commitment of Funds (PRCF) Sub Process

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  1. Grants Online Grants Online Procurement Request and Commitment of Funds (PRCF) Sub Process User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

  2. Process Map Key Timed Action Grants Online User Grants Online Document Continue Grants Online Documents Routes out of Workflow Process Step Notification User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

  3. Pre Award: Recommend Applications for Funding Overview Non Competitive – Initiated by PO -- “Negotiations Complete” Competitive – Initiated by FALD – “Initiate PO Preparation ” Note: Letters A, B, C represent Workflow Processes Numbers 1,2,3,4 represent TASKS within a Process If needed, after the PO Checklist is certified, you can “Renegotiate” to make changes to the application. Taking action A1b creates an “Award File” This action is only available after action C4a has been done. Grants Specialist Review Award File 1 2 Certify/Revise Award File 2a. Revise NEPA Document 2b. Revise PO Checklist 2c. Revise Procurement Request and Commitment of Funds 2d. Forward Award File to Grants Specialist 2e. Renegotiate A Assigned FPO PO Checklist Complete PO Checklist 1a. Complete… 1b. Certify… Complete PO Checklist 1a. Complete… 1b. Certify… Start PO Checklist Taking action A2d sends “Award File” to GMD. Award File is complete only after actions B2b and C4a are also done. Assigned FPO B NEPA NEPA Doc. 1a. Complete… 1b. Forward… NEPA Official Review NEPA 2a. Review… 2b. Approve… 2c. Return… NEPA 3 4 Proc. Req. (PRCF) C Proc. Req. (PRCF) Proc. Req. and Com. of Funds 1a.Complete… 1b.Forward… Requestor Review PRCF 2a. Review… 2b. Approve… 2c. Return to FPO Authorizing Official (Budget Officer) Review PRCF 3a. Review… 3b. Approve… 3c. Return to FPO CAMS First Approver Start Initial Work on Award in CAMS 4a. …Complete 4b. Return to AO User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

  4. Processes A, B, CA – Task 59306: Complete (Fill Out / Enter Data into) PO ChecklistB – Task 59308: NEPA DocumentC – Task 59311: Procurement Request and Commitment of FundsAt this point no Award File has been created yet. This is done by completing the “Certify” action in Process step A1. User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

  5. Start Public Affairs Attach Press Release *Alternate flow if Fed Funding exceeds 500,000 OIG Official Approve or Return Grant Grant File Launch Page FALD Official OLIA Official Clear Grant or Hold Grant No Legal Objection or FALD Comment Grant File Launch Page Grant File Launch Page Pre Award: GMD Review and Approval Overview 2 3 Done 4 5 1 GMD Checklist Start Complete GMD Checklist Done Final state PO Checklist, NEPA document, Procurement Request Forward to Grants Officer Grants Specialist Complete CD 450 CD-450 8 7 6 9 End Recipient Authorized Representative Approve Award File CAMS Second Approval Grants Officer CAMS First Approval Alternative flow selected by Grants Specialist: Alternative flow selected by Grants Specialist: Grants File Launch Page User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

  6. 3 Recipient Authorized Official • Review Award File • NEPA Document • PO Checklist • Procurement Request • Commitment of Funds Review 1 Return Grants Specialist End Withdraw Pre Award: Review/Approve Grant File – Grants Officer 8 CAMS 1st Approver (Review) CAMS 2nd Approver(Review) Approve Award File 6 Receives task in Inbox to Approve Award File Grants Officer User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

  7. Award: Recipient Acceptance Overview 2 3 4 5 6 1 7 Start Done Approve Grant File Accept Award Accept Award/Confirm Recipient System Administrator Recipient System Administrator Recipient Authorized Official Grants Officer Manage Award Users 9 8 End Manage Award Complete Manage Award Users Screen, press Done Button User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

  8. Directions for accessing WebEx Step 1: Enter the following URL address in your web browser: https://bearingpointnoaa.webex.com Step 2: Select the first tab titled "Today" Step 3: Select the "Join Now" link for the session titled "Revising Procurement Requests" Step 4: Enter your name, email address, and the password, which is: grantsonline User Group Meeting 09/07/2005

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