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Role of the Physical Therapist

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Role of the Physical Therapist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role of the Physical Therapist. Sports PT Staff . “Let our team take care of your team”. Libby Kestel PT, SCS, MBA. Ed Crowley PT, ATC. Dick Evans PT, OCS. Joel Lee PT. Paul Pursley PT, SCS. Katie Ryan PTA. Kolleen Shields PT. Glenn Williams PhD, PT, ATC, SCS. It’s a good team.

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Presentation Transcript
let our team take care of your team
“Let our team take care of your team”

Libby Kestel


Ed Crowley


Dick Evans


Joel Lee


Paul Pursley


Katie Ryan


Kolleen Shields


Glenn Williams


it s a good team
It’s a good team
  • ~150 Combined years of experience
  • 6 APTA certified specialists (2 OCS, 1 PTA)
  • 3/14 SCS in Iowa
  • Continuing Education
  • APTA Dues
it s a good team4
It’s a good team
  • Positions held/ holding
    • Director of AT Services (UI)
    • Chairperson for SE District of IPTA (x3)
    • District Director (x2)
    • IPTA Foundation President
    • Iowa House of Delegates
    • Board of AT Examiners
    • Board of PT Examiners
    • President, American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists
  • Certificate
  • BS
  • MPT or MSPT
  • DPT
physical therapy practice the future
Physical Therapy PracticeThe Future

APTA Vision 2020

  • By 2020, physical therapy will be provided by physical therapists who are doctors of physical therapy, recognized by consumers and other health care professionals as the practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities related to movement, function, and health.
autonomous practice11
“Autonomous Practice”
  • Definition of "Autonomous Practice" Adopted
  • In light of APTA's movement toward realizing Vision 2020, an operational definition of "autonomous practice" was adopted during the March Board of Directors meeting. Vision 2020 states, "Physical therapists will be practitioners of choice in clients’ health networks and will hold all privileges of autonomous practice." Board members agreed, however, that the term "autonomous practice" and the related term "autonomous physical therapist practitioner" needed clarification to ensure that the Association’s efforts toward this realization are consistent.
  • The definitions adopted by the Board are as follows:
  • "Autonomous physical therapist practice is practice

characterized by independent, self-determined, professional judgment and action.

  • "An autonomous physical therapist practitioner, within the scope of practice defined by the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, provides physical therapy services to patients/clients who have direct and unrestricted access to their services, and may refer as appropriate to other health care providers and other professionals and for diagnostic tests."
  • The Board directed APTA staff to identify competencies of the autonomous physical therapist practitioner, using A Normative Model of Physical Therapist Professional Education, the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, other Association documents, and expert member input. A report is due to the November 2001 Board of Directors meeting.
practice of physical therapy what pt s do
Practice of Physical TherapyWhat PT’s Do
  • Relieve Pain
    • Modalities, Manual Techniques, Education
  • Improve ROM
    • Modalities, Manual Techniques, Ex. Instruction
  • Strengthen muscles
    • Exercise Instruction, Man. Res. Exercises
  • Improve Function
    • Assistive Devices, Correct Impairments
ui practice
UI Practice
  • What we don’t do
    • Non-mechanical Pain (pain at rest)
    • People that don’t want to exercise, modify lifestyle
      • UI Practice- Active Exercise
    • Practice in a vacuum
  • Our goal
    • Help patients achieve THEIR goals
    • Restoration
    • Prevention
      • “Repeat business is great. Repeat business for the same problem is not great”.
    • Enhancement
ui practice14
UI Practice
  • Rehab Therapies 0733 JPP
    • PT (Evaluation, Returns)
    • “One stop shopping”
      • HEP
      • Start PT at UI
      • Start PT in community
    • Pre- Post Op Teaching
    • Crutch fitting
    • KT 1000
  • Training Rooms
    • Consultation
    • PT
future uismc practice
Future UISMC Practice
  • Enhancement
  • Injury Prevention
  • Clinical Research
    • Functional testing for return to play
  • Screening
  • UI Athletes
    • Shared care
ui practice pt referral
UI Practice - PT Referral
  • “An invitation to see the patient” – Dick Evans
  • Information to include on PT Referral
    • Diagnosis
    • Goals
    • Time Frame
  • Information not to include on PT referral
    • “2x5 quad sets 2x/ day”
    • “no theraband”
    • “Ultrasound at 1 MHz for 5 minutes”
  • Check sheet?
practice of physical therapy18
Practice of Physical Therapy
  • Fun, active patients
  • Well insured
  • Visibility
  • Total care
  • Control/ Turf
    • Taping
practice of physical therapy19
Practice of Physical Therapy
  • We know a lot about a little
    • Rehabilitation
  • 1 injury year vs. 7 at a time
    • ACL’s
    • Ear Exam






“Major Injury”


“Minor Injury”

Taping/ Bracing

Advanced Rehab





Time Loss

Not Progressing


Return to Play

When we get it right


Athlete is focus

Mutually beneficial

Mutually respectful

Appropriate communication


When we get it wrong

ATC Under- refers

ATC Over- complicates

ATC Over-manages

PT Doesn’t Include

PT Over- treats

PT Delegates?

PT Doesn’t consult




What it’s not…..and never will be.

Money maker

AT as first responder