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Schreiber High School. Middle States Accreditation Process. Internal Coordinators. Lauren Giliof David Miller. ROLE: To facilitate Schreiber’s Middle States accreditation review. Organize Self Study and Collegial Discussion Obtain Feedback from the Community

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Schreiber High School

Middle States Accreditation Process

Internal coordinators l.jpg
Internal Coordinators

  • Lauren Giliof

  • David Miller

  • ROLE: To facilitate Schreiber’s Middle States accreditation review.

  • Organize Self Study and Collegial Discussion

  • Obtain Feedback from the Community

  • Work with Planning Committee to Develop Objectives

  • Facilitate Creation of Action Plans

  • Plan for and Arrange Visitation

The plan l.jpg
The Plan

Explain the Process to Faculty and Parents

Develop Standard Area Committees

Begin Self Study (Survey)

Conduct Survey of Outside Stakeholders

Communicate Survey Results

Planning Team Develops Objectives

Faculty and Community Discusses and Endorses Objectives

Gain MSA Approval for Objectives

Action Plan Committees form and develop Action Plans

Materials Gathered for Work Rooms

Prepare for Visitation

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(Revised in 2002 – 2003)

The chief objective of the educational process at Paul D. Schreiber High School is to ensure that each member of our diverse student body achieves at his or her highest potential. Our staff is committed to providing an extensive program that combines academic, co-curricular, athletic and community service opportunities. Our goal is to prepare students to participate in a dynamic, changing society by helping each individual acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, while at the same time allowing students to exercise individual creativity and independent thinking in order to achieve personal fulfillment. In pursuing this vision, we seek to work in a partnership with the community, and to encourage all members of the professional staff, students and parents to contribute their views as part of the democratic process. In this way, we can create a caring and safe environment where respect for the rights of all and appreciation of differences prevail.

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  • (Revised in 2002 – 2003)

  • To ensure that excellence is achieved through high expectations and accountability.

  • To provide a varied, dynamic curriculum that is responsive to the needs of all students.

  • To provide a climate that promotes interaction among staff, students and community members.

  • To provide a safe school environment where creativity and individuality can flourish.

  • To promote independent thinking and a sense of personal fulfillment through the creative arts.

  • To provide the opportunity for each individual to discover, understand and accept self in order to realize his/her own potential for social and academic growth.

  • To encourage democratic values that celebrate diversity and respect for the rights of every individual.

  • To provide co-curricular and athletic programs that meet the needs and interests of students.

Previous objectives l.jpg
Previous Objectives

AFG Objective 1 – Raising Regents Results

AFG Objective 2 - Increase the number of teaching strategies and decrease the portion of Ds and Fs as final averages.

Added at Mid Point Review

AFG Objective 3 - By the year 2005, 85% of the students in the graduating class will qualify for a Regents Diploma or an Advanced Regents Diploma.

AFG Objective 4 -All students will have an opportunity to participate in multicultural experiences, curricular and co-curricular, each school year as measured by a survey to be administered annually.

Objectives l.jpg

  • Must be measurable student performance objectives.

  • Must meet MSA criteria. This will be discussed later with the Planning Committee.

Top ten reasons to attend an msa workshop l.jpg

Realizing you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into!

Meeting people at the rest shop whose parents clearly share the same chromosomes.

Dave’s great sense of direction led to road trip to Delaware.

Get to drive 4 hours in a monsoon.

Fine dining at rest stops on the Jersey Turnpike.

Meeting other Internal Coordinators who actually get paid to do this.

Meeting other Internal Coordinators who now take Xanax.

Shopping for Halloween junk at the $1.00 store.

Lauren’s great sense of direction led to an impromptu tour of South Philly.

Explaining to your spouse who you are going away for the night with.

Top Ten Reasons to Attend an MSA Workshop

What to do today in committee l.jpg

Be nice to your chair… they have volunteered to help and we appreciate it.

Review self study survey.

Reach consensus on what you can.

Assign someone to research survey questions you cannot answer.

Develop comments and explanations to all items that receive a score of 3 or lower.

Consider possible objectives arising from results of self study.

Assign someone to gather materials for work room – 2 copies of each. Due by 9/06. (Policy manuals are available online.)

Take time to answer school survey. Submit answers to chair before you leave.

Next Middle States meeting – 12/7 (3:15 – 4:15)

What To Do Today In Committee